maNga - We Could Be The Same (Turkey) Live 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

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    maNga represented Turkey at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with the song We Could Be The Same

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    1. banu alan

      Lan nasıl birinci olamadık :((

    2. Furkan ERDOĞAN

      Look at this people, u can understand why turkey participate eurovision for 5 years ... It should be winner

    3. Γιαννης Δελαπορτας

      Too sad that Turkey is stepping back due to erdogan..

    4. bizimkiler

      çok beyendim


      Thierry is my winner

    6. BGqetesh


    7. Lorcan McGovern

      How did this not win???

    8. mix si


    9. ostin4tube

      OMG, I've just opened this “2nd place” in 2018. WOW From now I'm your fan! Superb

    10. Soma Raffay

      The Satellite was a cute song, but maNga and this is the absolute winner and the best song in that competition. (Hello from Hungary, 2018)

    11. UnRivaled

      Satelline uydu demek degilmi? Bir aşk şarkısıyla uyduyu nasıl aynı yere koydu amk Yok itici motorlar

    12. ziv jigalov

      The real winner! 12 points from Israel!!

    13. Konto E-Mailowe

      i love how he spells 's' as 'sh'

    14. BeastFromTheMiddleEast

      2018 gang!? where ya at?


      I am comming from germany and lena was so horrible dont know why turkey where just second

    16. ESC Amser

      Why I didn't vote that ._. ?

    17. Българската Телевизия

      My favourite song😍😍😍😘😘😘❤❤❤💚💚💚💛💛💛💙💙💙💜💜💜💖💖💖💟💟💟💕💕💕💗💗💗

    18. Veta Voloshanca

      These lights tho... Absolutely awful. The song is good but they made me to turn off the TV back then in 2010 and now to push a dislike button.

    19. Maknaeslove

      Song💯 Performance💯 Voice💯 Well... I thınk this song and performance better than Lena so ı’m sorry but real winner is maNga 🥇🥇🥇

    20. 0sandstorm0

      Well, it's almost 2019, and i'm still loving everything about this song & performance

    21. Fernando Reges

      Kaç kadeh kırıldı sarhoş gönlümde Bir türlü kendimi avutamadım Kaç gece ağladım böyle gizlice Ne yaptımsa seni unutamadım

    22. Başak

      I don't even know how many times I broke that replay button in these past 8 years but I don't care, this performance was breathtaking, you guys are the winner in my and lots of other persons heart. Don't change please, we really need this kind of music these days. 👍

    23. Emir Mercan

      Yıllardır burdayım Ferman pop söyledi kitap çıkardı yine yapılan haksızlığa üzülürüm be

    24. Arnaud Martinier



      12 points from Greece.

    26. yua yua

      fuuuuu \ ♡ / so cool from japan 🇹🇷

    27. Robin JANNSEN

      very nice singing on my list Greetings from Belgium

    28. peio ruiz


    29. Zeyneb K

      Ara ara yaptığım alışkanlıklardan biri de Manga’nın bu şarkısını dinleyip ve neden birinci olamadığımıza sorgulamak. Üzerinden 8 yıl geçti ve hala inanamıyorum. Hakkımız yenildi !

    30. Iv PBay

      Вот кто помнит победившую песню того года? Никто! А maNga - вечная классика конкурса наряду с Lordi.

    31. onur çevik

      I think you must listen to Manga fly to stay alive

    32. Griffin Seannery

      They could actually win if they don't torture people with the seizure inducing lights

      1. United States of America

        Griffin Seannery its called strobe lights, lots of concerts have them

    33. Милки Плюшкунчик

      Better than winner

    34. Хуан Карлос Ферреро

      Nothing special

    35. silvergir89

      Eurovision should have more entries like MaNga and Lordi in terms of musical genre diversity.

    36. Knasburger productive entertainment kpe

      This sounds like a soundtrack for a really epic love story.

    37. chalaros samos

      who voted for Germany I wonder... and I also wonder how many points Greece gave to Germany and how many to Turkey... also I think the juries are biased in every country... most European juries have a stereotype towards Turkey also Greece, Italy, etc... do you remember the Italian opera song which lost over the Swedish pop crap? Juries can damage the real result and this is so unfair

    38. Mario Gabriel Markakis

      Best rock song in ESC!

    39. Mara González

      I didn't follow Eurovision by then... but today checking out the top 10 most watched ESC videos this month, this song catched my attention, and I decided to search the whole video of it. Simply AWESOME. Then I found out they came second and searched for the winning song that year. Seriously people... these guys were ROBBED. Period

    40. War, Politic, History Documents

      why video uploaded two year ago?competition was 8 year ago?????

      1. War, Politic, History Documents

        +Wrench if they are upload video more late, video quality going to be more good?

      2. War, Politic, History Documents

        ​+Wrench siokay amigo

      3. Wrench

        For the video quality , in this year, the quality of video was bad

    41. United States of America

      Being from America and not biased like some people would be this is definitely better than Germany was

    42. Can Dogan


    43. plumbum13 plumbum

      Устроить пожар в розово-голубом заведении-что может быть великолепнее..

    44. United States of America

      What's with Silver Power Ranger?

    45. blood in the dark

      Guys stop arguing I am half German half Turk and I am living in the USA and I am supporting both sides I thing both songs are great but they are not correct in standard English in USA.

    46. дмитрий звонов


    47. irem buyukbayram

      Ekim 2018'de hala buradayız... Hala kabullenemiyoruz

    48. Mert SARIBAŞ


    49. Merve SAĞLAM


    50. Brian Bonkowski

      RIP Turkey....we won't see them again

      1. Wrench