Netta ('Toy' Israel) wins Eurovision after dramatic public vote! - Eurovision Song Contest 2018



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    Watch the Eurovision Song Contest on the BBC. See the moment Netta (#Israel) was crowned winner of the Eurovision Grand Final 2018 with 'Toy', written by Doron Medalie, Stav Beger.
    Graham Norton introduces live coverage of the #Eurovision Song Contest from Lisbon, Portugal.
    Eurovision Song Contest 2018 | Grand Final | BBC One

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    1. ALLT Och lite till


    2. Annie Martin

      Loved her song

    3. AngelPlays MSP

      My favourite was CZECH! Greetings from cyprus

    4. Оксана Куприйчук

      Они так радовались,что она победила,что прямо вместе с ними захотелось попрыгать !!!!!С победой!

    5. Booker Lam


    6. John Mcdonnell

      Surprise surprise. When will people wake up to this political bullshit?

    7. Simply the best


    8. Starz Izo

      Austria Wins

    9. TheAngelPlays

      Screw israel

    10. sagi playz

      #5 trends in israel

    11. itay boker


    12. Mrs petite

      isreal is not in europe!!! israel is not a country! terrorists

    13. Nicat Sadiqzade


    14. Artem Black

      Она только орать умеет

    15. Artem Black

      Эта нэта вопще не умеет петь

    16. jose adelino domigos  leocadio


    17. Talking Donkey

      Big love from the USA. Netta won the hell out of this and I could not be happier. LONG LIVE ISRAEL!

    18. Lital Sharon

      Netta you are amazing! As you said you brought something different

    19. Fanático Games

      Austria !!!! I PORTUGUESE

    20. ItzAtomic


    21. E4T


    22. Sasha-Valya Tsetsarsky

      Good job neta LOVE YOU 😘

    23. WolfsEye HD

      burn it before it lays egs

    24. scruffyEA

      American here....since when was Israel apart of Europe? I watched this live with one of my friends in the Netherlands and I'm confused af

    25. Melisa Cerepi

      Te lumte Izrael ajo kenga ime e preferuar 😄😄😍😍

    26. king cee

      terrorist irael

    27. Melo Mikado


    28. Mud Yuppy

      The snowflake zombie show..

    29. aggeliki stavrou

      I don’t like the winner is very diva 😕😕😕😕

    30. miroo banger


    31. harry od

      Shes a walking heart attack!

    32. Kenny McCormick

      Why wasn’t I born 100 years ago

    33. pesavva s

      57k dislikes?? Lol😂😂😂😂

    34. spirosky 2

      shit song

    35. Mauri Mela

      Israel support diversity everywhere else except on their stolen 'homeland' Hypocritical kikes

    36. Łukasz Święs

      Co to kurwa jest?!

    37. TheJaeckel

      uoy kcuf

    38. Zahav Shel

      Probably you like this song or .......not ....? Probably you like netta .....or not.......? Probably you like israel.......or not......? A stunning fact is: it is the most successful song in the eurovision ever......48k .

    39. A B

      OMG this song is shit...

    40. Geertje van Duinen

      Its not fair because Israel is not EUROVISIE

    41. Eliu Misael Pascual Tapia

      at 8:25 the performer from Austria seems to want to congratulate the israelian staff but the guy with red jacket shoo him away, it looked rude!!

    42. Orcan 37

      Trash!!! World elites feed this shit to ordinary people! Eat! How could a normal person vote for that?

    43. Soaphy

      She deserved it!

    44. diego muñoz

      austria championsssssssss!!!!

    45. devworlddaily

      I thought you actually had to be part of the EU to be able to take part

    46. Boba Fett

      Holy shit that song was shit. Israel is such an evil and twisted country and they can't even make music that doesn't make my spine freeze from cringe.

    47. *KAZOOS* *JIMINLY*


    48. M1N3RVA l

      Cyprus deserved this smh🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😑😑😑

    49. Charlotte.D.Katakuri

      Where is Hitler when you need him LMAO

    50. kazan188

      At last a wife for Kung Fu Panda...