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    Glory only happens when you sweat for your dreams. Gatorade presents Heart of a Lio, an animated short film about Lionel Messi. #HeartOfALio
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    1. gonzalo torres

      Chupen vergas los q leen

    2. محمد عمار شاكر

      I Love Mse

    3. Doge lover De Luna

      Messi is the best

    4. Aflah Aflu


    5. franco molina

      Messi te admiro cuando tenía 4 asta haora haora tengo 10 te quiero decir que en El 2019 la copa América es tuya y para la Argentina soy chileno y aunque sea chileno la copa se la va a yebar Argentina y la champions El barca empesaste la champions arrasando con tres goles y el gol de tiro libre fue el mejor adiós messi eres el mejor del mundo te amo

    6. Nohite Roy

      I love you messi

    7. Stella p


    8. Prashanthroman Prashanth

      No matter how many generation pases messi is greatest of all time past, present, future

    9. Lose Jeonpae

      Pelo is the king of football ❤️🏆 And Messi is the second one :)


      True fan and first fan of h

    11. Fazeelat Begum

      Messi is the best player in the world 🙌🙌😙 Ronaldo loser👎👎

    12. Naren Tantubay

      ✌️🙏Messi messi...!

    13. Dar Al Afnan Contracting

      Messi. Is. King

    14. Dar Al Afnan Contracting

      Messi. Is. The. Best

    15. Leon Jilley


    16. Leon Jilley


    17. Muhammad Tanjim

      Bullshit teammates can stop you.

    18. Syania Azzahra

      This is lionel messi

    19. Syania Azzahra

      Kegemaran saya adalah lionel messi

    20. Syania Azzahra

      Siapa yang buat video ini

    21. Syania Azzahra

      Saya suka video ini

    22. Andreas Schwaighofer

      MESSI ist der beste

    23. Astha Vaidya

      wish it could turn into a movie

    24. Astha Vaidya

      wish it could turn into a movie

    25. Astha Vaidya

      wish it could turn into the movie

    26. EleCtro PoW


    27. Bonifilio Soto

      Make this into a movie, now!!

    28. Mohamed Sayed

      Messi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    29. jatin tube hd

      ojas I am Jatin add me to your GR-news channel

    30. Naod Abraha

      No-one can stop messi because HE IS THE GOAT

    31. Mia Chandra


    32. Enrique Máquer


    33. BARCA FAN.

      When is the next video coming bro we are waiting like anything

    34. Mahmoud Babikir

      Messi is getting old, lol...


      10 is amazin no

    36. Glitch Gamer

      I love messi

    37. DaN1 Gam3s

      Messi you of inter

    38. felepelwez 3


    39. Stefito. Bg

      For that i say Messi is the best. If i saw a hater.... He to watch out

    40. BaconHairPro


    41. Aayesha A

      Messi and Ronaldo 💓💓

    42. SpringTimeGamer

      He was once a lil boi that even scored a goal with a crying tear after being born. What a savage.

    43. lionel balogh

      Mi name is lionel balogh😝

    44. xXKOXx

      El mejor del mundo!1!0

    45. Bisy Jose

      Love you Messi

    46. SpringTimeGamer

      Mother Nature screwed with the king. 🌬

    47. Technical Sphere

      good old MESSI

    48. ManucraftGt2706 G


    49. Stefan Salvatore

      Ronaldo is better.