Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)



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    Watch the official music video for "Rap Devil" by Machine Gun Kelly.
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    1. 피아 에티오

      And one more thing. he copy the lil pump.

    2. naruto uzumaki

      I bet your breath stink don't talk about it

    3. BeastTrooper YT

      “ Oh You Want Some Smoke , Not literally You’ll Choke” 😂😂😂

    4. Alk Zone

      I prefer this song over killshot 🤷, I like it's flow more 💀

    5. Hamza Drif

      I hate these kinds of songs. The words have nothing to do with art, they only talk about jewelry, accessories and prostitutes. They do not offer songs that deal with issues of society and events. They only corrupt the minds of future generations.

    6. Hamza Drif

      Game over....M💩G💩k

    7. Enrique Ramos

      His beard is weird ??? Omg very offensive

    8. MacKenzie Crowder

      Don't know what you got into 😂 learn your facts before you let out a song.

    9. NierZzZ

      I think the song will be better if he put clothes on.

    10. 피아 에티오


    11. Rodney Luke

      Dislike or a clown will be in your bed tonight 🤡

    12. Cillian Reilly

      Fuck mgk he is bitch

    13. Rodney Luke

      Everyone dislike this shit

    14. C H

      I don’t even listen to rap but this kid sucks. Most rappers hip hop artists do. These kids acting so hard. Go join the military or something pussy

    15. Neil Alemae

      MGK ain't got sh*t on Slim, coz Slim is the real deal...over four decades of rap and disgust all mashed up in his head. My advice, these newbies should really start learning to keep to their own f***ing selves.

    16. Troy Bui

      What’s that

    17. IndustriaLawn

      LMAO he even stated "we know youre the greatest rapper alive" - MGK

    18. Ref Psg

      A ouais pas mal mgk 🇫🇷

    19. erick joseph

      I doubt father time will treat this fake bitch as well as Eminem.

    20. Michael Goodman

      Mumble gun jelly

    21. MahiMahi

      MGK wins!!!!!!!! KO

    22. Memes Resistance

      What’s in the blow Kelly?

    23. elferny420

      I'm on Em's side on this whole beef thing,but man,this beat is really good.

    24. Aiden Collins

      MGK that's sick

    25. Windex Kid


    26. Grownass Mannn

      Killshot has more views than this

    27. sa3de sauo

      I keep coming back to this song. :) :)

    28. Kieron Johnston

      Mgk had balls stepping too eninem bit hes made a hugeeeeee mistake

    29. noor albatany

      Stop at 20

    30. ohana means family nigga

      damn i thought this was pretty good. then i saw mgk act like a child when killshot dropped. rip mgk

    31. Shauffonne Renee

      Why is this even called rap devil it should just be called let's talk about it like what the fuck?

    32. Nagato Morris


    33. Jonathan Hermant

      Boo fuck you

    34. Ilham Nurhadi

      Supa hot fire is better

    35. Doge_the_Almighty

      Machine Gun Kelly? Pfft... please I've heard better names, at least this guy's a step up of Nickelback.

    36. Prithul Praubha

      4:20 And that's exactly what happened...

    37. Oscar Serrano

      It’s a good diss I can’t hate but be real you are no where near as good as M he is the goat you not even close to his shadow 🤣

    38. Fred Head

      Here to laugh at Marshall’s dick riders. Never seen someone worship a grown man that hides in a studio behind security while making calls to silence someone’s platforms. Marshall turned fake ho

    39. Oscar Serrano

      It’s a good diss I can’t hate but be real you are no where near as good as M he is the goat you not even close to his shadow 🤣

    40. Miguel Pino

      Thanks MGK, you woke up Slim Shady

    41. Marques Cohle

      rip mgk ^^ same words xd

    42. Hyped-Way Co.

      Eminem killed MGK Let's talk about it...

    43. Dragon Khalesi

      Well guess what "rap devil" eminem is more better because he is "RAP GOD AND HE IS COOLER THAN ANY RAPPER ever and try to copy eminem he's better than any RAPPER ever.🖤🖤🖤 and eminem is better than you.

    44. Mauri Rodriguez

      Who's this guy? Man go change your diapers before trying to face Eminem

    45. Younes KhaChii

      well body you take your chance . just choose the right person not big person

    46. Asylum 13 GAming

      You could be great. Do yourself a favor and drop the auto tune. You dont have to follow the crowd when they suck.


      U look 49 so

    48. Tate B

      Eminem sure likes to reference giving and receiving male oral. What else are you hiding in that closet slim?

    49. Donald Trump


    50. Johnny Blazze

      U guys are retarded, that beard is fucking weird, im the biggest Em fan since 1999 and i did not know how to feel about that fucking beard, and clearly so did Colson, thats why he so hurt, hes a HUGE Em fan, otherwise he would not mention that beard