Never Celebrate Too Early Compilation 2018



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    Never Celebrate Too Early Compilation 2018
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    1. Michael Santos

      2:43 when she home alone

    2. Fosty


    3. theuglyhairmonster2

      every single one of these deserved what happened to them

      1. Bass Pro37

        theuglyhairmonster2 you got that right

    4. Harsh Toke

      Best was 2:15 when the liberal lost to the other liberal.

    5. Dylon Gilbert

      Lmao 😂 this was funny and dumb of them to underestimate there opponents and those bike ones was painful the way how they fell oh you forgot about the football player that started to celebrate to early for the touch down.

    6. B U N G I E

      successful pokemon catch 9:09

    7. Alexa

      9:30 I feel bad for him even if he celebrated early :(

    8. Fesko

      У тебя украли видео русско язычные ютуберы.

    9. lowlize

      How do you call people who celebrate too early? Idiots.

    10. art delos santos

      1:04 is kicking legal?

    11. Nick M

      The one with the polevault junk getting wrapped around the guy's legs doesn't really belong here, but it's funny as hell.

    12. Ike Ezeanyika


    13. dsmyify

      Hubris goeth before the fall.

    14. Music Lover101

      That was legitness

    15. Harry Iglesias

      best example is not even on this video...Saladino Howe long jump

    16. khoruyi

      3:10 what happened? 3:45 u sure is 2018...?

    17. Dee _Tee88

      How is this complication in 2018. Some of the vid are not from 2018

    18. Rajeev Pradhan

      At the time of ending guitar music awsome name plz




      Ей пидры

    21. Alien Drone Services

      Motorcycle racers need to be automatically disqualified for popping wheelies.

    22. Alien Drone Services

      Bicycle racers need to be automatically disqualified for letting go of the handlebars.

    23. Anthony F Sapoznik

      What’s the music that starts at 7:03? Please can I have the name.

    24. steve FromEngland

      Great video, cocky bastards learning the hard way :)

    25. tino vous salue

      no 2018

    26. Tr Hoopsjacket

      1:04 she fuckin kicked it

    27. James Smith

      7:04 music?

    28. justafanintexas

      More brilliance from athletes at THE Ohio State?

    29. justafanintexas

      They fooled Shaq? Now, there's a challenge -NOT.

    30. tenacious645

      1:00 that kick was beautiful ❤️

    31. Dan Akire

      Boastfull people

    32. omnicowdemon

      People can be such cocky bastards.

    33. john paul mendoza


    34. john paul mendoza


    35. Luiz Philipe

      6:31 VAAIII BRASSSIIIILLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SE LOKO MULEKK!! ahhaahahahahaaha

    36. James White


    37. NaturalGangster

      8:11 I felt so bad for him

    38. Solid Stake

      I feel bad for the last guy. LOL he deserve his win.

    39. Jyreh Melanio

      Don t count the chicken if the egg is not hatch broken hahaa lol

    40. ChalupaTroopa01 AkaMemeDaddy

      Pride goes before the fall

    41. naggedd

      didn't know jeremy lin was a professional boxer

    42. Black Ninja

      Don't Be cocky in life or this will happen to you

    43. Christian Zulueta

      Ooohhh He needs some milk!

    44. DSR GAMING

      1.05 does not count because the girl on the right cheated and kicked it and kicked it on the other teams side

    45. UserUnkown

      Thumbnail at 8:10

    46. Charlie Weatherley

      In that one where the girl was about to win that was no way her fault the girl behind her pushed her in the fans

    47. Jonny cuntner

      or a paper in your English class that you have to get an A on.

    48. Erik Wassong

      premature celebration

    49. Mike Barnes

      The Ohio State defeat was the best lol

    50. john tran

      Too bad this doesnt happen very often. Wish every idiot cocky bastard have this same karma