Most Disappointing Superhero Sequel Ever? MOVIE FIGHTS

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    What superhero sequel disappointed more than all the rest? Our fighters give their arguments for that and more on MOVIE FIGHTS!
    1. What’s the all-time most disappointing superhero sequel?
    2. Best movie about a real or fictional musician?
    3. What is the best movie to win the Palme d'Or at Cannes?
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    1. Screen Junkies

      What superhero sequel disappointed YOU the most? How would you have answered the other questions? Which fighters were your favorite and who you like to see them battle next time? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for watching! One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

      1. Dogg O

        I personally liked iron man 3

      2. Honoka Killer

        Screen Junkies WHEN WILL YOU DO DOCTOR WHO???????!!!!

      3. Someone 234

        Say: Yimbambe as a meme is Your mum giey

      4. Bogdan Lazar

        Bring these two guys and this one gal to all Movie Fights! This is one of the best shows!

      5. LordMajicus

        For question 2, I would have picked August Rush. It's an amazingly beautiful film with an amazing score and makes you appreciate music in a way that's quite hard to describe.

    2. isen siel

      Play this video if you need to get your pets out of a room.

    3. Kevin Pauly

      Bibbiani is a fedora toting neckbeard

    4. Matt Nice

      Superman 4 The Quest For Peace. I was the worlds biggest Superman fan and it still disappointed me. I was also 7.

    5. Stephen Banda

      Is the dance scene in the mask the 3rd act?

    6. Zuko

      Woof... Came here expecting to see people agreeably rag on crappy movies, not 2/3 people miserably defending them. Stopped watching after 15 minutes.

    7. Sara Glaubitz

      I've never heard of anyone else who loves the Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack!! 😀😀

    8. The J-Man

      Superman 3 is funny... its not close as good as the first 2 but it is funny and the superman vs. superman was as good as the first 2 movies...

    9. Daniel Khouzame

      dam round 2 was a wild cage fight

    10. Joshua Stephens

      This was SO GOOD my favourite Movie Fight of all time.

    11. kwars

      I like how each movie they choose at the beginning are all the 3rd movie of the series

    12. Godspeed

      Spiderman 1 doesnt hold up very good honestly

    13. Kristine Ng Foon

      Growl growl

    14. Codename: Churchil

      The best argument against Spider-Man 3 is that some of it is actually okay, so when things go off the deep end the further you get into the movie, it's that much more disappointing since you saw what could've been.

    15. zachdawson1822

      Im not there is the best musician movie it has Heath ledger and bale and a female playing Bob Dylan It’s amazing Check it out people !

    16. Daddy Kuma

      The most disappointing superhero sequel has to be Iron Man 3. It truly completely denies the Iron Man comics.

    17. Xueria

      I would have chosen Frozen to be playing outside of my house. Why? I have my headset on most of the time listening to my computer and they block out sounds wonderfully, or I'm away from home working or going for a walk or whatever. For those times that I am home, I think it would be hilarious to watch peoples' heads explode because they have to listen to that already overplayed sound track for an entire week straight.

    18. E HA19

      Let Ace talk fools!

    19. NOMO FOMO

      Amadeus is one of the best movies ever. We break down the scenes, performances and writing in film theory classes all the time. Classic.

    20. Ahmed Mostafa

      More Bibs please !

    21. Diwakar Mishra

      Just saying......... It is criminal to have Tobey Maguires Spiderman on a video titled "Most Disappointing Superhero Sequel Ever"

    22. TekMerc


    23. Jameson Coleman

      I like how the only bad thing in Whiplash that’s brought up is how he was bleeding, which is actually perfectly logical and even if it isn’t, it has nothing to do with it being “not the best movie about a musician”

    24. David Hamlin

      The best musician movie is Labamba. Ritchie Valens baby!

    25. The WahMaster

      If we're talking about disappointment a lot of the obvious ones are out of the question. Since I'm a little younger I already knew a lot of these were bad. So for me the most dissapointing superhero movie that I was excited for is X-men apocalypse. It's actually not the worst thing in the world but I was really expecting more after days of future past.

    26. Brent

      I don't know if I agree with what Bibbs said about Amdeus. I thought the whole point of Salieri was that he was a good composer, but he was overshadowed by Mozart. In Salieri's eyes, Mozart is this idiot who doesn't work nearly as hard as he does, but produces better music and thats why he resents him so much. Its also why he said he hates God. Imagine being passionate about something, working tirelessly everyday to hone your skills and finally you get to a point where you're respected by the town. Then all of a sudden one day some guy just surpasses you with seemingly no effort. I'd be pissed too. But thats why Salieri is such a good character, in any other time period he would've been a fine composer, but he just had the unfortunate coincidence to be alive when Mozart was alive (a musical legend), and he hates him for that. To be fair, its been awhile since I last saw this movie, I could be wrong. But this is how I remember it.

      1. Brent

        oh I would also like to add that the reason why Mozart was portrayed as an idiot is because Salieri is the narrator. Its the whole unreliable narrator thing. Remember Salieri is telling a story to... a priest i think? but anyway thats why Mozart is an idiot becuase we are seeing the story through Salieri's eyes.

