Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!



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    I can't believe I got to meet Ryan Reynolds and play Deadpool with him!! This was a dream come true
    Deadpool 2 is out in theaters on May 15th
    Black Panther Premiere ►βίντεο-dhkyX3G320s.html
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    1. Terence

      Why didn’t y’all play toon blast

    2. Tomy Sonardi

      I played Deadpool But I never played Deadpool

    3. Katherine Koning

      Poor Sean. He had to be dying inside.

    4. Jamia Martinez

      *Video Game Deadpool:* "Teleports" *Ryan/Deadpool:* Why wasn't THAT in the damn movie!? *Me:* 😂😂😂😂

    5. thefunny boy

      Ryan's Gonna Save The Avenger Infinity War characters that passed

    6. DuckInABush

      From when this was recorded, it wouldn't be too long before Ryan Reynolds was lost to Toon Blast

    7. descoctor

      Holy shit

    8. XSlApXMyXKiTtYX Pushy

      Your fucking old as shit 😆 🤣❤️🔥💪🏻

    9. Patrick_Board

      Ryan Reynolds toon blast ads XD

    10. Charlies peavey

      thats so funny

    11. indominus marsh

      I want the old jack back

    12. ThatmewH - Funny Videos & More

      Ryan should have been dressed up in a dead pool costume. Then it would be, deadpool playing deadpool... playing deadpool 🤔🤔🤔😏😏😏

    13. Sorcha

      9:12 Fucking foreshadowing for the movie

    14. mustache mike

      Ryan Reynolds is easily one of the nicest guys on earth.

    15. Tristan Marx

      If I was Jack I would he freaking the fuck out!

    16. Bossanator King

      Ryan 1-10 how is toon blast as a game

    17. Isaac Morgan


    18. Finn Van der Zande

      Awesome Ryan ranolds is so funny and good in this game and I hope there is gonna be a Deadpool 3

    19. More memes Please

      all this happens, but mean while Deadpool is being super stupid and taking it all lightly, and doing backflips.

    20. Cuphead Channel_YT

      2:37 When my teacher *actually* dresses well

    21. Hedgehog Guy 166

      Watching in 2018 i wonder if ryan's burrito is getting cold (If u dont get it its a toon blast ad)

    22. lj5306 gaming for people who like games

      Raw footage of a calm not crazy ryan reanolds

    23. Dog Game

      Now play Spiderman with Tom Holland.


      Dose Ryan know Tom Holland aka Spider-Man

    25. Sleeperdoodle

      well, now he plays Toonblast.

    26. eliepicphishphan1

      You guys should've played toon blast together

    27. Silvers Poon

      "Have you ever played video games before in your life?" "Yeah, when I was younger I played a ton of video games, but now I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old at home, so there's just no time for something like that, but..." what the fuck WHAT ABOUT TOON BLAST

    28. Gyan Jambalos

      18:22 awkward handshake

    29. Moth

      I just realized jacksepticeye has no capital letter in the beginning. Mandela effect anyone?


      Looks like Jack has more celebrity friends than felix

    31. Harry Striley

      Dude you are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. ZT Pro

      I can believe I'm just seeing this

    33. DesolateHeart88 Gaming

      You know, Jack and Ryan should do this more often

    34. Eric Yumul

      Ryan Reynolds in the play off Deadpool

    35. Fine Lightskin


    36. Chara Night

      Seeing deadpool with a normal face is wierd still

    37. Noob Lightning

      JSE: Now I am with my new best friend Ryan Reynolds: Yes Ryan Reynold's Mind: Were not best friends we just met...

    38. Zuleyka Nuckles

      Hiii bead poool

    39. Jerico Helms

      Ryan is in a ad in 2018

    40. Dusty Vlogz

      Can someone PLEASE make a jacksepticeye (the movie) by day he's a GR-newsr by night he's a GR-newsr and sometimes he's a freaking bad guy killing badass

    41. Everything_Nerdy

      ToOn BLasT

    42. Silly Squishies

      How did Sean get to play deadpool with Ryan Reynolds!?!??!?

    43. Sruthi Nambiar

      Absolutely loved this interview!! 🖤

    44. Marczyannas Weird

      OoF the smol boi dressing noice

    45. Andrew - Vlogs And Gaming

      Ryan, why did you fall into the hands of Toon Blast.

    46. Nina Shark


    47. Shadow Gaming

      Your face looks a bit like Connor!😂😂😂

    48. Daniel Pl

      I love dead pool

    49. gamer 2.0


    50. Minecraft Gamer

      My boy really likes his toon blast