My Honest Graduation Speech



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    Not one of my typical vids, but something I've been wanting to say.
    I've always gotten a lot of requests to speak at high school and college graduations but have always declined... I don't expect to be getting many more requests after this.
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    1. Cactaehyung '-

      *Ryan for President*

    2. Dorothy Chitombi

      You are awesome

    3. Euginia Amanda

      Wow, Ryan. Wow.

    4. Clement Lee

      I feel abit pity for this guy lolz 😂

    5. Atharva Joshi

      Chak de india...... Scene copied

    6. Atharva Joshi

      Chak de 🇮🇳

    7. Chase Scott

      4 of the drafts are kinda bad but the others are actually ok

    8. Romnick Saripada

      That password though: 696969 hahahhaha

    9. Expedition

      Ryan’s coach voice is a white Samuel L Jackson

    10. Uncle Cooper

      God first

    11. Ivanything 101

      Way more instpirational than I thought

    12. lasya gopi

      This was honestly the most realistic speech I’ve ever heard!!! Thank you so much, I love you!!!

    13. Candychan2012

      as a 2018 graduate I needed this

    14. MB

      thanks ryan

    15. Aira Mae Revilla

      I am,,,,,, crying? wow

    16. sixten deg

      life WAS like a box of chocolates

    17. Lunar Academy

      Why doesn't this have a billion views

    18. Rita Chu

      Does anyone one know which software does ryan use for making the presentation clip???

    19. Sayyad Ali

      Finally we found the meaning of life it means that meme is gonna die

    20. Harry Potter

      I always hated when people give speeches. But this guy right here.. His speech make me wanna do more in my life. I'm a musician and this speech really inspired me to open a new world of mine. Thanks Ryan. Putting in my number one list youtuber is one of the thing I never regret in my life. This is getting so emotional.. Haha 👍

    21. Benjamin Vu

      I can imagine myself if I ever write a speech and use a lot of Naruto speeches lol but yea good job Ryan I am not gonna lie this is a really inspirational speech that I could relate too even though I just started out highschool

    22. PehoX

      Has anyone noticed the audience in the speech scene?

    23. Chanwoo's Legendary NANANANA

      Class of 2010 here 🎓🎓

    24. Chanwoo's Legendary NANANANA

      I only look at ryan's eyebrows whenever he speaks.

    25. RJ Tha Mad Specialist

      i'm happy when im high .. so i can keep spending my money on weed? tell that to my gf

    26. Uday Kiran

      OMFG i just realised all of them are RYANS

    27. Shehla Tanveer

      This speech hit the feels of 18 year old trying to keep up with expectations of teachers and parents !

    28. Ace Zenyatta


    29. jayty jayty

      This is honestly so inspirational 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Ms. Gaming

      3 words for you: Best Speech Ever (BSE)

    31. violetgirl1996

      Ps I disagree Pessimism destroys dreams in some people

      1. mahbuba hossain

        You will understand when you grow up a bit.

    32. violetgirl1996


    33. Christina NYC

      I’m 33 and Ryan’s speech is a thousand times more heartfelt and genuine than any of the boring old ones I had in all of my graduation ceremonies. Thank you Ryan 💜✌🏼😊

    34. NO WiFi

      They all look the same

    35. god speed

      Your eye brows move

    36. Joshua Brouard

      I love your videos man.

    37. The Cursed Pancake

      We got teh same birthday

    38. greenisgreener

      All the clones are

    39. arpit pandey


    40. TwilightAud Frost

      I wish you could have given this speech at my graduation

    41. black eyed taro


    42. Its Kota

      I was just going to beborn when mean while Ryan was going to be graduated

    43. YI0116

      Happiness is a very fickle thing; it completely depends on circumstances and as we all know, circumstances are always changing and we cannot do a thing about them. Making happiness your "life goal" will only lead you to a life of disappointment and meaninglessness.

    44. Sync Grave

      This is actually the most inspirational speech I’ve ever heard like wtf. Comparing it to video games really stood out for me. You’re right we should be happy when trying to become happy because the journey is a lot more longer then the ending and the ending is only good because the journey built up to it.

    45. yudhistira Sastra

      😂😂😂 that last guy tho...

    46. Georgia Bennett

      This was hilarious xDD

    47. Christian O'Neill

      Life is like a box of chocolates... It gets empty very quickly.

    48. Kaigo Akuma

      Thank you

    49. Qui Yue Kissme

      Points to the coach for remembering the very long chinese name of the white guy 😂

    50. Efrain II Uriarte

      Dear ryan can you do a parody of Jurassic world falling kingdom