Netta ('Toy' Israel) wins Eurovision after dramatic public vote! - Eurovision Song Contest 2018



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    Watch the Eurovision Song Contest on the BBC. See the moment Netta (#Israel) was crowned winner of the Eurovision Grand Final 2018 with 'Toy', written by Doron Medalie, Stav Beger.
    Graham Norton introduces live coverage of the #Eurovision Song Contest from Lisbon, Portugal.
    Eurovision Song Contest 2018 | Grand Final | BBC One

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    1. James Keeney

      9 to Australia !!!! 23 to Slovenia and Finland and 21 to Sweden this is shocking

    2. James Keeney

      Cyprus should have won

    3. boneless

      wtf is eurovision someone explain

    4. vintason

      Shit song for stupid masses...

    5. vintason

      Shitty stupid song

    6. milo93escorpio

      Fuck Israel!

    7. Basser

      Italy should’ve won. TRY TO TELL ME OTHERWISE.

    8. No More

      And a fat chicken winned👍

      1. miri amichai

        No More so what if she fat???? God. People are so rude today. Can’t respect others people.

    9. No More


    10. Alex

      10 POINTS TO GRI- oh wait

    11. Jim Von Schmittou


    12. Shay

      I love Europe And Israel 🇮🇱 ❤️🇮🇱❤️🇺🇸❤️🇵🇸❤️🇵🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇮🇱

    13. El Sarcastico ck


    14. menoikos soteriou

      Stupid chicken I hate you !!!! 12 points go to fuego

      1. miri amichai

        menoikos soteriou Israel Won. Get over.

    15. Артур Натаев

      F*kin politic show. Bull shit

      1. miri amichai

        Артур Натаев why politics ?

    16. Heretic Hunter

      And more heretics

    17. Heretic Hunter

      Chicken girl

    18. Cirinth

      As an American, get the wannabe fatass iggy azalea off stage and give the trophy to Estonia, wtf it’s not even a contest. What are you people smoking over there?

    19. Luca Smn


    20. MR. Trollstar

      Israel Won!

    21. Brittney Hernandez

      Love to you Netta! You are a queen & so talented!! Keep shining. Love to Israel from the US ❤️

      1. lisa blackpink

        Sweet 💋

    22. 1mSeraph

      Never watching that shit again. SJWs better dance on its grave as long as they can.

    23. John Bagley

      Absolutely Rubbish .from Israel...The Non European Country....

      1. John Bagley

        +miri amichai I am British .my language is English.Great Britain Fought for a free Jewish state..1946....No not Russian...I never mentioned Russia... Romania East European....long time Poland Ruled by Russian Empire... Israel..Um. Just saying that Israel Doesn't belong in Europe...There's lots of Countries that at one time the USSR. Controlled.. Georgia example they Don't belong in Europe Azerbaijan another one. As Israel takes part in our Sports program. ..It's down to Political. Affairs. And that Israel hasn't any friends Except The USA....I didn't like the Er Song. Eurovision supposed to be fun ...But this Er Song was totally Crap... Europe is going through an Invasion of So called refugees... Muslim's who don't like the way we live in the West...So with Israel winning it's taken pressure of European countries. ....Look back in History The Jews have been kicked out of Every Country in Europe at one stage not another I don't agree with there Treatment of The People of Gaza...God's chosen people ..Stay in middle East...get on with your Neighbours..... Romania. Yes we have lots Romanian Gypsies here Trouble makers .Robbers Beggers. .....and Polish too ...But they the free Poles Fought. With the British.Where as Romania sided with Nazis.... Wonderful King Michael of Romania deposed....Right here ends History lesson....But then again all Political affairs should be kept out of Eurovision...Ok Miri.... Hope u understand. Night night...

      2. miri amichai

        John Bagley are you Russian?? Half of Russia areas are not belonging to the Europe. So I’m more European than you. My family came to Israel from Romania and Poland. Full European countries!!

