Lil Pump - "Drug Addicts" (Official Music Video)

Lil pump

Lil pump

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    Drug Addicts Starring Charlie Sheen
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    1. DampTheChamp 11

      Is that one doctor the guy who made fairly odd parents

    2. Beast Gaming

      2018 lil pump death by cocain overdose

    3. Chris Doom

      Ho dis dudes plug ?????????????????????¿????..

    4. Артём Корольков

      Oh fuck it’s boulevard depo kashchenko

    5. Santa Ignorância Tv

      Muito bom!!!! 👊 tô viciado nessa merda 😳😎

    6. Mank Demes

      *meanwhile in the boys locker room...*

    7. Josefina Reyes


    8. Maafa 1619

      Will someone kill this asshole, please.

      1. Gracielovesdoggos Meme Goddess

        Maafa 1619 why you hate, ur the one who clicked on this vid

    9. Gopnik Squatnik

      154 thousand dislikes are protective parents.

    10. Shawn Keller

      This shit is garbage

    11. ryan shock

      Seriously the dumbest motherfucker for these kids to look up to

      1. Gracielovesdoggos Meme Goddess

        ryan shock says the guy who clicked on this video

    12. xXFortnite-_- PlayzXx

      Normal people: “I smoke with my friends lol dude” Lil Pump: “ I smoke with Charlie and people grandmas” “lol” “Gucci gang” “skurttt”

    13. xXFortnite-_- PlayzXx

      Is that Charlie from 2 and 1/2 men?

    14. refined tomato

      When you and the gang just came out the bathroom in school vaping erasers and graph paper

    15. Cockatiel101 YT

      *PILL PUMP*


      When you eat that candy from the machines at a store 😂😂😂

    17. PayRoII

      I Swear to GAWWWWD

    18. Jonathas Santos

      Lil Pump + Drugs = music

    19. Polaraltamirano Polaraltamirano

      Lil pump regalarme $ 1,000,000

    20. ThaGodWeCreate

      Drugs are not an excuse for being this wack. And you aren't a true junky until you run a full lab, dust off tha bunson burners and synthesize them yourself. Step ya game up yngn

    21. Doublec Carter

      Lil pump 18 years old and you do drugs

    22. Sandra Mayela Elizalde Ramirez

      100,000,000 Millones

    23. FailerParkSquad

      no respect anymore for

    24. BigT 187

      Bro I just realized that’s Charlie sheen

    25. Sophia Watson

      Put on speed 1.25 :)

    26. Banana Hamster

      me after I take cough syrup

    27. Dominus Ghaul

      Awesome positive message. Especially when there's a major opiate epidemic sweeping the country ruining people's lives. It's going to be so extra cute in ten more years when all these kids are dropping dead and/or wishing they were dead when they realize how bad withdrawal really is. Good luck kids. Have fun with those sweats/aches/nausea and unending pain while you try to kick your habit you picked up when you thought opiates were just the cool drug your favorite rapper does. Enjoy it.

    28. ReanimatedDaily

      2019: Famous rapper called Lil pump found doing to drug overdose

    29. Xzolite

      This is what happens when god takes a nap

    30. Playing Niggas Like Dummies

      'Cause I pop a lot of molly for my breakfast (ooh, molly

    31. Adam Bomb2468

      How come lil pump is not high?????????!!!!!!!!

    32. D Trill

      Shoulda featured Demi Lovato in this.

    33. mega rocket

      Kids version: whole gang full of tic tac addicts

    34. lil cookie

      Fbi open up

    35. Fat Albert

      Absolutely dog shit, how is this guy famous?

    36. ManuFire

      Si hablas español dale like👏 los que hablan ingles son putos todos, no me entenderan ellos jaja xd

    37. REE •

      Lol 😆 Dr Sheen

    38. Candy

      When you take your daily vitamins

    39. Dylyn Thomas

      lil pump is hot asf

    40. JAY BLACK

      When you sip lean

    41. Randomly Random

      Why’d they not give charlie sheen a epic verse???

    42. F4KE_trigs

      wow lul roblox really impacted them from lit to shit

    43. rato 166

      Algum BR?

    44. Watch3r

      70 niggeh

    45. Duncan Wilsoun

      Contrary to the lyrics, this is exactly why you shouldn’t do drugs

    46. A S N I

      Barber - What kind of Haircut You Want? Pump - You know Octopus Barber - Say no more

    47. Jacob ramirez

      lil pump and six nine

    48. Brayan Garcia


    49. Lillian Johnson

      When the vitamin bottle says take one but you take two.

    50. Junqin Wang