Loaded Baked Potato - You Suck at Cooking (episode 77)

You Suck At Cooking

You Suck At Cooking

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    Baking-bake a potato on 4 Hundo for 45-50 minutes, or
    Micro Bake a potato for 10 minutes, or
    Slow Bake a potato for 6 years.
    Don't forget to poke those fork holes.
    Cut the top open and dig out the nothingness.
    Mix the nothing with a whole lot of something:
    Butter, cream cheese, cheddar, sour cream, chives, bacon.
    Boullion made strong, cumin, cream cheese, cheddar, broccoli
    Wangjangle all the stuff together
    Then restuff the potatoes
    Put some more cheese and chives or bacon on top
    Back in the Undo for a few minutes.
    More sour cream and chives on top.
    If all this sounds like a bit too much, just sprinkle some salt on a raw potato and order a pizza.

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    1. EpsilonGaming

      This channel is like the HowToBasic of cooking

    2. ClodCrusher

      I forgot about this channel.

    3. fajer Khashti

      i love how he puts so much effort in his vids! such a hard worker..

    4. Ama Lee

      Hahahaha. This is gold. Your potatoes look delicious. You did a great job make it and making this video. Success!


      how2basic 2.0 that talks and cooks stupidly just like how2basic (edit:misspelled how2basic)

    6. Slash Le Pew

      Ysac Mysac AllTheSacs!!

    7. Boba Gaming

      Wait do we have to use an Undoe or Onion to cook the potatoes?

    8. Christian Cecil

      How did you make the broccoli

    9. Hannah Stribblehill

      i don't think thats what a potometer is for

    10. Esther Huang

      I learned a lot from u....... DO NOT EAT POTATOES BY THEMSELVES

    11. Mr.Dapper Knight

      I love your video I'll subscribe

    12. David Gustavsson

      American cheese is weird.

    13. Vicious Crowe

      I get he's trolling, but he might be a full blown retard!

    14. Hey There

      Face reveal?

    15. Frozen Taco

      How to basic?

    16. Treyveonshay carter

      I hate videos like this

    17. Jeneva Anderson

      Lmaooooooooooo this was awesome

    18. Coco

      I hate it when people cook potatoes with the skin on

    19. shark bait

      So funny

    20. Turtleproof

      Phlebotomists at donation drives told me in the past that I had, "nice veins" (arteries, but whatever don't judge them). If I had swole blood ducts like yours I'd just donate all of it, maybe die with a tasty burg in my mouf.

    21. That One Super Saiyan

      POT PIES!!!

    22. Following Phan

      Try eating it by it self, it’s pretty damn good

    23. Autistic Prick

      I eat baked potatoes plain. No salt, butter, or anything. Is there something wrong with me?

    24. Lumine wolf, blind, awkward

      I used to put only chives sour cream and frosting on mine XD

    25. Ali Kunnaman


    26. Sergio Rodriguez

      My ground punching game is strong

    27. Grillo

      Not funny !!!

    28. *Cory in the closet*

      Pimblokto should have thawed out by now...

    29. John Rutledge

      wang jangle ?

    30. John Rutledge

      scrubby wash the potato hole.

    31. Ultracookie Master

      1like = 1 potato

    32. DeDodgingEse

      Do you seriously bake at 40-45 mins in the oven??

    33. just a random acount with a big name

      Do chips or.... Something next

    34. Mz Tee

      Just ran across this video on the trending videos! If all your other videos are as good as this one I'm subscribing! You made me smile today and a little bit hungry. lol Thank you.

    35. Chambers4kills

      Audible... *sigh* Well, that's this series of videos ruined.

    36. incendium blue

      I still can't get over the April fools. the scars haven't healed.

    37. gloryGREECE

      You suck at cooking yeah you totally suck

    38. Sam S


    39. Death Mark

      Anyone wondering why his slow cooker says 6 years

    40. Mrr Chhiv


    41. Caleb Morris

      Your method for obtaining potatoes wastes time and energy. What I would do is build a really elaborate tunneling system around where I think a potato may be lurking. Then wait for potatoes to just start coming out of the opening to the surface and nab them right there. This method gets you more potatoes than getting them with a potometer one at a time.

    42. Jacob Dominguez

      But none of my timers go for 6 years.... 😢

    43. M P


    44. Josh Caldon

      6 years later i will be looking for a video.

    45. Charlotte Van Nortwick

      You are a god I wish to worship through the theoretical time matrix of the astral plane by order of an absolution of all the organs in my body. Also, hi.

    46. z soul the dead

      Do you know how to basic

    47. Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65

      Man ! I have been getting rip off for yrs. - they always give me regular baked potato just wrapped in foil and say all you have to do is cut it in half ... put in salt pepper,butter , sour cream & chives- bacon bits , and sprinkle shredded cheese on top. They made me do all the hard work damnit so they didn't have to do the Loaded Baked Potato Bake-Bake!

    48. Antares Harrison

      The downvotes come from Mark Watney.

    49. Inside Pete’s Kitchen

      if you like cooking and you want to learn the basics subscribe to this channel

    50. concopaard q

      make stroopwafels plz (im from netherlands)