    27. With Enough Prep Time TheNerdMan

      most dissapointing answers of aLL TIME

    28. Solon Deathguard

      Would using a timer for each speaker during the debate help? Just enough time for the person to respond to what was previously said and reinforce their own point. May help cut down on the yelling over one another but then again may hurt the usual flow of the show. I'm a little torn. Lol

    29. John Arrington

      So glad to be back to 3 person movie fights

    30. Concerned Citizen

      Avengers 2

    31. If he dies, he dies

      Damn this guy really hates Superman 3 😂😂

    32. Ajster1234

      Alana's dress is really nice :)

    33. Ajster1234

      Superman 3... oof

    34. Brandon Christopher

      Every time Alana takes a deep breath i smile😈😍

    35. Jose Rueda

      Ace should not have won round one and should have had even a vote in round two... i really dont get this at all... 🤦🏼‍♂️

    36. klownstarz

      Great fight. I love the passion and the arguments. One of the best I have watched for a while.

    37. Rictavion Johnson

      Im super super super late can somebody tell when they went bacl to the old format cuz this is honestly why i stopped watching movie fights.....but now its back i wanna catch up....vuz the 1v1 really messed up the flow to me

    38. ultimateranger213

      Spider-Man 3 as well as x-men 3. I swear 3 is not always the magic number!

    39. JeyB

      X-Men 3 was sooo bad that they went back with Days of Future Past and basically made it not exist.

    40. habbogigi

      Bibs is insufferable, I bet he has no real life friends.

    41. Naoyu C. Mi

      Bibs knows his data and is a good debater, but him having to raise his point across makes me want to see him lose.

    42. Renee W

      Just because something is presented in a film doesn't mean it's glorified. The violence in whiplash is not glorified. The misogynistic white bitterness in Taxi Driver is not glorified, it's devastating when he is treated as a hero in the end, or at least it should be. Round 3 was unwatchable due to interruptions, mostly by Alana.

    43. Living Dead Drummer

      Whiplash and Almost Famous? Wow, you guys are NOT musicians...

    44. Hoop Monster

      I was really pulling for Ace all through, and it's not because he's cute AF. I liked his much more calm, reasonable delivery too. Alana was also great, though I didn't agree with a lot of her picks. Also, HOW do you pick Spiderman 3 and not mention Venom? That was the number 1 disappointment for me and most everyone I knew at the time!

    45. MrLaxinator

      Mozart was not one of best musicans alive. Composer maybe but musican? That is arguable if you don't have any of his recordings. Yet it is film about musican so this is just minor correction nobody cares about because I'm 2 weeks late.

    46. MrLaxinator

      As Czech i have to give props to Bibiani for pronouncing name of Miloš Forman (almost) right. First name precise, last name wrong. But not that far.

    47. Shang-Hsien Yang

      I don't know why people would be disappointed with Superman 3. All four of Reeves' Superman movies were very bad. Not because of the actor, but the script was very bad.

    48. Anthony Neubert

      If the choice is to have only two fighters or having WILLIAM BIBBIANI fight, I choose two fighters. Debates are fine to watch, but yelling and talking over people while not adding anything to the argument is obnoxious.

    49. Jackson Wilburn

      Spiderman 3 is the best

    50. Teo Dor

      Bibs should have lost on the "How great would it be to see a Star Wars movie that isn't about a white person". Make a movie because it's going to be good not because the protagonist is white, black, a dog or what ever the fuck.

    51. Karen Stepko

      I did not enjoy this episode because William Bibbiani was doing so much over-talking! I’m thankful that Hal kept providing warnings, but I would not want to see him return to fight again - or, if so, he needs to be warned to simmer down a bit. I get that he is passionate about his arguments, but it got everyone doing it and really spoiled it for me.

    52. Shadow Robot Punch!

      Dat rack o lamb

    53. Happy Kids TV

      superb! 🤡 Hahaha

    54. Dragon Time

      superb! 🤡 Hahaha

    55. Holidays

      superb! 🤡 Hahaha

    56. Spaceman Dude

      superb! 🤡 Hahaha

    57. KidsApp Tv

      superb! 🤡 Hahaha

    58. Monster Family

      superb! 🤡 Hahaha

    59. realbglow

      has anyone noticed bibbiani's shirt/tie combo resembles a hot dog? ill see myself out...

    60. George Hernandez

      Why did nobody say. " walk the line"?

    61. Shaun Hunter

      What's with people not wanting Jedi stuff in Star Wars movies. Jedi are a big part of Star Wars, if you don't want Jedi stuff then maybe you should watch Star Trek.

    62. Christopher Kirby

      These used to be So fun, but now they don't seem as exciting. I would ride around in my patrol car all night listening to movie fights on my I can't even finish an entire episode. Sad.

    63. Goddess shepherd

      not a sequel, but IRON MAN tony mope for hours

    64. Twinleaf2623 Channel

      Superman 3 was the first movie that put me to was that boring and terrible.

    65. Pill Box

      Superman 3 was horrifying.

