Netta ('Toy' Israel) wins Eurovision after dramatic public vote! - Eurovision Song Contest 2018



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    Watch the Eurovision Song Contest on the BBC. See the moment Netta (#Israel) was crowned winner of the Eurovision Grand Final 2018 with 'Toy', written by Doron Medalie, Stav Beger.
    Graham Norton introduces live coverage of the #Eurovision Song Contest from Lisbon, Portugal.
    Eurovision Song Contest 2018 | Grand Final | BBC One

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    1. Zachary Alexander

      I'll always support Alexander

    2. IvigamerxD

      The chicken of Israel win Eurovisión

    3. Callum Balodis

      Its such a cool song, great performance, well up beat, she did deserve to win. Thanks for your difference, change and unusual you Netta! x

    4. ReflexSpain

      Esto tiene toda la pinta de que Eurovisión ha sido amañado, en ninguna mente sana cuadra que esto haya ganado el festival y haya sido mejor que los demás participantes

    5. Денис Лодочников

      Чушка ебаная

    6. Flávio Rosa


    7. Lang lebe Deutschland Hallo :3


    8. Olga Bandura

      Привіт Украино

    9. joseph breaux

      Europes biggest music contest . not the world

    10. Laia Alvarez Lopez


    11. The Musicophile

      wow. im shook

    12. Joseph Carlisle

      I like this. I know I'm American and my opinion doesn't matter. But this is interesting, nice on the ears, and it's memorable. Better than some music these days. Just because something is different or new or weird doesn't mean it's bad.

    13. TheNraveles

      Nettas song wasn't really the best :/ I'm.surprised she won

    14. Лаларсу Лалартович

      ебатььььь. мои глаза..... что за фак?

    15. Julia Patyk

      Love this 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    16. oti theleis 1

      I hate bebe song "toy" and Israel. Israel iant in Europe and Azerbaijan in Asia no in Europe

    17. Goran Glusica

      Chicken won

    18. Ilai Skir

      יש כאן יותר דיסלייקים מלייקים

    19. THE WIZz

      Ugly and fat

    20. THE WIZz

      So ugly

    21. Ирина Гайдукова

      Нетта спасибо за подарок который ты нам всем израильтянам подарила на 70летие нашего Израиля.Спасибо тебе наша девочка.Счастья издоровья тебе наша умница

    22. TheProBeastGamer 3:

      can arabs stop puting unlikes, that is just stupid

    23. justin john

      Next time Jerusalem you bloody evil pigs. Oink, oink,oink.

    24. Jewish Power

      Wonder NETTA dont you ever forget - You are the WINNER and he can kiss your feet !

    25. Rap Mixes

      Fatass hoe

    26. mmm Mar

      Es transexual?

    27. Mega Panos 7

      Πειρε το γραγειο μια χλαπατσα

    28. gigi αδαμοπουλος



      Нетта такая милая девушка)))

    30. julie karlsen

      to denmark godt gået med vikege sang den var vikelig god

    31. Blach Blachu


    32. Flora Falrin


    33. Talk Runs

      I don't see any interest to watch Eurovision anymore. Stupid vote decisions!!! What talent they've found in this feminist chicken?

    34. Katarzynamaria Muszynska

      Weird song I dont get it I wish estonia win

    35. kris kis

      Ну вот почему американцы даже платья носят с разрезом,извиняюсь слишком глубоким,и еще нас обвеняют,что мы вечно штукатуримся?!!!

    36. אריאל פרץ

      מהממת שלי

    37. Oscar Sky

      Only one word PIG 🐷

    38. lana 237


    39. ivancito 204

      eleni foureira ganara el año que biene eleni foureira is going to won the next time

    40. ivancito 204

      for me the winner has to be cyprus eleni foureira is the best eleni foureira tendria que haber ganado ella se lo merecia pero netta tendria que estar en segunda posicion netta has to be on the second position

    41. Δημητρης Μαγουλιανιτης

      netta fack you

    42. Claudio Cafaro

      Netta ❤❤❤

    43. אלכנר השטוקית

      I see all the mean comments, probably you changed your mind because most of the comments are hate and she won because of your votes , and she deserved winning, give a little respect for a human being😡

    44. אלכנר השטוקית

      Go netttaa

    45. 0081JAPAN

      Reading through comments, the world must have some very musical chicken if that’s what the winner sounded like to you... But uh, how’s Australia and Israel even part of this? Anyhow, very catchy, and I love that she has all that golden maneki neko in the back :D

      1. yulee shalev

        Every country who is a member in the EBU can compete, not only european countries (also, not all the european countries are allowed for the same reason)

    46. Giouras Teloo


    47. Evelyn Villasenor

      I love that song I know the lyrics and a dance to it

    48. Oğuzcan Kasap

      Bunlar hep amerikanın oyunları tipini siktiğim nasıl kazandı

    49. Emily 0031

      Her reaction is so cute😂

    50. Lucas Alvarez

      OMG sweeden 😣🙁