My Honest Graduation Speech



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    Not one of my typical vids, but something I've been wanting to say.
    I've always gotten a lot of requests to speak at high school and college graduations but have always declined... I don't expect to be getting many more requests after this.
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    1. tech smith creates

      That Mr. Gouli Shouli scene lol 3:00

    2. Mr. Amit

      best speech man :)

    3. Jeff Kaplan

      “I can tell you, people who are on the top, who has *never* been on the bottom, can keep up, with people who *has* , and *overcame it* .”

    4. Fares Elmahrouky

      This was of the speech I’ve ever heard

    5. Adam Diarr

      Happy belated birthday

    6. Kavya Mohta

      Bro that was an awesome speech

    7. Xx TheBoyRansomeness xX

      At least you can preach about bullying

    8. May Aung


    9. Jemm

      I've been wondering this for a while now, but what does he always use for the begining of his videos like the one he used at this one? Thanks in advance😄😅

    10. Deblina Ghosh

      Comparing life to videogames was really original and easy to understand,,,this speech is better than hundreds of motivational speeches out there...Thanks

    11. Saria Music

      hi ryan i love you!

    12. Kenmario Noschese

      That speech was the best speech I've ever heard.

    13. Hardik Goel

      Dear Ryan, Please make a GAME of THRONES conspiracy or parody

    14. Anum Amir

      i love how i looks like he did it in his pool!! lmaooo best speech ever!!

    15. Bite Meat

      Love the ending omg 😂

    16. Demonetization

      The more inappropriate the more attentive the students will be

    17. Damn... this speech was actually so good and it really made me rethink my

    18. CreepyCrafter

      This should motivate people to stop playing Fortnite

    19. Ruby Baruah


    20. Grace Sanders

      I'm dyingggg. I *think* I want to go to college and get a good job and make money. But I *feel* like I want to find love and travel and not worry too much. I never thought a NigaHiga video would put me into an existential crisis. I love the message but it's scary to break the thought process of traditional "success" cause you always worry if you screwed everything up for yourself trying to be happy.

    21. Mono

      what a nice college, the speaker is ryan while the audience is his clones

    22. Kyle Ransib

      And they have p***

    23. leslie huerta

      This was definitely dedicated to me 😂 GO CLASS OF 2018!!!!!!!

    24. leslie huerta

      I literally graduated when this came out

    25. Eli Naylor


    26. I'm Jinhwan's SEXY MOLE and P.O'S LIPS

      This is the most wonderful fckn speech i've ever heard and will ever hear 👏

    27. Bella Rae

      I just watched this on x2 with subtitles bc i decided to rewatch this with 2% at night and my phone was dead. My other one was downstairs and of course i was to lazy to get it 😂 Updte: 1% and i made it through the whole video! whoop! Don't forget me

    28. Sel

      That GTFO sign is just what I am focusing on.... LOL 😂

    29. Shreyas4096

      That's it! if i ever get invited to give a graduation speech, I ll just be playing this video.

    30. Life Long

      "I don't see anything inappropriate in this speech." *talks about aspiring drug dealers and genitals references*

    31. RandomGreninja

      “When I picked you up for the game tonight, did you want me to run over your cat?!” I’m dead. 😂


      still animeniacs

    33. LazyBones

      Curiosity is something we all have. We don’t do not voluntarily study, we do it for knowledge but we’ll still hate the work.

    34. Kelly MacArthur

      Lol that Ryan in the back right in the 5 Ryan group

    35. Incognito Dorito

      He posted this on my birthday ❤

    36. Ahmed Elrasheed

      Was that his actual high school speech? I mean the ‘drug dealer’ part

    37. Belén López-Madrazo

      Is that you, Hanate? At 12:40

    38. Alexia Quasar


    39. I AM

      This is a GREAT speech, I rather listen to this speech than some of the boring speeches I've heard lowkey

    40. Red Nosey

      This is the first high school speech I ever saw. And its the only one I need. It makes a lot of sense to me since I also tend to think more honestly and realistically to my self.

    41. Ragib mahfuz

      That speech made inspired to take 50000 dollars and buy drugs t keep myself happy jk dont call the police pls

    42. Looly Baghdad

      *wipes tear* so inspirational

    43. Not Me

      It was actually a good speech


      maybe i'll do my graduation speech like this when i graduate

    45. Angelika Hapis

      Around 3:17 scene reminds me of his Capital One ad scene in How to Act Like your Favorite Actors 😂

    46. Jirehlyn Ezra

      I'm so late. Haha thank you for making this video.

