Never Celebrate Too Early Compilation 2018



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    Never Celebrate Too Early Compilation 2018
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    1. James-Erik Karlsson

      The one at 8:23 is antingen from a swedish christmas movie called Sunes Jul. It says blåbär on hes suit wich means blueberry…

    2. Max Angelo

      Best part 9:09 omg im crying

    3. 4ever 4orevr

      Remember do not celebrate too early 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

    4. Liam and the universe


    5. Christina Reynolds

      The music is Karakter by Sakura

    6. Thecoolgooze 132

      In the thumbnail who do you think celebrated too early

    7. Animation Vines


    8. Hacking All Games

      4:57 "Carla Cookie Monster Expoooooose Ha"

    9. PishoOfficalFear

      1:23 USE MILK

    10. HGaming

      Yg boxer kayak Jess no limit :v

    11. Mo ́

      What the song 7:06

    12. Killer Joe

      The cyclist ones just make me die cuz half of them they’re only leading by like half a foot and they’re gonna celebrate about 20 feet early it’s like you’re just begging to lose 😂

    13. zambanotto

      The last high jump was good

    14. 安倍晋三のYouTube


    15. Rachel Freeman

      Cyclists should honestly know better. More often then not it comes down to a fraction of an inch, especially in sprints

    16. Dennis Vasquez

      It’s not over till it’s over.

    17. Kvzue Edits

      It's actually quite frustrating to watch

    18. hkcestudents


    19. C Q

      Don't feel bad for any of these morons

    20. Vera Thompson

      LOL this is so sad to watch

    21. SigiS

      0:23 Oof, his ankle though.

    22. Kori Banks

      2:07 Omg!!! 😒😒 Drama king...

    23. TheJakiller

      0:42 Real life taunt to get bodied combo

    24. Boo-boo Lip

      That's what arrogance get you

    25. Ahmad Imam Suyanto

      3:12 legend

    26. Jiayin Huang

      8:10 is a rigged match just to let you know. The Chinese guy should have won.

    27. Angelo Carachuelo

      8:06 the right one won

    28. xResu

      I saw these clips 10 times 😑 All were in other vids...

    29. Hugo Perez

      I don't think saquel was faking why would he

    30. XxoriginalgamingxX

      This is why I never celebrate

    31. JamesTavRule

      0:23 He never celebrated early, he was over the line. Also the 1st place guy got 9 hours 15 minutes. This is at 13 hours 30 minutes, so a bit late.

    32. som capixaba

      Juraci se fudeu kkkkkkkk

    33. Nivanta

      6:46 when you get hit with the blue shell in Mario kart

    34. Meithilesh Ramautar

      They take the same videos again again and again. I bet Never Celebrate Too Early Compilation 2019 will have the same videos...

    35. John Gray

      Wait you can kick in volleyball????

    36. Mystical Watermelon

      Sit down, be humble

    37. ion・藍音

      8:20 I wonder what happened next?

    38. George Calibur

      Two on the price of one

    39. Ben10 Fishing

      So cyclists are douches basically?

    40. Habil ZAS

      just like a book,we are blessed or cursed - big smoke

    41. Hitesh Meena

      2:31 students of the year

    42. オフグラウンド西陸


    43. Noob Gaming

      10:03 wuz the best part U mad bro 😂😂

    44. Hugo Studio

      Idk why this makes me cringe so muchhh XD

    45. James Mendo

      Aaaaaaaaaaa...Wonder why they slow down and celebrate too early. Showing off near the end of a race doesn't end well, save that for when you cross the finish line. Embarrassing.

    46. 黒田官兵衛

      what a fool

    47. Viper Taz

      Thats why you will never emote in fortnite game

    48. Matahoo

      8:03 he actually still lost there due to blocking the other runner. So in the end the dude in second place won

    49. Real Swift Brothers

      Don’t press read more You have bad luck. Like to undo

    50. Jimmy Arteaga

      What you came for 10:02