News media calls me out for lying.. (confession)



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    1. 1-908-1295E

      change the title to "sponsored by PewDiePie" then they'll reach to you asking if you are sponsoring yourself

    2. Clarence Trajano

      I'm just glad that at least Nutaku knows who Pewdiepie really is.

    3. toorf


    4. Enrico Pacito

      #43 on trending....

    5. Nexzro

      8 in trending in Sweden


      start playing minecraft again

    7. ChrisThe Person

      when ya get 65 mil? last time i checked it was 51 mil.

    8. Bob Billy

      There a new walking dead game please play

    9. Alina Aster

      Что такое шак донольдс?

    10. Mighty Habib

      This is,what happens whwn you birth "beta children" lmfao

    11. Henrik Hairapetian

      Pewdiepie be playing youtube god over the other youtubers and media think about it everytime something big happens this guy is either commenting or involved He Is God

    12. Roker

      please change the title of that video to "SPONSORED BY DIGIDAY"

    13. Sai Lapa

      Pew nudes

    14. Jade Scarleth

      That 64 changed to a 65

    15. TheMusicGuy ThatSucks

      Video on trending

    16. Omega Deez

      This comment was sponsored by Tanacon 🔥

    17. Master Beef

      Dacia is pronounced "dachia"... I think

    18. Paul Pretorius

      Change it to sponsored by Digiday... honestly.... hahaha

    19. Henry Lohmus

      it's a JOKE! fkers

    20. I’mGinger


    21. mehmet çalışkan


    22. Alexandra Fields

      Would 10/10 be funny if you changed it to sponsored by Wall Street Journal

    23. Janice1993


    24. ShackATack94

      This video is sponsored by the wall street journal.

    25. Jonas Ahrentorp

      I love that there was a Volvo ad directly after thos video! Well played!

    26. Jonas Ahrentorp

      Change the title to "SPONSORED BY DIGIDAY".

    27. Ben Kuro

      How fuckung dense...

    28. Radelaid

      #5 on trending say what?

    29. p̶r̴e̶t̷e̴n̶t̸i̸o̵n̶

      Omg it wasnt sponsored by Volvo I was lied too, can we copy strike pewdiepie?

    30. SyrianGirlpartisan

      Tibia, i didnt think anyone remembered Tibia.

    31. Tessa Olson

      And this is why people are ignorant

    32. EyeGo Channel

      meme creey

    33. Gamer Subho

      1.subscribe and like 2.reply (done) in comment. 3.get back subs & like😊😊😊

    34. Ais

      Media is milking out of Pewds 😒

    35. rezi

      Please like this comment I want to feel special or else GO COMMIT DIES

    36. Shadow Killer


    37. Shadow Killer

      i couldn't get my parents to get me a half decent gaming laptop for christmas because we're "a mac family". my parents dont get that 1. "apple tax" or "mac Tax" is a thing and they paid $1000 for a 2013 mac book air in 2014 and 2. YOU CAN GET A BETTER LAPTOP FOR $500


      Please try rainbow six Siege

    39. YouGetNo Succ

      i watch ads to the end cuz that makes pewds money and why not :-)

    40. ExEbba

      just dont review the media about you anymore, its obvious they just going for clicks.

    41. canal slash

      Português please😭😭

    42. Mark Niel Nono


    43. Nobles


    44. Aaron Wilson

      I think what the article said makes sense but I don't think you would be able to come up with an idea like that on your own so it probably was a coincidence. If I had a few thousand dollars laying around I would sponsor you to see if you would start making some actual quality content.

    45. oO VioLindsey Oo

      *whispers “I’ve never played fortnite...” And Never Will.

    46. YOLOMate_99

      yur gay lol

    47. Dylan Clark

      Change the title to SPONSORED BY DIGIDAY lmao 😂

    48. MileHighBacon


    49. JustJay

      Change the video to “sponsored by digiday”