    47. Legendary Bumhead

      Animeniacs shirt

    48. Blebb Blebbson

      This was actually a great speech

    49. tech smith creates

      Who the heck said that Ryan made a poor speech

    50. iKiwi

      Gay means happy. Just so you know.

    51. iKiwi

      I was born in 2008.

    52. Emily Rosenfeldt

      I was a little sad that it wasn’t actually 2008 Ryan in the audience haha

    53. Riniwar KT


    54. TheFlipityTwig

      that speech tho....

    55. my name for another 90 days Slayer slash

      This was actually a good speech

    56. Tyler L

      Bruh Ryan, This should be an actual speech. 😂

    57. Linh Nguyen


    58. TheLegendaryChicken

      That speech struck me as the most relatable speech I have ever heard. It came at the best time too with exams coming. Thank you ryan for all your years of entertainment, but also these sprinkles of serious messages.

    59. Sponges Diped with bleach yummy.

      Their cheering to loose

    60. Kevin Levin

      That's was really nice ryan !! :D

    61. I have horrible content watch me

      This is no joke inspiration like the meaning of life is happeness

    62. Bee-Series

      I want to know the song...

    63. Summer Monkey

      You will always be my hero

    64. Chubby Knucdz James

      I found this low key inspiring

    65. Train Boy22

      how old are you ?

    66. Ashra Scarlet

      Wow that speech about suicide make me want to live more. I want to be stronger.

    67. S4 Vage

      Now this... This is inspiring

    68. LeeAnne in Japan

      the collar is bothering me...

    69. Juhi Jahan

      He is serious guys .. he’s not joking

    70. Caden Schoch

      I wish there were 2008 Ryan’s

    71. Arunava Goswami

      9:37 that is me

    72. Roy Roy

      This is the best speech I ever had.

    73. Carol Lopes

      This speech is way more inspirational than the ones I've heard before

    74. Wehttam

      Well said

    75. lvmp Miranda

      THIS IS THE BEST SPEECH EVER😭❤️❤️❤️ Ryan is so amazing

    76. Lea Mongatane

      Perfect speech Ryan😋

    77. Ra One

      I never thought that you could ever write something so inspirational and touching like this , it was the best speech I have or could've ever heard in my lifetime 💗 love love

    78. Live By Music

      I started the video at 11 pm and when I woke up Ryan is saying teehee

    79. Shiphrah Roshini Thomas

      Can you please speak at my high school graduation? It's at husky (Alaska airlines stadium) June 18th 2019, bye thanks!

    80. Naim Fury

      Every word you said, was true af. Really if i could give a award which is called the best motivator, i would give it to you. Cz really for the first time, i really come to know what is the meaning of life. These successful people just keep saying that if you work hard you will succeed. But it seems only few of us can reach their goal. I also was against their thought but i couldn't explained myself by words. But now i get it. Really, thanks for your effort on this. Really, i appreciate it. The super saiyan & the video game part was the best ❤. Please, keep sharing these types of thoughts of yours. Cz you might not know how it is helping us. We may not comment on your video but deep down inside us, we are thankful. ❤ appreciate from Bangladesh ❤

    81. Evan Guo

      The speech was actually hella good

    82. Alex Curst

      i think this is awesome and i want him to talk to my class

    83. Bits and Bobs

      Who else noticed that at the end he did the "chinese" rude finger?

    84. BadWolf Chelsea

      Dammit Ryan, where was this speech when I graduated 9 years ago? Would have stopped me from wasting years of my life on stuff that didn't matter lol

    85. Yuan

      that was actually inspirational lmao

    86. Yvette Ihemesinwa

      That is probably the most honest and most inspirational graduation speech I've ever heard. Thank you Ryan.

    87. Clarisa Lavander

      This actually inspired me

    88. olive tree

      please come to my state when i graduate so you can give a speech like this :0

    89. siri

      why did this video actually make me rethink my entire existence?

    90. Jake Lauzon

      What’s up with the right collar lol

    91. tara haran

      Bang on with the raspberry chocolates.

    92. HaphazardScribbles of Nishtha

      why the f*ck is this not as famous as this should be!

    93. PoisonGamer 123

      :::: _::::

    94. I love nuggets

      And now we know, why Ryan is still in the game :)

    95. I love nuggets

      Ryan, I need you to have a graduation speech in my school pls

    96. Sketchy Potato

      Why is no one talking about the end???

    97. srishti arya

      Only speech in my life which I enjoyed thoroughly!! Ryan you are an amazing human

    98. No Name

      That was actually great !! ♥️♥️👍🏼

    99. Task Force

      3:05 LMAO

    100. random person

      but i thought "the world is not ready for clones yet"