Loaded Baked Potato - You Suck at Cooking (episode 77)

You Suck At Cooking

You Suck At Cooking

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    Baking-bake a potato on 4 Hundo for 45-50 minutes, or
    Micro Bake a potato for 10 minutes, or
    Slow Bake a potato for 6 years.
    Don't forget to poke those fork holes.
    Cut the top open and dig out the nothingness.
    Mix the nothing with a whole lot of something:
    Butter, cream cheese, cheddar, sour cream, chives, bacon.
    Boullion made strong, cumin, cream cheese, cheddar, broccoli
    Wangjangle all the stuff together
    Then restuff the potatoes
    Put some more cheese and chives or bacon on top
    Back in the Undo for a few minutes.
    More sour cream and chives on top.
    If all this sounds like a bit too much, just sprinkle some salt on a raw potato and order a pizza.

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    1. Diamond Change


    2. Mihir patel

      come on mate potatoes does have a taste .... they taste like ...... Potatoes

    3. Kanecia Pickens

      The best damn cooking tutorial ever 😂❤️

    4. Jasmine Robinson

      This was so funny! it added the pain from laughing so hard to my already existing stomach pain of hunger. Oooo! Potatoe's done

    5. nick star

      to be honest, this is super entertaining! i was expecting cringy jokes etc but nah. u earned a new sub!

    6. Aussie Dumpling

      Cheddar is bad for you. Like really bad

    7. Gregory S.

      necxt time put tinfoil underneath potatoes so u don't make such a mess

    8. AuthenticLogic

      I can’t believe I never watched your videos until now...

    9. Samantha Mother’of5kids

      I can’t stop watching

    10. Caphits

      The secret to delicious baked potatoes is to put on an embarrassing amount of fatty toppings. Don't go easy on the butter and sour cream. Add lots of salt. More than you think you should. Bacon is a nice fatty touch. If you want good tasting, prepare to add a lot of calories. If you want health, don't be afraid of eating fatty foods. They aren't unhealthy, just calorie dense. Eat half a potato instead, or pick smaller potatoes to bake.

    11. Kyriakos Panagasidis

      Potatos came to Greece somewhere around 1800

    12. Potato

      rest in peace, my fallen brothers.

    13. mr. poprovolski

      U succ @ kookin ye u totally succ

    14. Unboxing Flareon

      Yeah I have a dad D-please A-come D-back

    15. Elmo in the Hood Official

      Howbdoes this guy say everything without 😂 laughing

    16. Javi Ruiz

      Love you man! You are 😂 hilariously funny.

    17. Bun Yu

      This is like nigahiga with actual informational cooking

    18. Ridiculed Victor

      Dude this is a waste of time... Everyone knows that potato can cook itself without any intensive heating element... All you need to do is place it where the sun shine from east to west at a 200c for exactly 2month,2week,22days,22hours,22minute and 22seconds...

    19. Giovanna Filomena Gambardella

      Is this babish?

    20. Undertale Fan

      That zero thing was pretty accurate

    21. 我最亲爱的爹

      I hate potato

    22. Tageth

      what potatoes are you using?

    23. pallenda

      I'm a simple man. Heat the potato, open it up, add garlic butter.

    24. Huebman

      You are the greatest philosopher evarrr...Homer would bow b4 thee.

    25. Jasp Name

      Why do i watch this i don t cook

    26. EveThe Neko

      It’s called a microwave

    27. A. Schaaf

      A good way to make baked potatoes is to cover them in leftover cooled bacon grease once it has hardened. One another note you can use liquid or solid bacon grease as a substitute for butter in molasses cookies, sounds weird but it's not bad.

    28. Some Random Internet Ninja

      *HowToBasic* *is* *quaking*

    29. ȚIGANU

      You are one creative mofo !!

    30. Ezrah

      This is a good ass channel holy shnikes you’re hella funny

    31. Srpska pudla

      Now what does this remind you of? It reminds you of *_N O T H I N G_*

    32. Sherp the Derp

      You're like how to basic with commentary

    33. Juan Tello

      your vid is awsome dude

    34. Nokris TheFallen

      And to this day the potato is still in the slow cooker

    35. Barnabàs Biró

      I dont really eat potato that often other than fast food (because they taste like NOTHING), but ill try this and i feel pretty confident

    36. The Soviet Commando

      Trur Slav knows at least infinite ways too use potatoe. True fact!

    37. Leave Please

      They had to invent zero to describe the amount of flavor-

    38. Kat Curtis

      Why are your potatoes in a large egg carton?

    39. Lola Smith

      Is just pepper pepper okay if I can’t afford pepper pepper pepper?

    40. tonyrosales1

      It's almost been one year in my slow baking potato, I've raised a family and am expecting twins soon, my family will love the six year old potato when the twins enter 1st grade. I thank you for teaching me how to cook a potato

    41. Mateusz Piotrowski

      So much cheddar Tasty already working on copystriking.

    42. BanditaZ

      It looks so good!

    43. Emma Paterchak

      I have the same oven as he has in the video

    44. Katt Bergersen

      Actually looks good as fuck what

    45. ERIC CURE

      I legit thought they were gonna make another “egg murder crimes” with potatoes

    46. MelonHell

      His voice remind me of binging with babish.

    47. Jaida Animations

      I set the slow cooker for 6 years but it's still not good... Do I keep it in for another 6 years? Edit: ..idk how to cook

    48. Actual Trash

      He put the hando on fourhando

    49. AdaraTheShallot

      instant fan of this channel

    50. spycymango

      What have you done to jacksepticeye's family--