Lil Pump - "Drug Addicts" (Official Music Video)

Lil pump

Lil pump

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    Drug Addicts Starring Charlie Sheen
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    1. Mark Benjamin

      Why this sound like migos adlibs are featuring this song...

    2. 8bit Calculator


    3. Fish Assassin

      when the meth heads roll into target and walmart

    4. Aiden Skelly

      truth is breathing heavily.

    5. Mauricio Ramirez

      Uh Skere Uh uh Uh SKEKEKKEKEKEKRE

    6. Andrew Hamilton

      Lmfao people like this clown??? Him, his fans, his family and all his friends are ignorant and should go ahead and OD

    7. Gustavo Henrique

      Só quem é BR vai dar like nesse comentário

    8. jermill Myers


    9. TheBoyScrub

      In 2030 kids gonna be mollyed up

    10. The Golden Tiger

      Rip X

    11. ShepgumShep

      hes white

    12. francis zamprogno


    13. OoGg Pac

      Thank you lil pump, you inspired me to become a drug addict

    14. Samuel Irving

      all I have to say about this is Stupid with a capital S

    15. Miłosz YouTube


    16. hail2redskins1

      This shit is so wack

    17. muh.fauzy fahmi

      Wht is this shit?

    18. Alejandro Aguirre

      Nancy simoni imvu ducación bacanisimo para otro día sigo esa canción de sí mismo tipo por esa misma canción No otro tipo de canción entendido que deba canci Simón y un pug y tu canción La cantó más entendido ya ya todos me conocen y nada más

    19. sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K

      When your mum asks you to clean your room 1:11

    20. luana bb


    21. юлик

      guys x dead

    22. Christian Rodríguez

      Charlie sheen

    23. Кирилл Петриченко

      Привет Lil Pump

    24. MieCiuX _pl


    25. yahia lemrabti

      According to reports, doctors have found blood in Lil Pump's cocaine system..

      1. sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K

        I think you stole that comment

    26. Dima Faikuvov

      завязывай, не хочу тебя потерять как тентасиона и лил пипа

    27. archman 39

      Don't do Scholl go to drugs

    28. Halil Veliev


    29. Daniel cociorva


    30. 4opka - Designer

      Найс музыку наркоманы творят)

    31. Preston Brogdon


    32. Kaspar Olen.

      Doing drugs makes you cool? Damn.

    33. Ali_ 008

      Willy wonka?

    34. Deniz Duruk

      Есть русские?

    35. iRaphaheLL 2.0.1


    36. Leonardo Olmos

      Drugg adictos skwtitittititiittitit para la próxima puedo salir en tu vídeo ? Porfa pin pum eres la verga te la chupo te presto a mi hermana y a mi mama pero quiero salir en el vídeo porfaaaa pin pum te la shupo guachin xD la mere esta gorda ya no la quiero te doy dinero y un frutsi hahahaha

    37. Vitor silva

      Muito top

    38. yassin gamer

      Eminem listening to lil pump songs for first time Eminem: 1:50

    39. SiSo AH8

      1:50 1:50 1:50 (`・ω・´)(`・ω・´)

    40. Hell Rasier


    41. d2h

      This is literally like every other song he's made though how the fuck is he famous 🤣😂

    42. Dario 845

      Like si sos de argentina,pero te gusta lil pump

    43. Erokos Beezneez

      Rip Mac Miller.

    44. Zee J

      This is garbage

    45. Ricardão Filmes e jogos

      Quem é br da like 🤙👍👌

    46. Pona Hulk

      It’s really fuking shit to be addicted

    47. I EVIRYXA

      Боже мой что за параша

    48. Kiara Clark

      i love the first part

    49. Borzym YouTube Intra

      LIL PUMP