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YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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    everything was fake i knew it you'lll never truly know someone in this life we live its cool though yeah that too be prepared to die karma never missed nobody ha ha if you reading hello goodbye

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    1. Antoinette McLaurin

      #1 on trending 🔥🔥🔥

    2. Myah The Beast

      HERE BEFORE 1,000,000 VIEWS!!!!

    3. Vincent Glemaud

      This is why peaple fuck with him.(Only say truth shitt)‼️‼️

    4. Onyegiani Underwood bouta cry😖😭 is it too late for u to swtich sorry bout all the pain u goin threw tht we as fans dont see

    5. Devonn Hunter

      Late night riding music🔥

    6. rony vlogs !

      Who ever at GR-news must be a young boy fan cause number on trending back to back🔥🔥🔥

    7. Kingfortney01 Jr

      Mane young boy don’t kill yo self bro you got kids now they need a farther they need you they look up to you youngboy come on bro everybody love you yo fans yo kids and a lot more mane yo music is great everybody love it and feel you bro

    8. Degal Wilson

      2020 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    9. Jxswager 21

      I didn't know you tube liked young boy that much

    10. SOPH ASF


    11. Obsely

      1 on trending🐍

    12. steven valenzuela

    13. whxwantsm0ke 38

      I know how it feel to want to die but cant kill your self you gotta let everything go and everybody if its necessary or you gone self destruct

    14. David Campbell

      this shit brought tears to me man. don't leave this fucked up ass earth Kentrell

    15. Tramaine Terrance

      Hello, Humans. A ground made of jello, allows you to get full off of sugar. The sugar will allow you to fly to the tallest building. Once on top of said building, you will grow wings and your skin will turn red. You are now the color of the jello you consumed. TERRANCE OUT

    16. Daniel San Beats

      NBA YOUNG🏀🔥🤾

    17. Ludwig van hofer

      jesus how can people listen to this shit

    18. No Love



      First XXXTENTACION now this this can't happen again idk what imma do😓

    20. Meleny Ballesteros

      I am a big fan and I love you and your songs

    21. Tatyana Newby

      Thus 1000

    22. Knee Grows

      Isnt this guy like 18 with like 10 kids

    23. Tim Jim

      People like this?

    24. Mar Mar

      Yb fans like and comment let Yb know that he should never feel like he has to do anything by himself and that we always here for him😩

    25. Renny Alexandre

      *NBA YoungBoy is a great artist!🔥*

    26. Marlowe Mags

      Anyone thinks he kinda sound like Akon? Just me? Okay.

    27. Thomas Lloyd

      Hmu pimp 5055958720

    28. King T

      NBA Youngboy is my favorite rapper and to see that he wants to kill himself is sad US as fans and supporters should try and stop him at least stop him and he has kids too him kids wont be able to grow up with him and they need a real father and not someone who is not they father NBA Youngboy should not kill himself every since he said he was nobody seemed to care about it and no one is trying to stop him

    29. Everett Hoffhines

      This sucks too much autotune, who the fuck wants to hear you rap about killing yourself

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    31. dreamofdealers

      Trending #1 !

    32. Ovo__ Anthony


    33. MixGod2k

      Pray for youngboy it's clear he going through sum

    34. MoncadaYT

      Agosto 👇

    35. Miracle Walsh

      #1 On Trending💛❤️🔥

    36. Kierra Copeland

      He keep a pistal on the side

    37. victor baker

      Number 1 on trending yes!!!

    38. Pag-ibig Dalisay


    39. Angelo R

      #1 on trending

    40. Rasheed Richardson

      lalala non sense i hate this

    41. kevin lopez


    42. yaseen alam

      this idiot has a tattoo of Allah lmfao so disrespectful

    43. Awsome4649

      Here comes the racist people

    44. j roccavelli

      My favorite rapper. 🔥🔥🙏🙏💯

    45. Samip Sharma

      #1 trending 🔥💯

    46. keir pettigrew

      Bruh the description tho 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    47. Flexgang Bj

      #1 on trending

    48. Guadalupe Gonzalez