Moment stage invader grabs mic during UK Eurovision song

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    A man has stormed the stage in the middle of UK singer SuRie’s Eurovision performance in Lisbon. He ​grabbed the microphone from the 29-year-old singer on Saturday night and screamed 'Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom' before he was wrestled from the stage
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    1. Jelly On The Plate

      Just my opinion, but the EU has always looked down on the UK.

    2. Fahim Muntacer


    3. KawaiiGhost25

      "Where's security??" Did you not see how fast they got him after he got on stage?

    4. Isabelle Snobelle

      He just wanted to let people know that Beyonce had the best video of all time

    5. Alexander H

      If thats why uk got so low points im gonna kill that guy

    6. Adnana's Vlogs

      What is he saying?

    7. Hello 1234

      I Hear LAUREL!!!!!


      Eurovision is fake

    9. Stronk Empire

      NiCe MaN!!!

    10. Ross Worrall

      That was the best part

    11. That one commenter

      Atleast we know she isn't a lip syncer

    12. LASSE

      I think the stage invader is gei

    13. Stevan Medved

      Typically staged

    14. Christian Engqvist


    15. Saoirse Anois

      Tiocfaidh Ár Lá

      1. Jack M

        Saoirse Anois up the ra

    16. Patrician Cloud

      Weird song.

    17. itskittynotkatie

      What did he even say

      1. FD6

        KittyCat about nazis

    18. Olleman GG


      1. FD6

        Olletheboss GG its backup singers

    19. Vuk Apic

      He was suppose to be a communist, KGB send the wrong guy.

    20. wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •


    21. Ge ppetto

      Dat playback!

    22. Erik Aronsson

      What a legend hope this hoppens more often

    23. Erik Aronsson

      Someone knows what he Said?

      1. FD6

        Erik Aronsson about nazis

    24. aceman4jets

      literally the only part i watched on TV and this happened 😂

    25. Juulkorver


    26. Patryk KanikTV


    27. uknow who

      She was shook!

    28. Close Far

      Inspired by Kanye: "The Chicken Lady has the best song of all time!!!!!" "Of all time!!!!"

    29. Your Friends Fan

      I felt so badb for her!

    30. banik

      The highlight of the night

    31. PolipellPlays YT

      Delete this video because if she see it, she will not be happy.

    32. Kirse EW

      But What did He Say tho?

    33. ava

      What was he even saying?

      1. FD6

        Ava Hopkins smth about nazis

    34. IRISH-LAD

      😂 there all still bopping 😂

    35. Gangster Banana

      What di he say

    36. push_ur_ limits_

      Such a disrespectful person, but when was this gig actually? In the final, semifinal etc.?

      1. FD6

        XtremTM NZ2004 final

    37. Tez O’Reilly

      lip sync

      1. FD6

        Tez James no its the "backup" singers, who sing next to her, why would the michrophone be on then?

    38. Geoffrey Gibbons


    39. TO

      new game: stage invaders

    40. Ellie Chantz

      Φέρτε πίσω τα Ελγινεια έπρεπε να πει... Μόνη μου εγώ 😂

    41. zondaintheair

      Brits fought in Europe for your country and freedom, many of us died.

    42. Nick Boon

      Best part of the entire song

    43. Θεόδωρος Παπαϊωάννου

      Euroinvasion!!!!make songs not weapons! !

    44. Patricia Cardiff

      Why was there a backing track of her singing?thought it was meant to be completely live.

      1. FD6

        Or maybe there are like other singers with her

      2. ValkyrieCain123

        Not entirely sure, but some songs naturally have backing vocals of the singer. So I'm guessing it was used because it's part of the style of this song (a lot of the other singers didn't have it)

    45. Daniel Courage

      Nazis of uk media, we demand FWEEDUM

    46. Elina Lassila

      The song sound like Avicii's hey brother🙄

    47. Krister Tenhunen

      Real mvp!

    48. Swanskog Jsson

      Strong from SuRie, carrying on. Her song wasn’t great, but SuRie are for sure great!

    49. Thor Strömbäck


    50. jokkoj

      What did he say?