    66. Jarrod Williams

      Where was Mr. Holland's Opus on this?

    67. Aaron B

      Bibs is very annoying and loud

    68. SullivansTravels

      Holy fucking hell, the Bibbs needs to calm his shit down. l mean, l like listening to the guy, but there's no need to CONSTANTLY keep shouting above the other competitors. Damn dude, chill.

    69. Dor Freiberg

      I love watching poor sweet Ace sit there and watch Bibs and Alana tear each other apart...and then steal the round haha

    70. Playoba

      How come nobody has brought up The Soloist? Also its Jamie Foxx's best movie.

    71. PvtGermanWagz

      Whoa, WHAT!!?!?!?! They're back in chairs!! That's awesome. I wonder how long this has been going on. I stopped watching movie fights a while back due to that horrible game show format.

    72. Adster

      I disagree with all 3 round winners, Bibs had Superman 3 won easy. round 3 should have been Ace and round 2 should have been Alana but because of the question wording they canceled her out

    73. luke bain


    74. BigSleepyOx

      Nobody mentioned "Bird", directed by Clint Eastwood, which is about Charlie Parker, played by Forest Whitaker. :(

    75. blanderthanthou

      Yo Dan! GO NOLES!!!

    76. Horton Crow

      Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies of all time. I've seen the most. Silence of the Lambs, and No Country for Old Men are close, but that is the movie I watch when I feel bad, and need to love life.

    77. Jason Brown

      Hidden stable civilization institutional thus promote lemon percentage cross.

    78. fistname lastname

      Wrong outcome

    79. Damon Pajak

      God I love Alana, she can fight and dress. Great commentary about these movies. Keep it up everybody!

    80. The Internet Peasant

      Incongruous + gratuitous = incongruitous?

    81. Dr.Harish Chandra

      Whiplash is so overrated.

    82. Kelsang Gyudzhin

      For most confusing 3rd act to walk in on, it's easy: 2001 a space odyssey. You're just joe or jane astronaut, chillin on a space ship, just came out of using the zero-g restroom, when you look out the window. And it's a space baby.

    83. David Zevin

      Why did no one mention that Superman III wasn't even the worst Christopher Reeve Superman movie? Did they not all watch Superman IV The Quest For Peace? Plus the plot for Superman III was so good they repurposed it in Office Space. X-men 3 The Last Stand was so awful and destroyed the continuity of the franchise to such an extent, that they literally had to undo the events in it in Days of Future Past. How bad does your movie have to be that the studio makes it a point to roll back literally everything that happened in it? The answer, REAL BAD!

    84. D H

      Only half way through and Ace has to be the winner. He’s the only one fighting and not screaming.

    85. Dean Brown

      Hal you gotta take control when everyone is speaking over each other!!!

    86. Darth Fuego


    87. Philip Alvarez

      Amazing Spider-Man 2 is worse than Spider Man 2. I’m sorry but Superman 3 is 80s gold lol, so bad it’s good. Best movie about a real or fictional musician: La Bamba boom! I win

    88. Simmy Penn-Kout

      happy birthday is public domain

    89. David Sobiegraj

      Please never have Alana on again.

    90. Nat H.

      Bibbs is an amazing fighter, bring him back please!

    91. Code: Marla

      Good topics ruined by bad fighters. Not a good episode.

    92. angelofashes

      X-Men was the best choice for round one, but those were terrible arguments, he missed so much of why it failed and what was wrong with it.

    93. Kyle Arango

      The way Ace talks here compared to how he talks on his podcast is drastically different. They are two completely different people

    94. FoxyAlphaRogerTango

      Anyone Else: "Well I'm in the middle of pointing out something salient..." Bibbs: "Somebody hold my beer" Rudnick, how about you become an actual moderator and manage a debate.

    95. FoxyAlphaRogerTango

      X-men 3 was the correct choice. The other two suffered from studio interference and a coke-fueled script. The real right choice was Batman Forever. Complete tonal and stylistic shift. The rest of the questions I was on the outs for but best muscian/speedround soundtrack question would have gone to The Temptations (a film about an Irish band trying to form a soul band). Because it introduced me to a whole new style of music. If we're going on soundtrack alone, Tron Legacy.

    96. Matthew Shelman

      We need a host that takes control and cuts off people talking over each other. I think Hal would be better on Social Media spot and Dan should be host/fact checker

    97. Summs

      That woman really needs to learn not to interrupt people

    98. Golden Goose

      Ace shoulda won this one...I dont feel like bibs point that the trilogy was a follow up was a solid enough reason for Lando to get a movie...We've just had rogue one and solo...which were about smuggler...blaster wielding types....and last jedi had barely any lightsaber battles or any interesting Jedi stuff. Just judging from the trailers too...Solo is gonna be another Star wars rip off movie....where it has the star wars name but doesnt look or feel anything like star why would we want a continuation of that? Screw a Lando movie...sounds boring and dull

    99. Shawn Braden

      I really dislike the guy that forgot his fedora at home. Talks over people, no debate ettiquette, and is a literally annoyance every round.

    100. Luke Cavaney

      Please do a honest trailer for the expanse