Nick Jonas, Robin Schulz - Right Now



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    Music video by Nick Jonas, Robin Schulz performing Right Now. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Ameya shrivastava


    2. hai__ konzert


    3. MegaPlay

      Ти си шуткааа.

    4. Julia Braune

      I love you ,ich mein das lied

    5. vk techs

      I am totally fell in love with this song. I want video for this song. This is so osm. Nice singing 💓💕💕

    6. 三菱 クノヒ カジカワ

      that was really shocking that *NICK* was engaged to *PRIYANKA*....*congrats* *LOT'S OF LOVE FROM JAPAN*

    7. Климент Богданов


    8. Fearrian Sullivan

      love this song i cant stop replaying this so good and i love it😚😙😗😍😶😎😅😚😙😗😘😍💋👄💖💗💞💝🖤💛💌💟💘💓💓💗💖💕💔💓❤💘💙💚💛💜🖤🖤💝💞💌❣💟

    9. suhana safar

      l'll be happy if u change making these type of lyrics🙋🙏🙇

    10. ashish rao

      It is now gonna be Nick vs T-series

    11. Asha Salian


    12. lalremtluangi vanchhawng


    13. Abhiram Bhat

      How much of the Indians came here Cox of nick's marriage to priyanka And how much of the Indians know him before their dating started ?

    14. Karrina Darling

      Congrats to Nick Jonas and I love this song

    15. Chandrashekhar Swami

      How catchy wishes nick for your transforming in great artist in world

    16. Kasia K

      I am obsessed with that song love it! Congratulations to Nick and Priyanka! 😍

    17. Kasia K


    18. Jason Dee

      this sounds like Joywave - tongue

    19. Vannur gvs

      Are anyone true fans of Jonas from India?

    20. Lilly Conyay


    21. cloudzinmyize

      I didn't know Pryananka is 10 year's older than Nick, May - December romance. Love it.

    22. Ekta Sapkota


    23. Sangita Udayakumar

      Hiiii jiiijuuu

    24. Srijana Srijana


    25. Sanjay 407

      This must be for Priyanka Chopra

    26. Seenu chourasia

      Ultimate song 😘😘 🔥🔥

    27. Marie-Sophie Reiß

      Mehr neue Songs Robin Schulz ! 🥰😍

    28. ashok thakur

      Listen this at 1.25×

    29. Naeilah An-najah

      Im fan of him n also priyanka chopra,but still i m not agree he with her T_T.. #malaysian

    30. veerpal kaur


    31. bishal chetry

      Love you nick Jones

    32. Shailesh Chaudhary

      awesome song hear this song so I m Ur fan..........I like Ur songs

    33. Shivam Sinha

      Kya mast gaate ho jija ji😍😍

    34. I. U Mahmud


    35. Gangaram Ghimire


    36. ameya athavale

      Please don't leave peecee ever

    37. vic ab

      I feel better.

    38. Poonam Singh

      Wahh beta gjb

    39. Luy


    40. Walter White

      Not a fan of pop but this guy sings freaking good. And to no surprise pc brought me here. I'm going to glimpse their marriage also in Jodhpur tomorrow.

    41. mastervideogames34

      robin schulz best dj ever

    42. Anas Riyahi


    43. Philip Krauß

      The Best Song of 2018😍

    44. Fatima Martinez

      I keep on seeing the word Jiju and am wondering if someone could tell me what that means exactly ??

      1. Kripal Mishra

        Your sister's husband is what we call as Jiju

    45. Elanur Elanuur Devrim

      Lovee this song♥ From India and Turkey ♥♥

    46. Bubble Star

      i am a fan of Nick since Jonas Brothers! I am proud & happy that Nick n Priyanka got engaged! I support them both n individually!

    47. d dimer

      love robin

    48. narayan pandey

      Nick jones fan from nepal

    49. Marcio Pedro

      Essa musica é muito top!

    50. Arun Chaudhary

      Priyanka chopara brings😂😂😂😆😆😆 us here we the Indians he is really lucky..