No one understands this movie... and why



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    ok, starship troopers movie and film breakdown
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    1. elronman

      nah movie said the meteor came from bugs so we assume it did.

    2. Billy Walsh

      Great vid!

    3. bob ross

      Bob ross loved this movie

    4. David Jackson

      I'm impressed by this thoughtful analysis. I hope your fans can keep up... Oh wait.. "My fans have turned against me..."? Click!

    5. Paz

      7:13 Clone gunship anyone?

    6. Howling Din

      Nobody's gonna mess with America's new Arwing division. Service guarantees citizenship!

    7. Howling Din

      Washington Post was thick AF back then as well.

    8. ShawN shawN

      Pretty solid analysis. And I thought this channel was all fun, games and pewds. This is society!

    9. Jonas_Ravenholt

      This was a pretty great, constructive and concise review. Vel gert Felix!

    10. rob Chickun


    11. TheNoidMan TV

      I liked the movie.

    12. nicholas thrower

      If you can't understand this movie I'm surprised you could tie your shoes.

    13. Jeremiah John

      well damn, keep up the high quality creativity, this is some talent right here.

    14. once upon a death

      Hey do a warhammer 40,000 video

    15. hi


    16. Tony Vas

      Ender’s Game, similar premise. Always loved starship troopers. Second time I saw boobs on screen as a kid.

    17. Maddox Hammadi


    18. M S


    19. Red2Lucario

      Ujust made the movie look boring.thanks

    20. Carl Sagan

      My nickname was Ricco growing up. This was one of my favorite movies.

    21. Reading Rambo

      this is how i imagine trump's space force

    22. Jordan Hill

      11 seconds in and I'm like "fuck yes! someone that makes a video about this!" This is why I still love this movie so much. I'm just now noticing you made this and I like it. As a child I didn't get the satire at all. Then I read a cracked article what must've been like 8 years ago and my mind was a bit blown. It makes perfect sense when you see it through that lens but as an American born and raised in the south, I can see how fascist attitudes are normalized around these parts and why that made it not so obvious to me that this movie was more than just a silly war movie with monsters and tits.

    23. Lewis Sparks

      Consequences need be remembered, and the book actually showed that those who never served went to war with ease while those who fight may want to be sure before jumping off.

    24. Lewis Sparks

      Much of his footage was repeating what he did as a videographer in the Dutch Navy. Participation trophies is what Heinlein was talking about and the reality of life.

    25. Lewis Sparks

      Loved the book hated the movie. It was an insult to truth. The director's parents were collaborators during WW2 and his guilt for it caused him to attempt suicide. The characters in the book were from Manilla, Ernie Reyes Jr. would be better suited for Heinlein's story. The reality of it is explained in the book. Verhoeven is an idiot and egotistical in the extreme. Sgt. Zim was a Finno/Turk. The entire film was trash.

    26. Cake Finder

      The first one was great the next 2 were crap

    27. Rodrigo F

      We live in a society

    28. Ognjen Garić

      In Serbia, this movie was considered 18+. Lol, my dad still let me watch it.

    29. MrBurtbackerack

      I am confused how critics didn't get it's premise. I loved this movie as a kid and even then I understood it was a bit of a joke, the "do you want to know more" segments and the little skits they have are the parts that made me realize it wasn't a normal movie and shouldn't be seen as such. I remember thinking it was "over the top d-day in space". I am from the UK though, the place which understood what it was. So UK children have more awareness than US movie critics.

    30. GlassesGirlsIsMoeeee

      Aliens got a game, and i still wondering why this movie dont have a badass game adaptation, it have all the material : Bugs Alien, Laser weapon, starship, gore, sex, and simple plot

    31. Aaron Formanekgibson

      I remember watching this when I was 5 on a Disney box TV the good times

    32. whutzat


    33. Bestial Sacrifice

      “Fully Automatic burrito, who wants to hold it?”

    34. that one stormtrooper

      This is my chance to horror out legend of the galactic heroes! Obey if you want to talk about a book that can fully display the absurdity of righteousness during war and this idea of blind nationalism and patriotism look no further than what I literally just mentioned above

    35. Ryan Kelley

      Read the book?

    36. Gregory Ferguson

      for the first 30 seconds I didn't notice this was a pewdiepie video kek

    37. Francisco Arguelles


    38. Real Kailuafire

      Ware did the face go.

    39. OrenjiTeam Sato

      I am really interested in reading the book now!

    40. ellajban

      Felix, of all the movies. For god‘s sake! From one gothenburgian to another!

    41. Lil Lampa

      Good video would fap

    42. Wulf Nightmare

      y need military if theres no war Hmmmmm

    43. Cavemantero

      Misunderstood? It was a fucking recruiting movie posing as satire. It kills two birds with one stone. It was the movie version of Starcraft.

    44. Lord_of_the _Oreos_ vol 3

      Brruuuhhhh this movie was lost in time and idk how i didn't get traumatized as a child

    45. Mat Turner

      Pewds, more stuff like this!! So cool to see you branching out

    46. Beathan Steele

      Many people dismiss the book as propoanda, but the problem is when you dismiss ideas without considering them you arent challenging your own beliefs and that can be toxic. The themes of duty, civil obligation, and sacrifice are ever present in our society, especially in those who volunteer to defend their communities (military,police etc) but those same principles are entirely devoid in the vapid wastes of society (reality tv stars or petty criminal mumble rappers) who have somehow become role models for youth.

    47. Joshua Dickerson

      Wow I really liked this- and he's dead on about Starship Troopers.

    48. S_Pen 87

      Yeah this movie was FRIKIN COOL

    49. Nicole Corpuz

      I watched this movie when I was 6 because the bugs were cool

    50. Lance Vance

      mad respect pewds awesome review