Maroon 5 - Girls Like You ft. Cardi B



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    "Girls Like You” is out now.
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    Music video by Maroon 5 performing Girls Like You. © 2018 Interscope Records

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    1. alejandrou el loco

      1:11 who is she?

    2. omela Ramsaroop

      12th time im watching this

    3. Stahlzy

      Rip x

    4. Aman Narula

      This song video is everything

    5. Katie Lee


    6. amal moussaoui

      Really i luv it

    7. Alex Hernandez

      Me encanta la chica de blusa amarilla del principio

    8. White Washed Desi Music Mix

      adaam levinne

    9. Luna Mae

      So many girl artists I love

    10. TheBuzzy53

      Pretty sure I saw Danica Patrick in there ☺

    11. nishant singh

      love this song...

    12. nishant singh

      PC..tumhe kaha ha ho....i need a girl like u.😙😙😙

    13. Indi Mahadew

      There was mackenzie Ziegler 😍😍🔥

    14. ankita sadhukhan

      the video is amazing

    15. Victor Nikiforov

      Nobody's talking about Ellen

    16. Julie Kelly

      I saw Camelia Cabbel and Ellen

    17. Shlomo Palanker

      Gal gadott

    18. david donis

      really a good song!!!!!

    19. Thatted Girliyanna

      This shii fire🔥

    20. Kiley Renouf 52 (STUDENT)

      oMg ElLEN AND MIlLiE 😮

    21. Jhudy Vidallon

      I so love this ❤️

    22. Sara Walker

      This came out on my birthday I remember waking up to this I'm like OMG THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM MAROON 5!!!!!!

    23. Gagan Ajai

      Who else was waiting for Ellen to say something funny in the end!

    24. Ana Galindo

      Ellen XD

    25. Mamfa Music

      Hey guys 21 day remaining to release my song so please all of you go to my youtube channel and hit subscribe button also like and share my youtube channel.. youtube channel link in below row,

    26. Simply Solenne

      This is millie bobby brown ! 😍

    27. Nyla Gumbs

      2:52 cardi b

    28. beverly nganasa

      Am in love with this maroon 5 guy .......Cardi b the real thing

    29. Kawaiislimeandsquishies Xoxo

      My dad loves this song

    30. Avi nash

      Gal Gadot........From maharashtra

    31. Wayne

      The ending was so cute. Behati Prinslo with his baby :’( He’s so lucky.

    32. Kamila's Slime, Squishes, and DIYs

      I love this so mich❤️❤️❤️but I can't stop Ellen was confused for what to do lol



    34. Andi Pratama

      Am I the only one here don't like cardi's rap?

    35. Enelfa Santamaria

      Camilla hair some people will ynderstand

    36. Stacy Williamson

      Lia Perry love you so much lol love you too

    37. Regina Ramirez

      hacia mucho q no m gustaba una cancion de Maroon 5

    38. agbvfx


    39. all the love

      Behati ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    40. Masrur Saif

      Who is that on 2:17

    41. MollyEdward Seagraves

      i love how all different powerful women are in this video. it’s giving me major feminist vibes which i absolutely love

    42. Milk and Cookies

      Eleven, Will Byers is in the upside down, go save him!

    43. Jatin Wane

      This song is just so satisfying.

    44. Deisha Bailey

      Camilla ,gal ,Lilly,cardib,Millie Ellen

    45. Ghalyah Al Mishri

      Can I ask who is the one Adam held hands with 😂

    46. ShoutMe Out

      Disliked because of Cardi B.......... no offense, but dont like her music

    47. alicia zelaya

      i started laughing so hard when Ellen was there

    48. Ricardo Rojas


    49. Sk Afnan

      some help me pls .! I can't stop listing to this song😻

    50. Sharan Marepally

      Everyone’s being great dancing and enjoying and all, and then there’s our Ellen, doing everything in her classic way! 😂😂 I love this song so much, and boy Gal and Camilla look so good! 😍