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    Glory only happens when you sweat for your dreams. Gatorade presents Heart of a Lio, an animated short film about Lionel Messi. #HeartOfALio
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    1. Brandon Oma

      Messi Is Just A Human Sometimes He Has A Mistake

    2. Not NightFury_1777

      If taking credit was an art LM10 was the picasso of it.

    3. Ashik Shajan

      Messi machha ur really an inspiration

    4. Messi Gamer HD

      Copied gatorodeargentina

    5. Shuvo Bablu

      Love you Messi

    6. Sbh Sbh

      He is best of alwaysssss

    7. MK khubaib

      Messi is best player in the world

    8. Aji Siji

      messi you are the best player in the world . nobody can defeat you in football


      Messi You're Best you my Best football player. And i want also you ride to Lithuanian "Pls 🙏 Come to Lithuanian"

    10. tamim zaman

      what a craetiviti

    11. varshini aradhya

      If you have a dream to chase nothing can stop you.......

    12. Andrey Star


    13. Sib Gamer

      OH MY GOD...

    14. Didiadi

      Dans la vie y’a les humains, les animaux et y’a Lionel Messi.

    15. PRADEEP N

      Nice motivational video 😊😊😊

    16. ybabie revellame

      I like messi

    17. Kaylanni Granados

      When you have a dream to Chase nothing can stop you🙂

    18. Jose Masias

      Messi is more beter than neymar and Cristiano reolando

    19. Pack Jack

      Wat about Ronaldo

    20. Multi talented

      2:08 why to be a king when you could be a god;)

    21. juan ledesma

      Guau chaval casi lloro por lo de messi

    22. Miguel Lievano


    23. Nazrul Islam

      messie is losser

    24. Azlaan Swati

      THANK YOU I am messi

    25. Manjula Kishore

      The starting is from inside out 🎥

    26. youssef toran

      Fuck you

    27. Gianna and Gio

      Messi inspired me

    28. xHoustonV_

      Who loves Messi like this comment 🤙❤💯

    29. Lucas Molivas


    30. Squad Skirmish

      If you think Messi IS THE BEST, LIKE THIS COMMENT!

    31. Joan Boloix

      Los sueños se hacen realidad te quiero messi

    32. Vanesa Ciladi

      Es hermoso el video ❤❤😙😙💓💓💓💓💓💓

    33. Johao Coronel Santos


    34. Isabel Zevallos

      Misi voludo sos mi idolo ya yegaste ala final

    35. Jocsan CV

      Aunque el video sea viejo no dejo de verlo me encanta y me inspira a seguir adelante

    36. Kaylanni Granados

      Messi is a champion no one can stop him and he is strong💪👍💙

    37. Akim446 Akimjr009

      Just ask CR7 ? Movie

    38. sefa yiğit Gürcü

      Ronaldo messi den daha kötü (Ronaldo is beter than messi)

    39. Unicorn Galaxy Power

      Humans hit depression alot

    40. Nena Corral

      Yo estoy en un equipo y quiero Aser como el

    41. Nicolas Gael

      Vamos messi

    42. Tapan Ghosh

      I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    43. PZ101


    44. TrxppyBandz

      8.2 k dislikes are Cristiano Ronaldo fans

    45. Pabitra Thapa

      love this video man just wow

    46. Beachlove 72

      This is the best video in the world. I love this story. 👍👍❤️


      Pura mamada😂😂😂😂

    48. Dax Boi


    49. MatysK 95

      GG bro

    50. Herman Olivera