No one understands this movie... and why



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    ok, starship troopers movie and film breakdown
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    1. jimmyhackers

      being recognised by mediocrity for being mediocre is pewdiepie. sheep follow sheep and your flock is endless

    2. FlashySenap

      wait wait wait... This is Pewdiepie... Damn he can create good content!

    3. Andrew Ziegler

      Gotta say PewdiePie your old content used to annoy the hell out of me. But your more recent content is more enjoyable. As a fellow Berserk and Starship Troopers fan, I salute you and subscribe.

    4. the continuous one

      do you want to live forever, nph agrees

    5. Michael Thompson

      Maybe it's because they haven't read the book by Robert Heinlein

    6. Khogn TM

      Of course it's a satire of the future, I thought everybody knew that. And that is pretty much Verhoeven's style. Just look at his good old Robocop: a parody of our future society and a warning about a coming dystopia. Two excellent movies.

    7. Ronnie

      Love that movie. It's by far Paul Verhoeven's best film.

    8. Alex Rosas

      I’m doing my part 👍🏼

    9. Jeremy Carlson

      Original Content!!!!!

    10. flare 156

      Aka starship troopers is a parody of starship troopers the book who the author was an insane old man pretty much wrote whatever came into his head how critics couldn't understand the parody as a movie is beyond me

    11. Justin Torres

      O shit im watching PewDiePie lmao Subbing because for some reason Im not

    12. Stephen Sperr

      The message beating you over the head with a stick? More like a bundle of sticks, cause you know, Fascism.

    13. Treyvon Thompson

      Anyone think Diz was hot

    14. Nicholas Eitenmiller

      1:15 seconds in is when I was realized this was by Pewdiepie...

    15. john harrell

      pretty good but i think you missed a bit the bugs are demonkrauts and destroying joy is their thing so you gotta fight back and never give up its your civic duty to yourself and to those that cant defend themselves

    16. C1V1L WAR

      A rudimentary understanding of the fascist political framework is all that’s required to get the joke. It’s not exactly subtle. It’s kind of worrying that was missed in America. I’m sure it’s going to be fine and that’s no indication of anything to be concerned about. When’s Transformers 8 coming out?

    17. Cress

      bueno siares get destroyed D:

    18. Rushil behera

      Barney Stinson

    19. XYZ33

      Dont know about fiction but this world needs WWIII. Maybe then people stop whining about nothing and afterwards things start getting better for everyone. :/

    20. Rodrigo Acosta

      I`m actually from Buenos Aires, and I say that reference a lot

    21. Hot Donkey

      WOW! This was an insightful analysis from someone I thought was just a mindless youtube gamer. I guess Felix has matured.

    22. British Colonialist

      People say that the guy who wrote this is an evil fascist for some reason. He's not. He wrote this in the context of the Cold War where he saw an America which needed to be led by Veterans (Like he was) to guide it through dangerous times with the USSR. Whether he was right or wrong is up to debate, but he simply stated what he believed needed to be done to defend his nation and nothing more. Also, the attack on B.A. is real because in the novel Rico's mother dies on holiday there and in the movie both his parent's die there.

    23. cresta2000ESP


    24. NotYetDecided

      One of the best SFI movie I watched many times even rated based on today's movie standard.

    25. duallist _

      ST is one of my favorites. loudest and funniest war satire ever. also, one of the few movies wich successfully pulled off a false flag ( arachnids never attacked buoneos aires. we just have to figure it out by ourselves)

    26. roe

      always thought the novel was a stab at communism, fascism and the book"the art of war" as many of the the morals and lessons in to book can be a better guide to war than the art of war because it actually implements technology and more updated military tactics and lessons , even if it is done in a slightly eschewed view.

    27. Judg3m3nt

      I understood that it was satire as a kid, I just assumed everyone did. I thought it was pretty heavy handed with it...

    28. leeboy29680

      maybe the attack was a false flag.

    29. Garrus1995

      It may also be worth noting that the novel first popularized power armor, which has definitely had a major impact on science fiction. Heinlein was a pretty fascinating guy, he had ideas that were way ahead of his time.

    30. Ask Thom Dapper

      They should read the book.

    31. TxT Peer

      I didint realized i was on the PewDiLie channel

    32. Nexus 8

      The cow is holy just don't have one bra!

    33. Evan Taylor

      Starship troopers is a good film

    34. Pheonix2022

      I loved rewatching this movie and realizing one of the main characters is fuckin Dash Dashiell from Ice Spiders lol the single best movie protagonist of all time.

    35. vinsanity982

      Interesting point about the meteor. I never considered that the government may have just blamed it on the bugs as a pretext for war.

    36. Stim

      how did people not get this i mean its simple

    37. Oliver Hugaas

      *B U G S*

    38. Blaine Steele

      You will soon be depersoned.

    39. Michael Clendening

      Oh look, Pewdiepie's flirting with fascism again.

    40. N8VV Kidd

      10:42 LMFAO 😅😅😅

    41. BeanDip125


    42. Nick The Undying

      That moment when you realize that Pewdiepie has good taste in film

    43. Som Guy

      They're trying to do this with Warhammer 40k now

    44. Werner

      play helldivers!

    45. maxxsee

      flat earth truth you got it all wrong

    46. Jake S

      Dammit me and my friends loved Starship Troopers when it came out.That movie was f****** awesome! I saw it in the theater getting drunk as s***

    47. Daladari XIII

      Yoooooo. I loved these movies •0• Now lets see how many people have ever watched Roughnecks, a CGI animated off-shoot of Starship Troopers.

    48. JNurple

      more more

    49. Stephen Houghton

      Actually the fact that the movie was a satire was well understood at the time. Verhoeven hated the book and made an extremely heavy handed satire, to the point of being almost self satirical.

    50. Cristian Tomi