Lil Skies - Creeping ft. Rich The Kid (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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    Lil Skies - Creeping (feat. Rich The Kid)
    Prod. Menoh Beats
    Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
    DoP by Logan Meis
    Steadicam by Xavier Thompson
    Drone Work by Nate Perry
    Lighting + Gaff by Reel Goats
    Color Grade by Cole Schwartz
    Ex. Produced by Sal Tarantino
    Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical Lemonade
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    Cole Bennett
    Lyrical Lemonade

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    1. Digvijay Singh

      She a naughty type on a weekend ♥️

    2. Assamor baba

      Heavy duty bro 🙆🙆🙆

    3. DeZaire

      Little did we know that skies got laid by the chicks mother

    4. elia plau

      lil skies fast chaniging hair style 2:30 u need the get the fastes mans alive

    5. Behemoth Nosu

      0:30 Russell lmao

    6. Anonymous

      When rich the kid hopped in the beat he sounded like Lil Pump

    7. Awe Dee.0

    8. Brad cX

      0:48 when you know you boutta smash

    9. leah siza

      lol at rich the kid saying fuck offf lil nigga

    10. Carl Mankey


    11. Jessus Green


    12. Roughsimmons 6

      Cole making movies now

    13. Ive Changed

      I think I'll need to buy a new replay button.

    14. Anthony Mars

      0:29 me in school

    15. _DelonWright_

      0:48 my favourite moment :3

    16. Cone Pro

      He didnt thank the bus driver bad Skies

    17. Ismqaa _

      I do not like the part of Rich the kid

    18. xXBeastyBenXx97

      Man if you dont get yo old ass back in the house man, ugly ass nigga man, stupid ass.

    19. ZARA TV

      Он такой милый😍

    20. Kitty

      The old man made me cringe but rich the kid's speech made me suicidal. What dumbass thought that shit would improve the video

    21. King slayer productions

      Whoever disliked you have no soul

    22. Key3Films

      12 mill, I give it 6 months until 120 mill

    23. Need4Speed434 Speed4Need

      I love this song

    24. Polskie Shoty

      Yyyyyy 0:28

    25. ITzAron


    26. ZZ ap

      Найс усы

    27. Tami Swanson

      This is awful.. Just awful. Hard pass for me

    28. Saga Moto

      His hooks are the best

    29. Ashtin Draper

      Why does Rich the kid look more like future in this video

    30. iCoNic_HunterYT

      0:30 when you see ninja in Titled Towers

    31. TaNg Sajad


    32. Liam Ellis

      All this sounds the same

    33. spd 337

      0:30 when u see ufo

    34. LUIS hc

      dude looks so ridiculous omg

    35. Beginner Tuts

      lol rich just left skies alone after talking shit about the home owner 2:20

    36. R

      someone please listen to my song, I need a chance

    37. Spicy Boi

      Lil skies Ft.Plug Run

    38. Mohammed Abudan

      Song is cool and all but the real question is DID HE THANK THE BUS DRIVER?!?!

    39. Zero Heads

      VOTE:lil skies hair in nowadays or VOTE:lil skies hair in this music video Comment 1 for his hair in nowadays Comment 2 for his hair right now

    40. Kylie Molina


      1. Brad cX

        Kylie Molina lol he’s ugly

    41. lil skies lil skies

      Low key rich kid went harder than I thought lil skies

    42. caballo militar

      Name of girl?

    43. Janette Justice

      Yeah bro

    44. VMMH08

      un error en el video 2:29 - 2:32 en el pelo

    45. muffinkilla 57

      What’s the girls ig

    46. Jordan Newbill


    47. Lil Rex dickhead

      this is was lit bro

    48. Dabbin in my Kitchen

      2:50 That's a straight up dude,

    49. EarthDoesGaming

      Skies face at 2:02 got me dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Ilyas Nashid

      rich the kid is ass