Markiplier Animated | GETTING OVER IT



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    GrittySugar (Steff Egan) has made this WONDERFUL animation of Getting Over It!
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    1. Matthew Robertson

      Everyone says I look like you

    2. ThatTeenage Artist

      1:03 me when mum is watching me play this game and I do wat mark did

    3. Ian Peters

      Everything IS fine

    4. Torrific

      lol the end "goodbai, get rekt father >:D"

    5. And Loc

      *I'm going to keep my sanity in this game*

    6. UNDERTALE ANDROID SIMON pajarillaga

      1:56 THE BETRAYAL.....

    7. Eric firestar

      Chica noooo

    8. Therese Lim

      Does anger goes first than depression?

    9. Alex Haynes

      I love how this video is set up

    10. Miarae Parson

      1:18 Call of the Dreemurr

    11. Andre Alston

      That image at the end tho

    12. Liam Dysart

      you messed it up. its denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Because of this failure, I tried to convince myself, nah they didn't mess it up. Then I looked it up and got pissed. After throwing myself into the atlantic ocean, turning half of it into steam, and making it flood in the sahara, I tried reasoning with the animator. I couldn't find the animator. I then became incredibly sad. But no, I will not accept this. You have gone too far.

    13. shadow puppet's studio's


    14. Mirla Bodden

      Funny video and good animation halarise

    15. Normal Doggo

      *get rekt father*

    16. Kyle's animations and gaming and more

      Mans best friend 1:50 then at 1:56 Then betrayal

    17. The Italian Collector

      1:15 got em

    18. Sky Myra

      Also the end- uh wtf?

    19. Sky Myra

      Stage : 4 anger Mark:*REALLY TRIGGERED AND IS CURSING* me:*trying not to cry during this video*

    20. PartOfAFandom

      this is one of the reasons why he has 22m subs

    21. Taylor Blain

      This animation is sheer genius and I love it

    22. The One And The Only Toodly Frooty Potato Doughnut

      Wow. Beautiful masterpiece. I remember the days of this game. Made me mad too. Ah, the nostalgic novelties in life.😊

    23. Erik Woodruff

      0:49 he went from no fingers to 5 to 4

    24. Hongwei Long


    25. Andrew La Lanne

      China is evil 👿👿👿👿👿

    26. thebaka lord


    27. CaptainPKE - Princess

      1:00 stage three is where I am

    28. gotcha cat love


    29. Gaming And Amv

      2:04 so why did the water color change

    30. hollyisnotonthespotlight

      chica betrayed her owner

    31. Connor Saldivar

      Chica killed mark shes a bad dog! 😀😰😵😈

    32. Patchouli Colt

      Poor plier

    33. Floornine

      Stage 2 and 4 should be swapped. Then the stages would be in the right order

    34. exposethecorrupt

      Uhhhh...Where was that hammer??

    35. SlimeyCreeper96 SC

      Chica is a badass

    36. Roblox Land Of Agnese


    37. Lilac Sans girlfriend


    38. Jared Bloom

      At the end, replace Chica with Dawko when he beat 50/20 mode, and then ya got this: Mark: Hi Dawko, who’s a good friend? *dawko beats 50/20* Mark: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! *mark loses his crown to dawko*

    39. littlelama wasa

      Ive watched sice nutipeni

    40. Nate W

      1:18 Pure anguish in that scream

    41. Ollumii

      What the hell is that glorious picture right at the end 😂😂

    42. azure astrium


    43. YA BOI Gavin

      Why did you draw that last frame.....why

    44. Zoey Bow

      Lol that ending was so funny

    45. sean boy

      2:04 did he piss inside the pot

    46. Electro Cat


    47. Jessa Plessinger

      You are the best GR-newsr

    48. Brigitte Wilson

      He was so mad through the game

    49. prokillisback3 plays

      Chica: long live the king . . . . . . . . I know somebody else beat me to this joke but what ever

    50. Ryan Nam

      Correct stages of grief but incorrect order the actual order is denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance