Pack Up and Go With These 15 Travel Hacks and More DIY Ideas by Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda

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    Summer is the best time for travelling! Getting ready for a holiday trip? Discover how to pack your luggage quickly, save space and fit more clothes in your suitcase and learn how to pack your food for a long journey. Plus other clothes folding tips and DIY travelling hacks! Bon voyage!
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    1. Crafty Panda

      Hey guys! 🐼One of my fav things is TRAVELLING!! ✈️😎 But i hate packing... There's never enough space for all my things! 😫🎒 Here are some tips that help to pack easier and smarter! Also, let me know your plans for your next trip!🗺️🤔 Much love from Crafty Panda ❤️❤️

      1. الكركوشي يتلكم


      2. rafael castillo

        I had the same problem until some gave me some travel bags. They worked like a charm.

      3. Addison Carver

        Crafty Panda I’m gonna be going in a cruise soon and this was very helpful. Thank you. I will be saving this for my watch later playlist. Thank you very very very much. ~ Addison Carver

      4. Momo Plays

        I'm doing every thing u did this ain't working wasting my time

      5. Kim Munk

        Crafty Panda okk

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    3. Ellinor Weckman

      5:19 slow motion please

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    5. Nintendounicorn Awesomenes

      Another Life Hack: *buy a bigger suitcase my god* Nah jk its a great video but I dont know why Im watching bc im damn broke


      3 is very useful

    7. Alexa Mosconi

      I love 2:00

    8. Cicely Paisley

      Perfect! I’m going to Spain for 3 weeks! Thank god!!!

    9. Oliwqa :D

      5:00 I LOVE THIS T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!

    10. Hasan Arikan

      burada türk kardeşin

    11. Hannah Burford

      Yea cuz ur only gonna use one really small teaspoons worth of shampoo

    12. Aniprincess Guba

      Its the same at "5 minutes crafts" 😒

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      سافرنا وخلصنا توكم تنزلوه

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      Todos lo trucos se los copiaron a yuya

    15. jackie McPherson

      get some better music

    16. KawaiiFox_ii


      1. KawaiiFox_ii

        I FOUND IT YASSS!!!! Oh by the way I love your videos very creative and awesome. Very crafty too! I subscribed to the channel and hit the notification bell. I like to watch these for fun when im really bored I tried a few of these too though. Thanks. (Name of the song is The Way It Burns By Martin Calberg)

    17. Luiza Souza De Aguiar

      Essas dicas é muito ruim porque a roupa fica muito amassada

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      Wow it's a very nice video

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    22. Sheyla Lopez

      I mean blossom

    23. Sheyla Lopez

      For some reason I feel like some of these are from troom troom

    24. Joanna Torsti

      I had to sit on mine to close it 😂😑😏

      1. rafael castillo

        Try these. They will save you space plus they are on sale for now.

    25. Martynka Dobużyńska

      Is nice

    26. Natalie Godinez

      Am I the only one who new about the roll up hack before this video??

      1. rafael castillo

        This is a great hack and it works but what I did is included a travel roll up bag. Even better. I love these things. Just sharing

    27. Nandini Sharma

      Better than 5 minute crafts - youtube channel

    28. Danesy Arita

      que vonito

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    30. Momo Plays

      Man this channel is full of jokes

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    32. Ananas Dolu Günler

      05:00 t shirt ❤️ Stranger Things 💕

    33. rafael jr Balayan

      *watching summer staff rven though i have school*

    34. arti mishra

      Some of the hacks are from 5minute crafts but then nice 👍

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      I Happy

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      Quần sịp mà để trong nón Kì lạ

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      1.1M. 298.

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    40. Victoria Kannavia

      Omg thank u sooo much u are so helpful because tommorow I am traveling and I am worried about the space in the bag😓


      Hmm walking Around with a peice of foil on my ankle and wrist ill pass :/

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      Кто русскый?)

    43. Alexa Playz

      Hi imalaxa

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      Good. I like video

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      so smart

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      muy bueno me gusto mucho💖

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