Markiplier Animated | GETTING OVER IT



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    GrittySugar (Steff Egan) has made this WONDERFUL animation of Getting Over It!
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    1. grace RS

      I really love this design of his animation♡

    2. A Dog

      Is anybody gonna talk about the tasteful nude at the end of the video? It’s a pretty tasty nude...

    3. Mara Fry

      Me when anything slightly bad happens

    4. Chopperino -san

      Poor Mark E. Coyote foiled again.

    5. Wolfcharger 101

      Stages 2 and 4 were mixed up

    6. Caleb Robertson

      I’m gonna cry! I’m gonna cry because you’re sUCH A PIECE OF SHI- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    7. sawyer the destroyer

      Chica, you traitor..

    8. Gumi Megpoid

      The Captions make this 100 times better

    9. Earnest

      1:14 Marko now crabo

    10. septemberthe1loner

      I'm always suprised by gritty's smooth yet bouncy animation

    11. mark imoo

      Chica is my favorite part

    12. Mr yhemir


    13. Broyogurt

      Mark: I don't want anything else for Christmas I jus wanna get back to where I was. Pushes himself off cliff Mark: AWWOO, FUCK!

    14. PureLight1995

      This was perfect 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dead

    15. Kittenfight_ 326

      Chica the savage 😂

    16. Savage Garbage

      Aren’t you supposed to be getting over miranda

    17. Justin Clegg

      7th! of August! I just got the notification a minute ago.

    18. Denni

      That's some Lion King action right there 1:50

      1. Clone199Trooper

        Denni it is 😆

    19. Lark The Birb

      1:33 he killed senpai ;

    20. Hype

      Hey Bro, I was thinking about you visiting my channel and giving me tips on how to fix my problen!

    21. Monica's Dumb Life

      4:56 wow

    22. Isabel Romero

      ∆•w•∆ Its chica

    23. KiwiPaixxy

      Markiplier: WHO'S A GOOD DOGGIE :D Chica: :>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Markiplier: Oh no...... AAAAAAAAA 1 like = one life for markiplier :C

    24. Samantha Wilson

      1:15 Hermitiplier? Markihermit? Hermit crab Mark? King of the hermits? (Nevermind that last one, he's always king of the squirrels)

    25. Savage Garbage

      Hey it’s markiliar

    26. Devora Cantor


    27. Brandon Bounleaungkoemany

      The caption xD

    28. Luigi .q

      2:04 Is that pee in the god damn pot?

    29. JoJoNerdz

      Chica is confirmed to be Scar from the lion king.

    30. Omgitzlighting

      2:20 Holy-

    31. Forever Gamer

      chica noooo

    32. Rachel Hinthorn

      God i love mark so much

    33. Hailie Keogh

      Haha don't trust chica you should've gone darkiplier on her please do mor darkiplier he wants out

    34. Julianne sai Rafallo

      1:13 I died

    35. Video gamer Cedrick

      Is that urine in his cauldron 😂

    36. Hotshot

      What's with the lipstick?

    37. Rin The Cat Dumpling

      1:55 *LONG LIVE THE KING*

    38. Loureinze August B. Gamban

      1:56 I thought chica was a good pet of Mark T_T

    39. Nefarious

      1:15 marks a turtle

    40. Lemon giraffe07

      σмg ι ℓσνє тнє αиιмαтισи

    41. Daniel [camp camp]


    42. Brian Allman

      Stage 2 is anger. Stage 4 is depression. jeez

    43. xasaygaming

      I wish my videos where as funny as markipliers

    44. Fidget- Mania

      Fucking lol

    45. Xbox_Killer Dionte

      *Good vid😍😍 I'm 40 subs away from my goal😍🤘🤘*

    46. hakaigod ki

      When you jizzed all over your phone while doing it on purpose 1:08

    47. Crazed Medic


      1. Brandon Joughin

        It's really not though

    48. AntTag

      _goodbai_ -goodbai- *goodbai* goodbai Which is the best?

    49. BlockMaster


    50. IAmOreo

      Hhhheeeyyy I sell drugs and ice cream