Lil Skies - Lust [Official Music Video] (Dir. by @NicholasJandora)

Lil Skies

Lil Skies

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    Jandora Media Presents
    Song Produced by Cashmoney AP
    Directed/Edited by Nicholas Jandora
    Director of Photographer Matthew Arnonld
    Animated by Tristan Zammit
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    Get Life of A Dark Rose here:
    #LilSkies #LifeofADarkRose

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    1. Wolf Queen

      Donut has died We’re sorry

    2. I forgot my name

      LOL a fake daequans dads

    3. its brian

      my fav is the white like if agree

    4. Giovonni Maez

      no one gonna talk about that creepy ass face at 2:39

    5. Queen_Trash25* Em*

      Can you not pronounce love? Your saying Loveffff

    6. Kermit the Frog

      *_Its a lot of Lust not a lot of Love_*

    7. Bros Gaming 2009

      1:59 what he smacking

    8. Wørskit 101

      I remember just blasting this song in season 4😂

    9. Kiko Ramadan

      I Can Say : 18+

    10. Jack

      Who else wondered what happened after this video ;) 😂

    11. King_ Boo12

      I hope we can be boyfriends❤️I'm looking forward to our song💕I love u dad 😘

    12. King_ Boo12

      I'm a guy btw but if your down we can do more than make a song

    13. King_ Boo12

      My voice is so great, let's make a duet, I love u gorgeous!!

    14. King_ Boo12

      I have great voice

    15. King_ Boo12

      Hi big fan of this song hit me up we can sing together 💕💕😏😘💦💟

    16. Abhishek Sharma

      Still the favourite song

    17. Maciej Nowak

      nice snapchat filters!

    18. Jasper_Dierick

      0:53 high as fuck

    19. Brandon Henderson


    20. H7

      This video lost its plot quicker than a porno

    21. Eldrakulaboi04 Alex

      Still dont know why this song didnt blew up

      1. Dx Glitches


    22. Harley Roberts

      #Life of A Dark Rose

    23. SahandPlayz

      Who came from fortnite poggers intro

    24. EetuCraft M


    25. EetuCraft M

      Porno 10%

    26. PandaIsKawaii

      Funny how they were 1dollar bills XD

    27. Alan Serifovic

      What is that club

    28. videogame HD

      rip lil skies

    29. Freddy Deleon

      No one gonna say anything about skies jetting?

    30. Hector Gago

      All of the girls have a ass in this song lol

    31. crackedlights

      FBI Skies

    32. nfreson

      New strain of that kill...we call it Gorilla Shit! xD

    33. Hasan Khan

      Lil Skies don't know how to make a bad song! 🔥 🦋 - !

    34. Im Funny Official

      Lil skies is a legend

    35. Lester Galicia

      I loveeeeee you lil skies

    36. Scarlxrd Fan 69

      All these desperate cunts asking for likes

    37. Kris Lopez

      I like how all the money are ones

    38. Outlaw Gunnny

      Bro this song is 2 times better when you high asf😑

    39. Themrpiggaming

      I heard this on raid aways intro and nobody ever told me what the song was.

    40. Sky The God,-48.5510608,3a,75y,99.19h,97.66t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s3JynTcwG06F86l-fjVaJYQ!2e0

    41. Tylar olsen

      he hit that milly rock better then roy purdy

    42. ITZ_ ENZO


    43. ViperVinSting

      It was all a dream...

    44. jr parra

      what was point of the fucking cop

    45. Amazing gamer 657

      I like this song even though it is pika a year old now it still lit I just hands down like Lil skies he posts good songs red roses is pretty good most of his songs are especially strickly buisnes he has good lyrics

    46. Peppa GiZmo

      Tbh with y'all lil skies looks like a healthy crackhead

    47. Dancer trey_gamer savage Savage

      2:39 is ugly as freak

    48. Gameloft Music-Hip Hop And Rnb

      2:38 when you finally get a kill

    49. Childzplay3 H

      I’m keep on coming back to this song because it’s super good

    50. anthonydplayzfortnite Fortnite

      My brother got a woody from this lol