Officials Warn Largest Hawaii Volcano Eruption Is ‘Imminent’ | NBC Nightly News

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    When the lava lake inside Kilauea drops, a catastrophic explosion could launch ballistic boulders the size of cars into the air and plumes of ash could rise 20,000 feet.
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    Officials Warn Largest Hawaii Volcano Eruption Is ‘Imminent’ | NBC Nightly News

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    1. Sunny Wakefield

      LOVE FROM MOTHER !!!!!!!

    2. Petit Soro

      Iba Montana

    3. Mildred Tropman

      The island is just expanding

    4. rehan ahmed786

      I am pray for you

    5. ღAzure Wolfღ

      Although I don't live in Hawaii, be safe everybody and please leave Hawaii if you live around the Killowheah (sorry I don't know how to spell it) but the onlyvthibg that matters to me is that everybody leaves safely.

    6. Hope May

      Mother nature is an unforgiving force....when she wants to make a statement she does just that!! My heart goes out to those that have lost their homes and pretty much everything. I hope the government does something to help those who have lost so much!!! #HelpHawaii #StandUpGovernment #PrayersForHawaii

    7. Peter Lewis

      God destroying dey for they idolary.

    8. DoorknobHead

      NBC: Professional fear mongers. Newertainment should be outlawed under license conditions. Bring back the free-staid-boring free press, and put these propagandists to bed.

    9. Phillip Pacheco

      If you can smell it, it's not safe to breathe.

    10. Frankie Batsu

      Tell Bobby Brady to put the taboo idol back !

    11. TROUBLE AROUND THE GLOBE hey guys. If your located in Haweii my prayers go out to you and i hope everyone can stay safe and healthy..Hey just a quick word...i upload about 6-8 videos per day related to the recent volcano activity in haweii . Hit the SUBSCRIBE button for updates threwout the dont have to hit the bell if you dont want. I know how annoying it can be sometimes. God bless Haweii!!

    12. Jacqueline M. Upshur


    13. byurBUDdy

      Though there may be a relation with Kilauea volcano, I would not categorize the eruption presently occurring on Hawaii as being from Kilauea. The lave is arising from fissures, and seems to be forming a new volcanic structure. If one analyzes the geographic formation of Hawaii, and the various volcanoes it appears that the volcanic activity has shifted numerous times in the course of its formation. So it is not difficult to postulate a speculative claim that we may be witnessing that process.

    14. Mark Miller

      hawaiian remodeling, just a way to get rid of the haoles.

    15. Kurt Pedersen

      God loves you Hawaii are prayers are with you always

    16. Odin Ponzi

      This is a sneak peak into ww3



    18. MrMudNugget

      You live on an island made of volcanoes. HOW ARE YOU SURPRISED?!?!?

    19. Alberto aka Turtleman

      hawaii needs help

    20. Jada

      fire god ill do anything to please you,this might be the end for the whole world

    21. E Currie

      The ash rose to 30k feet. Under estimated by 10K.

    22. Jdor D

      This looks a a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster, hopefully the people can recover..."Yeshua / Jesus is the way "

    23. Cabronosidad

      As George Carlin once said, "They build houses on a volcano and wonder why they've got lava in the living room."

    24. Sorely Pleased

      Liberals will blame Trump and Russia.

    25. fran merrigan

      Screw your 12 second ads. Delete channel.

    26. Red Tiger

      It's just earth pooping

    27. Hawaii Hurricane Storm ⛈

      Leilani Estates T-shirt, FYI : Designed in Hawaii.

    28. liberty Knudson

      get out of Dodge

    29. ンジオレ

      ジリジリと押し寄せる溶岩、とても不気味です! 住民の方々、どうかご無事でありますようお祈り申し上げます。

    30. Steve Witte

      Trump curse strikes again first Puerto Rico now Hawaii next time vote for trump lmfao

    31. Debi Thibodeaux

      And this is not like wildfires....there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. All they can do is evacuate and hope and pray they dont lose their homes. Hopefully it will end soon, but who one can even predict when it will. Hang in there hawaii! Alot of prayers and thoughts are going out for you

    32. Dldosoao Fmeow

      this reminds me of moana.

    33. bestamerica

      ' earthquake is a so beautifully natural lava / magma / volcano on the earth globe... must be accept and love--respect the earth... dont be complaint / dont be panic

    34. Vania Maria

      Que o Deus poderoso abençoe este povo que recupere tudo que perderam

    35. Weird Child

      Guys the world isn’t gonna end 🙄 Ik this volcano is different from the other ones but The the volcanos hit the ocean it’s going to turn into tock

    36. My Name is Gladiator

      NBC = #FakeNews #AssholesOnAir

    37. BTS Army

      The end is near everyone

    38. jrcigarful


    39. Phil McDonald

      Global warming is horrific.

    40. jay W

      The Earth is alive. At some point it will fend off the issues man causes.

    41. Serena Strand

      The real question is, what are the scientific advances that could be used to reduce the severity of the explosion

    42. Gabriela Lucero

      Que les valla bien

    43. Gabriela Lucero

      this is a real bad event for those people in Hawaii

    44. Best Of luck

      Hope it will not destroy the earth.

    45. Gregory J

      time to move and get out

    46. S Biegs

      Thanks Obama

    47. APPLE RAP

      sub my chanel and like it ps4 give away


      BE SAFE

    49. Ese Callum

      How do you propose to stop a volcano from erupting using current technology? What is a volcano? high pressure and heat from below causes pressure buildup which is strong enough to melt,bend rocks and cause fissures and explosions due to said pressure. How do we stop it? Simple. Just drill a few oil pipeline holes a few hundred meters below the surface into the main stem which feeds the volcano and release the pressure into the sea or a unused area of the island. It can't explode because the pressure has been released.Just like a boiler pressure valve.

    50. GhostKitsune

      Kilauea, can now play city wide floor is lava.