No one understands this movie... and why



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    ok, starship troopers movie and film breakdown
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    1. APodbayDoor


    2. Quick-Sword Ilena

      Dude starship troopers was my favorite movie.... pewds doin a spotlight on it just made him way cooler

    3. Mark Murex

      The movie was lame no matter what lens you look through to view it.

    4. Louis Olde

      People did not get this? Never knew, it was always so obvious.

    5. Jamilgrau

      Estou passando para deixar aquele like , parabenizar pelo ótimo vídeo sucesso e tudo de bom ,se possível deixe seu like e comentário no canal parceiro

      1. deaddropsd1972

        Jamilgrau Como vai?

    6. 023achilles

      So misunderstood, it was understood perfectly.

    7. Jordan Kristoff

      Mr. BTongue says hi

    8. Mand-Hard-aRR 1488

      Gas The Bugs Space war Now

    9. Leandro Jacobik

      need to know more intensify!!! review all the movies and animations pls

    10. Supreme Yote

      If you're looking for a good Sci-Fi vs Bug series I recommend Ender's Game and the spin off series, Ender's Shadow.

    11. Ryan Daniel

      didn't realize this was pewdiepie video until I saw his face... wtf.

    12. Breebro is dying

      I understand this movie

    13. fenrirgg

      That movie is awesome. Also they send soldiers with crappy guns that can't kill a single bug effectively, it's a way for killing as many soldiers as possible too!

    14. Josh Wineland


      1. Josh Wineland

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    15. Dark Destroyer

      I watched this Rico Rico rico

    16. Moses Daniel

      Waluigi vs shaggy

    17. Son of Martha

      But the movie is 63% fresh on rotten tomatoes,7.2 imdb rate and 93% internet users liked it

    18. oz78wizard

      This just a flim, a flim pewdie!

    19. sammy Jammies

      read the book... its so good

    20. Jeremiah Sterrett

      Michael Ironsides performance is 👌💯😍

    21. Big Edho

      O gaaah, Its just a movie. Why so serious ??

    22. 0hellzya0

      The book is fantastic imo but so different. Watch the movie a few times a year tho

    23. david grundtvig

      Why was this in my recommended ??

    24. jolan goossens

      2:07 swarley is that you

    25. Jeffrey Slater

      I really don't think Heinlein was pro military. Yes, his characters in this particular book frame the complex issues that he is writing about in that way, but as you said, this book is all about the power of military and government propaganda, and those scenes in the classroom were no exception.

    26. m fez

      Want more of this

    27. Sawyer Barnes

      People think Team America is just a weird puppet movie

    28. Clarence Randall

      we still fight wars and war never changes

    29. Austin Golby

      Mind is blown

    30. Frank Lynn

      Sokrates had the same thoughts about democracy and voting rights and I think he has a point. If the uneducated are allowed to vote they'll always vote charisma and lies over facts and the harsh truth.

    31. mike

      Starship troopers is the greatest movie ever made

    32. AggressiveNegotiator

      3:14 I was 6 years old & got shocked badly when the 1st time I watched that scene. Bloody hell.

    33. Leteus Aurantiaco

      I remember I idolized Rico so much I tried to copy his hair cut

    34. A Part-time Astronaut

      *Im doing my part*

    35. Beka Rex

      Starship troopers is one of my favourite movies. I'm amazed that so many over in the states didn't get it. Its amazing.

    36. P B

      Can't believe Pewdiepie uploads everyday, how in the world does he do it with such quality content and Family friendly material? He is so to good and wholesome.

    37. Solilska

      The film always hit me as an attempt to explore Plato's Republic and how it would and would not work in reality. The teacher is even quoting Plato, and is basically talking about Fascism, especially in the Roman sense. Military service rewards you with citizenship, and every man is willing to fight in order to earn his honorary freedom and privileges, rather than being born with them as a birth right. Those men who are more concerned with money, business or just being non-masculine, can do what they like, but cannot ever have governmental positions or real power because they lack the over-stepping of the human condition which a good leader requires, and so on and so on and so on.

    38. Kataform

      More like this please

    39. Tarek B

      This is your best video. Pewds, I’ve religiously watched you on GR-news since the summer of 2012 when you were still playing happy wheels. Now I’m in college and its crazy that a goon like u is still in my life. I’m glad though, thanks for everything brother

    40. D M

      Starfox 64 is a Legend I love that game

    41. Dillon Nelson

      guess pewdiepie never saw the purge movies

    42. Aaaa Aaaa

      i love you

    43. The BigLammo

      If you read Starship Troopers you'd find it's overly capitalist propaganda. I think the heavy satire is pretty needed

    44. Klassit Fawj

      2019 /01 /28

    45. Vicious Dog

      3:12 pause it then press this

    46. James Walker

      I think it failed in America because even though it was years later people were still on that yellow ribbon kick from the first Persian Gulf War and all the propaganda that came with that slightly resembled the movie. Personally I like the movie watch the shit out of it..

    47. Steve Delucchi

      I...don't think I've ever encountered someone that didn't understand the satire in this movie.

    48. Zenra / OnlyBlack-Panda

      Such a great video, watching months later and still a great piece

    49. Shawn Curtis

      Our inability to recognize the parody IS the source material

    50. Avidity

      One of Pewdiepies least viewed videos is one of his best.

    51. David Larivee

      Pewdie it looks like you missed the point or didn’t finish the book. Service isn’t always military in the book, just one avenue to citizenship. The armed forces aren’t the federation just one part.

