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    It’s time to look old! Special thanks to the Uncle Drew movie for sponsoring this video!
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    Don’t miss Kyrie, Shaq, and the rest of their crew of NBA all stars channel their old-man alter egos when Uncle Drew hits theaters on June 29th.
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    1. AWANNABE_jt

      Ty looks like an old John wick like If ya

    2. oscar ortega

      They should walk in publice like that

    3. Parker Wood

      Garrett looks like a pedophile

    4. Tatem Davis

      How does it feel to take that off?

    5. Devon Duncanson

      Is it just me but Coby and Cory look cool as old people

    6. Jeremiah Loewen

      They all look pretty cool in my opinion 🙂

    7. Elvin Ahlström

      Abraham Lincoln.

    8. Gian Malachias

      1:03 beef is you?

    9. Addie Luber

      Hey Gar that's a lot of hair for a 85 year old I'm starting to think it's fake... 🙄🙄🙄

    10. Kyataka family

      You must be in the NBA

    11. Susie Castillo

      You look like santa ty

    12. Ray Carter

      Tyler you are Santa

    13. Fire 101

      Abe Lincoln

    14. Saundra Biller

      Tyler looks like an old Santa Claus

    15. Sara Sokolowski

      June 29 is my BIRTHDAY

    16. Angeles Lemus-Lemus

      is it just me or does tyler kinda look the same

    17. Mazzy Lambert

      SANTA clause

    18. Laura Marriott

      uncle drew

    19. booper dooper

      Bob Ross

    20. Equatro

      This is interesting.... idk what’s real and what’s fake anymore 😂

    21. Tim Murphy


    22. Kalyan T

      Did you use makeup to look older

    23. Mehmet Öz

      Cody martin

    24. M + I Inventions and crafts

      *omg* the transformations are amazing

    25. jyotsna singh

      Hey what about panda

    26. Ethan The Dark Gamer

      Cory Looks more Aged than Coby

    27. H18

      Started playing basketball because of this video! Late to the party!!!

    28. Joshua Skullbottom

      Ty looks like Ben stiller

    29. Amor Robles

      Better than stephen curry

    30. Anil Kumar P

      After this vedio why u do not join 🏀 championship

    31. Plasma the Cat

      How about you trick pepole

    32. Country Music, Ya’ll

      But with no Sunglasses

    33. Country Music, Ya’ll

      You look like Stan Lee

    34. Star BABE

      Go to NBA dudes

    35. alangator X

      Oh cool that’s at unt

    36. Chu Vang

      I think he looks like the same as him

    37. Anthony Aubertin

      You guys are the best at everything dp

    38. Jai Bhakta


    39. Jai Bhakta


    40. Jai Bhakta

      F die

    41. Jalyn James

      Dude perfect should be in the NBA if its real

    42. Isaac Tweedy

      You look like my grandpa with a beard Ty

    43. Rebecca Nicholson

      Ty looks like Zeus

    44. game wellman


    45. Gavriella Burton


    46. Derek Thompson

      Man it must taken years to do all that.

    47. Alexandra Delliou


    48. Hamontessori

      Why don't make a npa team. You can challenge them

    49. See Min Cheoh

      Dp ur intro is sick