No one understands this movie... and why



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    ok, starship troopers movie and film breakdown
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    1. 0agneska0

      Idk how I missed that video. Quality content, thanks Pewds 👏👏👏

    2. MrNotebookguy

      I didn't realize I was watching PewDiePie Oh god my eyes my eyes!!!!

    3. jonis jebisow

      no tanks, no armour, no air support, no tactics was all wrong with this movies. felix should be in ign, rotten tomatoes,imdb or ny critics group . guy is a good critcs reviewr of all.

    4. PuNked

      Newsperon: starship troopers is meant to be a joke! Online news people: Kowalski, analysis!

    5. Anjellike1

      This was surprisingly deep!

    6. Confusedcius

      clicked on interesting vid, familiar voice, scrolls down- oh, its pewdiepie!

    7. JentezenNorman

      Some things require war. Certain things deserve to be fought for. Some things deserve to be destroyed

    8. JentezenNorman

      I can't pinpoint Pewds politics, plz give us a political commentary video pewds

    9. Hayden Benesh

      3:01 friend zoned

    10. Ernest Kudlek

      Great movie and great book, you should read it


      I don't know why but I love Jake Bucy in this movie


      This movie introduced me to sex and war... everything a teenager needs...

    13. Kornbread481

      Anyone else love this? Like if Felix should make more of these!

    14. Glory to Arstotzka

      I like this movie

    15. Asathewizard Veteran_of_Ugandan_knuckle's

      And alllll along it was really communist propaganda.

    16. MDethfan

      Great movie no matter what the tards say.

    17. Marty

      this movie taught me that men and women could fight side by side

    18. Niccolo Machiavelli

      If turkey invaded Sweden tomorrow. How would Sweden responde?

    19. Kaz Long

      The book was started as an antiwar novel. I do not think Pewd's read the book. He left out the other races/species. Anti fascist novel. As the author grew and aged he turned. Just my two cents. Also if you read it why not discuss the lizard people and other slaves?

    20. Average Intelligence

      I love how Felix clearly shows he didn't really read the book.

    21. m w

      i watched this on acid once with the soundtrack of cowboy beebop dubbed over the actual sound and i think i understood it completely

    22. Nihaal Sandim

      It was a kinda cheesy movie it was

    23. Grifter 182

      7mins 14 seconds in ( The director of the film him-said said that "i stopped after two shapters")

    24. MCWaxMax

      Now I have to read the novel!

    25. basically hell

      Its nerf or nothin

    26. the guy the name

      The Starship Troopers Society didn't need war to function.βίντεο-kVpYvV0O7uI.html

    27. the guy the nameβίντεο-kVpYvV0O7uI.html PewDiePie did a good layman's overview of the movie BUT Sargon of akkad did a far more in depth and factual political views of Robert Heinlein. Along with the moral and ethical beliefs of the author and how they relate to the book and movie.

    28. Ray Norrish

      Don't worry... we got it then.. It's not that shocking

    29. Fevos Man

      I dont know how this movie went over peoples heads. Its just a few years after Robocop and its pretty much exactly the same kind of satire.

    30. Brady Gordish

      Fun fact: Starship Troopers, the book, is on the official US Navy reading list.

    31. Ares S.

      Holy shit i never realized, guess i was too young to be able to understand the deep satire haha. Love this video Pewds, i totally have to rewatch the movie with this perspective in mind.

    32. Ollie Crecy


    33. Данила Гарновский

      I love this movie...

    34. itsmejohny

      I loved this movie as a kid, i watched it like 9 times...

    35. spicy meat

      dear pewbiepie you old

    36. Dwaipayan Banerjee

      Wait so if you were 8 when you watched it that mean you watched it last year

    37. J

      I'm in America and I always loved this movie.

    38. JaCk nickolstine

      Didnt even know this was pewdiepie at first. Was like hmmm you sound familiar lmao

    39. Nect

      It's interesting how similar the humans attitudes remind my of those clone factions in that one doctor who episode and those racist murderers in that one Stargate episode.

    40. Nect

      Watched it recently, a surprisingly decent movie.

    41. Tyler

      Im from america and i still loved starship troopers, my dad showed it too me.

    42. Ben Jackson

      The system presented in the book is the system Germany uses except you get to decide whether or not the vote is worth the time, effort, and potential risk.

    43. Satana Falken

      I loved this movie back in the day I watched it on TBS

    44. Roy Sáenz

      underestimated movie, by an overrated youtuber and no fun.

    45. Þorvaldur Thoroddsen

      one of my favorite movies as a child. recorded movies on tape during weekends. (makes me feel old.) and kept this one. while recording over many others lol.

    46. Daniel Haslam

      10 year old me got that this was poking fun at the US military. The symbolism of showing those kids a weapon, and letting them fight over it hold all the weight in the world right now

    47. Darc Gibson

      I really, really CBF to watch this, I just hope he realises that the film was meant to be a satire of fascism. Something that Sargon et al. seemed to miss.... or.... knew?

    48. DaColto

      Please more of this. Simple but effective Movie Discussions or Opinion Piece. Loving it.

    49. DJ Watkins

      So basically you've just ripped of Sargon's video?

    50. Arya Faeqy

      Better than most movie reviews by actual movie critics