Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li



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    Chun-Li (Official Video)
    Song Available Here:
    Connect with Nicki
    Director: Steven Klein
    Production Company: Good Company Pictures, LLC
    Producers: Keith Brown & Stephen Holtzhauser
    Editor: Benjamin Rodriguez Jr.
    Director Of Photography: Janusz Kaminski
    Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Chun-Li. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records

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    2. gabdominates

      I heard people were helping us stream Fake Love to knock Post Malone down for the sake of POC so I'm here to support Chun Li. Good luck guys!

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      Raper queen

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    6. luyanda kubeka

      show off my diamonds like im signed by THE ROCK lol....dope

    7. Pinkalicious101

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    8. Aniyunwiyah Kituwah Tsalagi

      The video is 🔥🔥🔥

    9. alwaysluved. Nevaeh

      Why are you tryna be asain but, I sorta like it it's cool .You do you boo

    10. Cynthia Zarraga

      Ummm songs like this are y im a Cardi b fan

    11. One Two

      Plz follow me on ig @lalah.k 😘😘

    12. Karelli Gir

      ewww that's Horrible ...

    13. Aishah Ceesay

      Don't worry Nicki we still LOVE YOU you always going to be popping😍😍💗💗💗😊💝

      1. Mackeyjay Lozada

        Aishah Ceesay no age falling off the map

    14. Kailey tayvon lynden Two arcands and one lafleche

      Why would you wear something like that ew🙄

    15. Princess Zineb

      well they need rappers like you Nicki

      1. Mackeyjay Lozada

        Princess Zineb fuck no her shit dead af cardib is taking the fuck over

    16. Ian Farley

      remember everyone, cultural appropriation is ok if you're not white

    17. Nini Loṿe

      Hey yo King Kong :)) We Chinese being called CHINGCHANG OFFENDED?

    18. The Aud Life

      Is Nicki Minaj secretly asian, and I just didn't know? Not an insult I'm purely just wondering.

    19. mysweetenr tutorials

      ok i’m in love w this song

    20. ERICA R

      Keep streaming guys 🦄 #Queen

    21. Wombat HD

      I love it but it’s so goofy😂

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    23. jovaughn thompson

      This is trash

    24. Pretty keke

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    25. Pyrrhic Victory

      sorry japanese

    26. Pyrrhic Victory

      now she chinese lol

    27. Eunice Zhu

      I'm Chinese and I think this video is ignorant.

    28. Matthew Holda

      Didnt this just come out? how the FUCK does this have 40 MILLION VIEWS ALREADY DAMN

    29. Brian Pimentel

      So fucking dope

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    31. Nelson Arteaga

      #QUEEN👑 album #june15th


      I love Nicki's energy , she slams cardi

    33. Sarlia Yulina

      Nicki minaj 100%

    34. -Lucina-

      Setting kinda reminds me of Neo Tokyo, Bladerunner. (1982)

    35. Hungry

      Yes masta

    36. juice duece

      AHHHH, NO.

    37. Will Ifeanyi

      And she got thick and everyone seems ok with it ,Queen shit 😂

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    40. Blurry Face


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    43. hyukjae's waifu jai

      loving the chinese subs

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      Cardi b needs to stfu :)

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      How’d they do the coloured outline of Nicki cos she looked practical in those shots