Markiplier Animated | GETTING OVER IT



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    GrittySugar (Steff Egan) has made this WONDERFUL animation of Getting Over It!
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    1. Chloe


    2. Chris Corp Animations

      Turn on subtitles

    3. RyanTheBeautiful

      "Long live the king"

    4. Chloe Weightman

      The 5 stages of grief... in less than 3 minutes 😅

    5. ElM Lgero


    6. SnickerzzStudiozz

      1:13 DEMONS JIM

    7. Romario Wilson

      wait did Markiplier pee himself at the ending?

      1. gatorrulers


    8. black mask

      I'M DONE!!!! OMG!!!! F*******CK

    9. 周逸

      Why is yellow liquid spilling out from the pot after chica pushed Mark off?Don't tell me he ...... (>_

    10. Ancient World

      I got the game, and requested refun just after 2 minutes... It looks quite easy, but trust me its not, the mouse is made to be difficult to control...

    11. Awesomeninja16 Uploading

      0:59 and through on GREAT👌

    12. Blue guy boy

      Markiplier is a b***h! (text from polish song zgapiasz od Pewdiepie).

    13. Angel Wing

      One of my friends in ROBLOX told me to look you up I seen this you GR-news a lot lol

    14. Kombat Katana

      Who does your CC Mark? Haha 2:06 and ending

    15. Doggo Lover

      1:13 *Mark has turned Into "spider mode"*

    16. Doge

      Chica: “Long live, MARKIPLIER!”

    17. Red Mask

      2:19 JULY 2018

    18. Sonic The Atlantean

      Shut Up Abraham Lincoln, I hate you so much! =(

    19. [TRL] Troll

      1:18 when your teAcher gives F

    20. [TRL] Troll


    21. [TRL] Troll


    22. sad girl

      I love mark

    23. Michelle Moffett

      I'm done (becomes hermit crab)

    24. TØĶYØ GAMR

      A dog is a man's best friend Chica: a man's best enemy.

    25. Kitty Plays

      Stage 2:depretion

    26. Minxx


    27. jérôme lebourg

      Turn on caption. Seriously.

    28. Jumana animation world

      Long live the qween

    29. XxAwsomeGamerxX AwsomeGamer

      Mark read this pls your friend our savior in utube pewdiepie is getting closer to t series the gap is getting smaller first it was a million but now its only 600thousand u need to make more vid to sub to pewdiepie

    30. Rin's Everything

      So....2 and 4 are switched

    31. EmmaBeans ;-;

      Why was the liquid inside the cauldron yellow?....

    32. MrZofer

      i susbscribe to this channel becasue i just realize that markiplier got defeat by t series so am here to help he come back

    33. Sakellariou Dimitris

      Is the animator also the animator of The Amazing World of Gumball ?

    34. Emo Yurei

      Dose anybody notice the ending picture!?!? He's posing nude with the picaxe and Abraham Lincoln is hiding by the rock!!!!!😂🤣

    35. Emi pro gamer 1


    36. Jeanette Wilson

      Chica:*bark*hai Mark:hi chice....who's a good puppy Chice:hello it me

    37. Asbestos Fish

      _you should see what this did to the Korean guy, _*_he snapped 180° into batshit lane._*

    38. what`s up

      Acceptance is allways the final stage to every frustration

    39. Sherman Harris

      1:57 Long live the Markimoo

    40. DinosaurLova 2005

      Anger made me lose it! 🤣

    41. cxcugomez


    42. Haroldunis

      2:00 long live the king

    43. Sami Ibrahim

      wtf chica how is she such a duech

    44. SaphireKancer90

      The betrayal!!!!

    45. Jillian Rush

      The animation style just adds the beauty to the situation

    46. Supreme Jedi Master Of Ze Aster

      It's 10x funnier with captions! The person who wrote them is a GODDAMN GENIUS hi

    47. Diederich Moreno

      2:20 sexy.

    48. Saiyan Pikachu

      This is Sparta

    49. The Movie Making Company

      Yeah, I really don't know why the player is always in a cauldron, and uses a pickaxe or hammer to get around while remaining inside the cauldron.

    50. 1 random kid

      I thought stage 2 was anger