My Honest Graduation Speech



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    Not one of my typical vids, but something I've been wanting to say.
    I've always gotten a lot of requests to speak at high school and college graduations but have always declined... I don't expect to be getting many more requests after this.
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    1. Clara Cheung

      I wish I would have heard this before.

    2. akanksha Kaith

      Jeez that was so inspirational wow! 😂

    3. Clara Cheung

      so many Ryan... is this heaven, where angels stay?

    4. pate wrage

      Thank you.

    5. Julissa DC

      thats a very good speech

    6. Laureen Berger

      But where is the 'If you want to be a drug dealer, be a drug dealer' line. I was waiting for it. I thought it was gonna be the punchline. Now i'm sad thank you very much Ryan.

    7. Catherine Tran

      dear ryan can you make a song ab yoga

    8. LyricsNow

      hey if you see this, i have lyrics to songs on my channel! some songs you may not have heard! like this if you have seen this and comment on my videos what songs you want lyrics to!!:) thanks bye;))))

    9. The Entire State of Minnesota

      It’s like the Ed Helms Cornell speech

    10. Sara Moreno

      Dear Ryan can you do beach ball trickshots?

    11. Gaming with Qwest

      lol I love your speech’s

    12. Jews and Dudes

      All of their collars were tucked in wrong xD

    13. Jenny Chen

      I love this so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Aaron Draws

      I don’t see anything wrong w/ those lines once they were put into context 👌🏼👏🏼

    15. Ria P

      man that speech was real inspiring! good job!

    16. Jason Peng

      nobody likes studying unless you're some kind of FREAK!

    17. min yoongi cheonjae jjang jjang man boong boong

      That was the most inspirational speech I've ever heard! (except BTS songs, they're on the same level)

    18. Hanji Nam

      Dear Ryan, please get a cat.

    19. Hanji Nam

      Poor cat.

    20. Tactics Master

      Dear Ryan, can you do a how to be regina from skitzo?

    21. Carla

      Hey Ryan! I know I'm just one of the crowd here that subscribes to your channel but I hope others would read my comment about this video of yours. I wasn't able to finish this video back then but now that I just finished it, it honestly pained me. Especially at the part where you mentioned 'not being happy even after reaching what I've been striving for'. I felt again the feeling of being lost. Since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a teacher but now that I'm a year away stepping in college, I don't feel like taking the path I thought I'd be happy back then for some reason and now I don't know what path to take. I don't know where I'll be truly happy. This video didn't exactly helped me finally decide what course to take soon, but rather this made me realize that my failures and upcoming ones on taking the path society (or my family rather) tells me to take soon, all's for a reason and I'll be able to find the game that will suit me best. You're the best, Ryan! Thank you! Love lots from the Philippines!

    22. Tactics Master

      Dear Ryan can you do a how to be Regina? Plz like if you guys want to watch this too!

    23. Cookieartsy

      Goodness this is super inspirational and I'm legit crying. It's direct and realistic. Imma save this.

    24. Ian Flores

      Dear Ryan Please feature blackpink in your next videoo

    25. Julian Navanathan

      Prob the most amazing grad speech I’ve ever heard, seriously

    26. Eric Auditore

      The most creative GR-newsr XD

    27. TheMag2115

      That was actually kind of inspirational and it was helpful to me

    28. GramCrackaG

      "I hope you never find your game bitchh"

    29. Ethan

      This comment won’t ever reach 2,000 likes.

    30. Miriam  tharakan

      I actually liked the speech it's good ❤️

    31. GramCrackaG

      That gave me the chills. You do everything to either be more happy or less unhappy. That is what I've been saying for a long time, I didn't hear anyone else besides myself say it until now. That's awesomeeee!!

    32. Kenny Phan

      Some of us have nuts and some don't

    33. Alexandra Ramos

      Oh damn, that speech was awesome!

    34. ruchit lajo

      This confirms that peter parker is the real deal and the rest are clones.

    35. LiveGutta

      I want the lyrics to your speech, so inspirational u da best man!

    36. Maria Vera

      happiness doesn't just come when you feel like it. it happens when you accept your self wheerev you go happiness Is within

    37. KnicNoc


    38. louiela monleon

      thank you ryan. i need this kind of words even though i already graduated.

    39. Ahmed Afzal

    40. White Emerald_

      You know you made it when other high schools and colleges that you didn't go to wants you to make a speech. haha. xd

    41. Frarkplayzhehe YT

      At the speech a dude is like is that a new phone and the other dude is like iPhone 4 not even the out yet but oh well then we Ryan’s phone got locked he pulled out an iPhone X

    42. Taylor mana12345

      Wow ryan, you made a really good point using the the video game example.

    43. Tonah Yrneh

      The ending of the speech when ryan got mad was most rememberal

    44. Tonah Yrneh

      Technically u do know whats in a box of chocolates the ones that has the lables on tem

    45. Ricy 40

      I actually would be satisified and inspired if that speach was given to me for my graduation

    46. Tam Dudley

      😅 this is such a good video

    47. Joshua Claud

      why would people dislike this video? c'mon guys.

    48. princess of sarcasm

      You are just absolutely amazing Ryan.

    49. iamgvantsa

      And this is exactly why I've been subscribed to Ryan since the beginning for so many years till this day! what an icon

    50. Niharika Patil

      The graduation speech was unexpectedly inspiring😍😍😍😍