Nicki Minaj - “Bed” (feat. Ariana Grande)



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    The official music video for “Bed” by Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande. Download the song here:
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    1. mia haruo

      I loved how in the end she gave him a high five XD yaaaasss pete davidson all the waaaayyyy

    2. Zani Arkom

      is it me or did Arianna Grande get 5x hotter???

    3. Anthony Wenᝰ


    4. Jourriel

      The bubble pool part is missing 😩

    5. Im_Prii _Borgato

      Nice collaboration

    6. Demetrius Opus Burke


    7. Alleamy Love

      Wow, Nicki is such a slut

    8. Raven

      OBJ done made it.

    9. Khiem Luong

      Nicki Is an amazing Sfat Itits N G E R

    10. Lhea Park

      1:44 nicki is just so smokin hot 🔥🔥

    11. Mosima Kgomo

      Love it 👫👫👫

    12. Anna S

      I love this and I watch it on repeat ♥️♥️💕💕

    13. Shirley Campbell

      mom: WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THIS me: it had a mermaid on it

    14. Jennifer Porte

      Whos the guy Ari high fives?

    15. Kookie In TaeTae

      This song make me wanna curl in my bed and sleep my whole life

    16. Simply Shaye

      Nickii needa do what K Michelle did because no but i still like her

    17. Brown Magic

      What is the lip gloss niki wearing?

    18. Quan Li

      Got a GR-news channel with y’all name on it

    19. Quan Li

      Subscribe to my channel!!

    20. Candy Lev

      i wanted to see much more of Ariana...

    21. Anthony swoop

      The song is ok. The video is DOPE! U know what I'm talkn bout fella's, lol. Couple Bad B's in lingerie!

    22. Stark333


    23. Audrey's Quality

      Their collabs are always amazing !

    24. Grace Troutt

      ily so much

    25. Melodie Minaj

      my baby is a mermaid 😍

    26. Candice Stephenson

      I wonder if these two realize how many girls have gotten their asses beat for listening to/dancing to their music lmao

    27. Scarede ncrew

      I love🇵🇦🔥🔥.

    28. Summer Schandoney

      Kinda sounds like something from 2013. pretty disappointed

    29. Dream Song

      It’s not the lil mermaid anymore

    30. Kossy k

      I came for Odell and Brad Wing 😂

    31. jaqlynne hernandez

      Ari wasnt even in it really

    32. Alex Win

      Shoulda let ari just body the chorus but 🔥🔥

    33. Caique Olivers


    34. GJON REZAJ

      Literally, Nicki is out here doing the MOST while Ariana over here mad chill still in the same spot the entire vid XDXD

    35. Fun Slime With Miguel

      Oh yea

    36. Marycleia GABRiELE

      Como sempre um arraso!

    37. Line ·

      *Can someone tell, the site to download the latest western songs and also popular. A very fast site update (upload new songs released).*

    38. A Person

      The lyrics in this song are...not good. The beat is old nicki but the verses are not old nicki... :/

    39. Helio Loy



      This song isn’t good ... has no message it’s just simple .

      1. Ana Getten

        Still love it!

    41. ProvingPuppy 955

      Is that Odell Beckham jr

    42. AutumnRose Fofana

      I see the aliyah vibes

    43. xskaii Funplay


    44. Bubblie Mint

      How come she has more views than subscribers? Wow

    45. FAFA ARMY

      Guys be kind and go check this coverβίντεο-RnvUI7w9cYA.html

    46. Sarah Vlogs

      You da best rapper ever

    47. Nakole Jones

      Cute song

    48. Mbali Mthembu

      It's nice to see Nicki do what she do best

    49. Mike Saleh

      She way better than cardi bars wise

    50. xiaoyun liu

      whats up w Lyft hahah