Manny Mua Does Red Light CHALLENGE! Part 1 | Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell

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    Welcome to my first Red Light Challenge! Manny Mua was brave enough to jump in my car and be the first victim. Mu ha ha ha... how do you guys think he did? Make sure to tune back in for Part 2 when I try the challenge myself. - xoxo Shay
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    1. Manny Mua

      I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


        Shay Mitchell oh btw what was your favorite part to shoot in mannys video on his channel ?


        Shay Mitchell hey Shay Mitch ! 😎


        Manny Mua hey manny you guys had a lot of fun huhhhhh you n Shay Mitchell but was your favorite part looking back on this video and what was your favorite part with Shay Mitch video on your channel ? Can you let ,me know

      4. Brooks Videos

        Manny Mua are you tranjender

      5. kike lazy

        Manny Mua bags to the house ohhhhh richluxs

    2. michelle sophie

      I love this idea and everything around it!❤️ But it would be even nicer to show the result in the end as a close up. So we can really see what‘s popping on the face.☺️

    3. poopy pun

      Came here from Alisha and you opening up changed my perspective on you not that I thought negatively of you but

    4. alexandra beard

      This is freaking cool. Love the challenge.

    5. Brookelyn Reiter

      Hi im ur biggest fan from pretty little liars ur so cool

    6. تونا موفي


    7. Rosie

      The red light challenge is from the game show cash cab lol. But I still love this video it’s very fun!

    8. Denise Palma

    9. Bruna Mara Pereira Sobrinho


    10. Ri Ranjo

      kudos to the team behind the camera who also made this possible 🎊🎊

    11. Damiana Powell

      This challenge idea was soooooo smart !!!

    12. helloCAM

      Omg this is such a good challenge!!!! Safety first!!

    13. Zena Ballout

      Omg they are so cute together😍 i love you shay ! You‘re the best. I hope you‘ll see this comment

    14. Ju Silva

      Põem legendas em português por favor! ☺

    15. Pavan Dilhe


    16. Ashley and Amber

      my sister and i tried this and we SUCK lolβίντεο-hrJOxRqeHac.html&t=442s

    17. Lady A

      Please tag Jaclyn Hill for the car challenge!!! 😂

    18. Caitlin Kelly

      I love the idea of this video

    19. Emma Reeves

      Did the mini shaycation with lilly happen? Would love to watch it and hope you both do more videos together soon x

    20. Larry Chatanuggs

      *Jesus Christ is the only true God!* 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.* *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.* *also heal their bodies.*

    21. Madi C


    22. Emili Rocha

      I Love you shay 😻

    23. Las aventuras de luisa Y de mis amigos

      Im here because I love pretty little liars

    24. Cristina Diaz

      Watch this challenge become a new GR-news trend

    25. Denise Anderson

      Mrs.Emily Fields has to be safe!

    26. Maribel Rodriguez

      Sorry green light... love this challenge

    27. carmela Lol

      This annoyed me he could’ve done this so much faster

    28. diana salazar

      Love it 😍

    29. FoodMolester

      The only time someone is happy to get a fresh red light

    30. patricia rodriguez

      I wish someone would challenge me to do this been doing it since my junior year in high school lol

    31. Reina Mariee’

      Love this challenge!! 😍

    32. Maaike Beauty

      LOVE IT

    33. Krystal Tharp

      You could pass as Tina Woods’ sister

    34. alina marie


    35. KarinB

      I really love this challenge! He did great can’t wait to find out how ur gonna do it haha❤️❤️ I make videos&vlogs feel free to check it out❤️

    36. La Futialo

      So we just gonna skip the fact that we get to watch Shay in the drivers seat 😊

    37. MakeOutHill _

      That was funny😂💗

    38. Gabby Torres

      did anyone notice that manny was using a highlighter palette from OFRA in this video and the last few insta posts he had been hinting a highlighter in his captions? Possibly a collab? I don’t know if I’m right but just a thought.

    39. Ella Smith

      you are a damn QUEEN

    40. iamedwinr

      I love this so much omg 😍😩😩😩😩😩

    41. jill hissick

      Such a good idea!

    42. Jennay J

      That was awesome!! I was stressed for you Manny!!! Shay you did amazing!! Also you should do it with James Charles lol that would be too funny!!!

    43. ShanG

      Love this new challenge 😁

    44. London Wade

      I love this challenge so much

    45. Ambrea Olson

      When someone asks u if u wanna hear their tea @ 0:28

    46. Heidy Hernandez

      shay was twisting the challenge lol she had all her things ready in her hands, and manny was did not. idk if it was breaking the rules or not haha

    47. Marilyn Mercado

      Love this challenge

    48. Emma Mosekjær

      Am i the only one that didn’t get the challenge?

    49. Amelie Hungerford

      when many was talking about his bags and said This isn't chanel its Walmart I thought of shane and jeffree's video lmao idek why

    50. Kristi A.

      You two are AWESOME TOGETHER!!! LOVE IT!