      3. miri amichai

        John Bagley if Israel got money. We should won with golden boy or Hasheket Shenishar or Milim. Again Israel was the favorite to win since the beginning. Also the OGEA .the official fans clubs of the Eurovision choose Netta to be the winner. so stop with your stupid just another hatful. I studied with European students in France. And a lot of them said that they voted Israel . So get over. BTW as an Israeli citizen my family came from Romania and Poland. And also half of the Israeli citizens came from Europe.

      4. John Bagley

        Absolutely Crap Noise... Israel entry..But supposed they Won Cus they Got Money...Give Europe a rest. feeding and housing all the Migrants...Er Refugees. ...

      5. John Bagley

        Well Miri ..They Belong in Middle East ...I know that they belong To a certain groups Because they have no one to compete with..Their Neighbours don't want to involve them....I Know they involved in Sports ... European Games. Don't call me Names... ..not s Dump / Shit..Not aFucking Jew ...either....Just saying they don't belong In Europe.........

    24. kolo kolos

      die Chicken regieren die Welt

    25. Ioanna The Greek

      Literally the worst and stupidest song ive ever heard

      1. miri amichai

        Ioanna The Greek the best. And Eleni is fake Beyoncé

    26. Archie Kvothe

      Are people upset because she's fat?

    27. Kristo Mehmetaj

      Per me doveva vincere italia

    28. all bueno

      Whoa, hate to see the losers yikes Europeans be crazy

    29. Darma_257

      I am not. Your toy.. Not your toy.... You stupid boy... Stupid Boy...

    30. lucario furry's

      Netta te queremos!!! ❤

    31. OsirisHawk playz

      15:02 Did she swear? Well now its time to delete my watch history

    32. Максим Гарогунов

      Какая Милая Свинка

    33. lordd shqipe

      Please rise Adolf .. I miss you

      1. miri amichai

        lordd shqipe so join to the hell with him..

    34. KittyLover 749

      tbh, i love the music video better. im not saying that shes bad singing live its just it feels weird since it doesnt sound the same

    35. yunusemre728

      אלוהים 🇹🇷🇯🇴

      1. miri amichai

        yunusemre728 both terrorists countries.. 🖕🏿🖕🏿

      2. lisa blackpink

        אתה ערבי?????? 🤔 🤔 🤔


      Jesus is proud hes country won

    37. eva_ mermer_

      My class hates this song...honestly I'm obssesed with it

    38. Aysun P

      Lol the guy speaker is hilarous

    39. Nasr T2

      Да засколко лет на евро видение Израиля никакда невыграл вот ано пабеда малацы я рад завс Израиля.

    40. isa güler

      cyprus had a better performance like joke ... I love cyprus ,

      1. miri amichai

        sharonstonts 🤣🤣 truth... nothing special.. Cyprus remind me Greece 2005 ...

      2. sharonstonts

        +miri amichai you call all that hair tossing dance? Cyprus was mediocre.

      3. miri amichai

        isa güler Cyprus only can dance.

    41. Brasilia Medinat

      Love love Netta

    42. test com

      - 100 from ...... Greece! Sorry but the song is stupit !!!!!!!

      1. miri amichai

        test com This song actually has a meaning. Not like the sex lyrics in. Foego

      2. miri amichai

        test com another sad Greek that Eleni didn’t won? Get over.

    43. Magnus Catelo

      1st time im going to disagree with the dislikes. i think shes a great artist.

    44. Menino Maria

      she is from a 1st world country, flooded with information, this fuckin whale should have at least said something about her hideous country and government, she is guilty of indifference not of being israeli

    45. табуретка Light

      Кто из России

    46. eat me bitch

      *why everybody salty? Just eat kfc, sit down and just move on, simple as that*



    48. Марк Данилов

      very ugly girl.

      1. miri amichai

        Марк Данилов so what ??? Who care if people are ugly or beautiful. You need get some respect for people.

    49. meKs45

      Why is Israel even in the ->EURO

      1. miri amichai

        meKs45 Israel is part of the EBU. We are taking part of every European competition

    50. caremell

      Graham ?