Nicki Minaj - Bed ft. Ariana Grande



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    Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Bed. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records

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    1. Aaron McPherson

      One time, press rewind Tryna come up off Nicki name, press decline So much power in the mind, yes divine Take your change, you’ll never be next in line

    2. wendy lopez

      no me gusta para nada este video y la canciòn deberian cantar algo a la tierra oal agua o algo por el estilo

    3. Martin Vagner

      Niciki minaj a Ariana grande hustej klip ta vam to slusi pevka

    4. Fernando Neri . J


    5. Fernando Neri . J

      My baby

    6. Fernando Neri . J

      I want to have sex with her

    7. Husky Wolfy Aj

      This song is so underrated oml

    8. Simplycarlos


    9. Jaciane Mayara

      Nicki Minaj Brasil 😍😍😍😍 2019


      1:54 look at her tongue😝😘 I live in this

    11. Nano Shoot

      I fuck a pussy's nicki 😘

    12. ᄉ하하니

      I swear they collaborated a lot and I love it❤️

    13. ᄉ하하니

      I swear they collaborated a lot and I love it❤️

    14. ᄉ하하니

      I swear they collaborated a lot and I love it❤️

    15. criag

      TW// GRAPHIC/ ANIMAL ABUSE Its really concerning that no one is talking about the beached whale im the thumbnail

    16. isaiah nyangena

      this song is so much underrated...!!

    17. Miss Middle Split

      I really don’t get celebs these days THIS VIDEO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SONG!

    18. Gølden Røse

      U already know u the queen of rap 🤩🤩❤️

    19. Gølden Røse

      Ur collabs with Ari is always great

    20. Wamani Ivani

      I like this song ohhhh

    21. Chanel Brito

      I think Nikki Manaj and Arian Grande a best friends who agrees

    22. Amore Moore

      Fire 🔥

    23. P. T

      this is Instagram quality lol

    24. Theon Magloire

      Can I have a bed with my name on my name is theon magloire

    25. Sabrina Castillo

      Anyone else notice how this and Ring kinda start the same ?

    26. Aaron McPherson

      👑 STREAM #QUEEN 👌

    27. Jubie Yvette

      why are there more comments than tube wats up with Nicki

    28. blackflag 321

      Who wants to box with me . I challenge any 1 meet me at 218 pounds . Hit me up . This is a awesome song btw 💙

    29. winston dolloue


    30. Cheyanne Swift

      November && I’ve came back to watch this after a minute && this song is so soothing😩❤️ it deserves more views!!

    31. Unknown yeah

      love Cardi B and Nicki Minaj

    32. Azuolas ozinskas

      Sisters are back!!!

    33. Little Mix & Ariana Grande

      I think ariana once a day and it takes 24 hour

    34. Celestine  Yanney

      How many likes for: Nicki How many comments for: Ariana ❤️😘

    35. snowflakelove1616

      I'm tryna dance on em, blow my advance on em, I like him better when he got some sweat pants on him.....

    36. snowflakelove1616

      Hit an upside the head and then make it up to him...there I said it

    37. Sharmaine Matingo

      Wow she is the queen of rap for sho

    38. Pineapple Vlog

      Queen of rap and princess of pop do a collab together 💕✨

    39. John Jhon

      Whos here before 100 million?❤️

    40. John Jhon

      This song is so underrated🙄

    41. Lala Sinatra

      What’s up with Nicki rolling around on the floor in all her videos 🤣🤣

    42. juliusrhodes88

      #Smoke a loud blunt and kiss vibes🤔😍🤗😋😂😁😘😬😩😨😧🙊

    43. sireth paola

      I love this song 😍😍

    44. Ev. Goncalves


    45. Vincenzo Ciociano

      Ariana and Nicki is Baeutefull

    46. Ruth Exilasse Your Spritual Healer

      Did she say got cardi b on repeat

    47. Alice



      yupppp listen ma covers yuhuhuhhu


      ı made some covers, yuh

    50. Immaculate Mochoge