Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - High On Life (Official Video)

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix

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    Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - High On Life (Official Video)
    ♫ High On Life feat. Bonn is out now:
    ♫ Glitch with Julian Jordan is out now:
    Premiered my new track High On Life featuring Bonn on Tomorrowland 2018 and the official video is also my aftermovie for this amazing festival. Hope you enjoy it!
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    Directed and edited by: Damian Karsznia
    Cinematography by:
    - Sjors Ruijters
    - Fabian de Prieëlle
    - Mathias Normann
    - Mees Roozen
    - Joris Hoevenberg
    - Damian Karsznia
    #HighOnLife #Garrix #Bonn
    #MartinGarrix #Tomorrowland #Aftermovie #Tomorrowland2018

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    1. Martin Garrix

      My new track High On Life featuring Bonn is out now! Let me know what you think of it! ❤️

      1. Mister Class

        Bloody awesome, Dutch pride!

      2. James Davidson

        Simply genius! I am glad to be alive!

      3. Mashiyat Howladar《RxM Nation》

        Martin Garrix Martin 2:40 /2:41 what was that lol. Your voice?

      4. Dawankijuh Pdang

        High on life till the day we die.

      5. saif Ubare

        Love your music

    2. Voilet Skies

      I'm the only Myanmar martin fan but..... *THIS IS THE MOST POSITIVE SONG I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!*

    3. Jorn Rensen

      Hich on live geweldig liedje

    4. Geetanjali Masram


    5. Adoudou Rahal

      I loVe It ^^ ♥

    6. thangzmx daya

      I love this song

    7. حسين مصطفي

      روعه جميل

    8. Aaron van Aart


    9. Kody K.

      No idea how that feels

    10. Cristian Villaverde

      A like my

    11. Jose Arroyo

      Hello Everybody This is Martin Garrix and Welcome to another Excited Neverland!! -- Like if you read this with the voice of Martin in your mind.... Nah you know what's better than a like? Lets Put another song and PUSH THE FCK VOLUME UP!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    12. Phillip Steel

      Nice Lucifer song

    13. Tommy Van Clain

      ! :)

    14. Fernanda Figueroa

      I love you Dj #1!!! 💝

    15. Sharon

      This takes me back to TML 2018 ❤️

    16. Trident Remixes

      Who's here before 100m ❤❤

    17. Star Music

      keep *High On Life* via 2019 new year 💎

    18. Gewoon Tom

      Like als je nl bent

    19. Mark Schreurs

      Coole baet martin

    20. Nimantha Gunawardana

      2:10 Sri lankan flag..Anandians

    21. mariollys González

      Mi bandera PANAMÁ!❤

    22. Wwe top 10

      Like listening now

    23. Jochem Aantjjes

      I was looking for this song so long! I love it❤ Everything is perfect on this song😍

    24. Nenen Jihyo

      I'd walk a million miles, just to see u smile... ITS FRICKIN TOUCHA MA HEART

    25. Pien

      this song is still one of my favorite songs

    26. 普羅民

      Martin Garrix X Avicii -High on life

    27. States of America United

      Avicii concert= my dream ‼️‼️

    28. Crisalda Mucavel


    29. Alexandr Atalay

      I love you martin Garixx 💙🙏

    30. sadiya Korir

      This song gives me the chills

    31. Clintopoulos Grizworld

      Jeez this kid is amazing.

    32. jeff

      the best song of 2018 in my opinion

    33. Gent Belgique

      Please all famoust musicians realised a song for Aviccii. Please: Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris and Stromae. Please. Life is bad anywhere. But they are laws of Life. . . Please Martin Garrix.

    34. Διονυσης Λουκοπουλος

      Really good!!!

    35. Gent Belgique

      I thing voice of Bonn is Most Important in this song. Long Live from Bruges.

      1. Gent Belgique

        +ST I don't now before this fact but thanks.

      2. ST

        Gent Belgique nah, it is a nice touch. But it is all about the instrumental

    36. Gent Belgique

      Flag of my country is here: BELGIUM. ♥♡♥♡*FROM BELGIUM* .

    37. Janin Nentjes

      Top track

    38. Olivier Villanueva

      des fr pour tous ce genie ?

    39. Rutvik Shingne

    40. NAMASTE TV


    41. God Termianl

      2019 2020

    42. Siddhant Chaurasia

      I love you brother

    43. Tech swapnil buragohain

      east 2 west martin is the best😊😊😊😊

    44. FR13NDS


    45. The Commenter


    46. Oliver grarup

      Who is here before 100 mil BTW Relly good song

    47. Professional Gaming

      Man thank you for this song you helped for my motivation

    48. Rafael Correa

      Sin palabras

    49. prasanna narasingappa

      Anyone in 2020

    50. Michael van Francis