    52. LivinTheDerp

      This is one if my favorite pewdiepie videos ever, like top 5 and u have seen them all

    53. Steven Coleman

      I was not expecting a video essay from Pewdiepie. Goodjob. You did much better than some of the guys that do this for all of their videos.

    54. CODE BASS

      Book... Review... 👏🏽👏🏽

    55. Klutzy Mutt

      Roger Ebert called it a "Kiddie Film" that was pitched to 11-year sci-fi fans...uh...dunno what kid movies you watch, but I personally don't remember any Kid movie with nudity and boobs....

    56. big un

      Ya i realized the satire with the kids playing with guns

    57. big un

      That was an awesome movie.

    58. J O C U R R Y

      One of his best videos

    59. ThePro808

      Hey I'm American an I loved the series as a kid but to hear my friend's try to be all mad about it an try to use logic was funny

    60. Mango Hasan


    61. Potata Manata

      You`re good at these reviews

    62. Sir Nicholas

      This wasnt big in theaters in the US but it had and still has a huge following

    63. Charles Addams

      Buenos Aires Attack an INJSIDE JOB??? Confirmed???

    64. AlexisBubba15

      I enjoy felix voice so much and the way he express his thoughts to us, its just so natural and I guess it also counts that he is one the one that resembles the most to me on my way of thinking. Great video! I know you won't see it but you are amazing

    65. Anthony Ruiz

      So tired of having to re like videos

    66. Primarch

      Starship troopers has always been my favorite movie. Growing up I didnt see it as satire and that's why I liked it, and even now I enjoy the satirical moments but watch the rest of the movie as a serious play on an idealized dystopia

    67. Geometry Dash Pixel Snowy

      Absolute godly trash

    68. ZchryPlys

      We are definitely born with a moral sense. Our morality is corrupted while growing. When you were a kid remember seeing the first scary movie you ever seen. It was on accident, you saw it and it freaked you out. Eventually someone told you its just a movie and that you can find enjoyment in it. Innocence is morality. Or more so innocence is mistaken to be something other than morality. This is actually a more popular belief in the scholarly world but of course censorship and media control effects what you get to learn. You have to decide for yourself to learn things that are outside of your comfortable little bubble. Ive been there, lol.

    69. Anthony Ruiz

      So glad u covered this for the masses lol

    70. Rileyyy

      This movie was the shit

    71. Troy

      You’ve sparked my interest, I need to watch this

    72. evilal20

      Liberals would say it's objectifying women because the scene in the shower 😥

    73. Theodor P

      I wanna rewatch the movie.

    74. matthew cummings

      ok, i get that this movie was great and all, but when i first watched it when i was maybe 6, seeing bugs suck the brains out of a grown man, and then after watching the second and third(?) movies, where in one scene that still haunts me to this day, one squashed bug turned into ten smaller ones, it gave me flash backs to John Carpenters The Thing and i lost many hours of sleep because of these movies. Needless to say, i physically cannot share the appreciation for this movie

    75. Eated Cringe

      War is stored in the balls because testosterone is in the balls. Testosterone prompts men to violence and violence leads to war. War is stored in the balls.

    76. Sips' Number One Fan


    77. ellatroy

      Dude.... I know you have 82 mil subs, but... you are soooo underrated, my man!

    78. Shadow Pasta :3

      I need healing

    79. Whats Up Dot?

      Military makes an oopsie.

    80. Azure Hydra

      The "it's afraid" part has been laughed at by every reviewer. It's gone over everybody's head. Everyone thinks of these creatures as UNFEELING, UNTHINKING insects. Remember, they NEVER KNEW a brain bug existed (a BRAIN bug who can feel and think). The fact that he calls out "it's afraid" means that the enemy isn't just a rapidly multiplying killing machine, you can instill fear to push back against them. Also, a thinking bug was preposterous because it leads to PETA types thinking they have souls, etc. etc. Brings up many moral issues, but an opponent that has emotions can be tricked and manipulated in war. Great to know another weakness. The dissection class specifically had the weirdo lady teacher saying something along the lines of "they're perfect unfeeling killing machines, don't think you are the superior being". Flew over everyone's head.

    81. Geddy Lee

      "Thank you Felix. Very cool."

    82. Riotus

      Original,Quality Good messaging and dialogue... Is this really pewdiepie???? Who is this mad man!?!?

    83. Lorenzo

      3:12 GR-news: what money?

    84. Arturo Abel Teran Ramirez

      1:49 ÑÑÑÑÑÑ

    85. Brett B

      Lol what??? How were people not laughing and understand it's comedy??

    86. Weaver Beats

      If you have to make a 15 minute video explaining a joke for people to get the joke.. It was a bad joke.

    87. Vercingetorige Sforza

      This video is UNDERRATED

    88. xlrouge


    89. Ryan Kenny

      Starshit Troopers was my shiznit, I emulated my life around becoming more like Rico Suave.

    90. RootBear

      congratulations pewdz, your not demonetized...

    91. hwachaaa attack!


    92. PKx Panzer

      we have forgotten what war was, we act like this is all normal when in REALITY this is the first time in history we have experienced Peace and Cooperation for this long and of this nature!

    93. Al

      :40 when you do that you remind me of H3H3

    94. Luis Gironda


    95. Tom Adamo


    96. Ben's brother's ghost

      I rly don’t get pewds’ taste in movies or shows

    97. TheGodCave

      "It's afraid." I wonder if Pewds has seen the merchant meme that goes with that quote - bet he has.

    98. Layne Hayes

      fuckin loved Starship Troopers

    99. WhenWorldsCollide2

      War, huh, what is it good for?

    100. WhenWorldsCollide2

      I was understanding Starship Troopers before it was cool