Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!



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    I can't believe I got to meet Ryan Reynolds and play Deadpool with him!! This was a dream come true
    Deadpool 2 is out in theaters on May 15th
    Black Panther Premiere ►βίντεο-dhkyX3G320s.html
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    1. Jeweled Dog 346

      I love Nolan north

    2. Little Miss Lucifer


    3. KJGaming MultiGameTrust MGT

      hi I am conner, an Android sent by cyberlife.

    4. David Hugill

      Jacksepticeye deserves to be in deadpool 3

    5. Owen Ngalot

      Hi!!! Ryan Reynolds!!

    6. Kevin Something Random

      And then he met the guy acting Connor from Detroit: Become Human

    7. A5 Animations


    8. Robert Salm

      I beat game

    9. BlackCatMMD

      I’M SO JEALOUS OMGGG!!! I’d probably die If I got a chance to even LOOK at him in person! 😂

    10. Amerpally YT

      I wish I was there loved DP that much I snuck in to DP 2 and only 11, 12 in a few days

    11. KJGaming MultiGameTrust MGT

      Best send off ever XD

    12. john Doe

      Boo you guys were being too formal

    13. Chase Haney

      Deadpool needs to work with the avengers

    14. Chase Haney

      But kids don't have to actually kill people with cancer and stab and shoot and all that and just heal

    15. Chase Haney

      There was an airhead commercial but people's heads don't really get that big when they play tennis

    16. Chase Haney

      Than in Deadpool right

    17. Chase Haney

      His voice is really deep

    18. Chase Haney

      Did Ryan Reynolds actually know u before he met you

    19. Chase Haney

      Well u should be scared of Josh I real life because he played thanos

      1. Chase Haney

        I meant scared or Josh in real life for some reason it keeps putting I not in

      2. Thanos

        Chase Haney Muhaha

    20. Chase Haney

      I want to meet Ryan Reynolds hey my brother was Deadpool for a kind of comic Con thing but it was called super con

    21. Luna Walsh

      0:22 That butt tho

    22. Jerome Geow


    23. Emilio Torres

      What is this, a crossover episode?

    24. samz trapz

      Jack luv your glasses

    25. KDFAK47

      I met Jack before and jack met Ryan so I guess I can say I kinda met deadpool

    26. P T

      It's so weird he's funny, but he never even smiles.

    27. Noah Hernadezs

      Dead pool 2

    28. Swagking Gameing

      Dead pool 1 and 2 was amazing

    29. Jaylen chambers

      Jackaboy was freaking out in the inside on me bruh 😂😂

    30. Connor Coulson

      Wholesome content!

    31. Aldrich Ivanputra Siemarga

      I think Deadpool 3 is coming out at 2021

    32. Mrbured NOPE Both of my only favourite famous people in a video

    33. TheYoungGun

      Now all jack needs is to play games with Chris Pratt, and his dreams have come true :)

    34. Jack The boss

      YAY RYAN

    35. LordRedShadow

      What do u no my favorite GR-newsr and my favorite actor mind blown 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    36. Don Brooks

      Deadpool is my favorite vigilante vigilante

    37. Zoe Reantaso

      YOU HAVE LEGS????!?!?!!!!?!?!

    38. ausername123ish

      ryan is my dad

    39. Steve Zino


    40. Monkayeee

      he shoulda been the one playin

    41. oSushi Growtopia

      Wow he looks like Deadpool

    42. lieutenant _matt

      Dang. I wish I got to play Batman with Ben Affleck.

    43. Guinea pig Gamer

      Can jack be in deadpool 3

    44. Katrina Nonato

      Missed watchin jacks videos

    45. Kyle Krueger

      Ryan is hands down my all time favorite actor I’m glad you did this jack

    46. ahmad m

      Did he acted for deadpool or what i dont know

    47. Destro Destroyer

      Wait I’m confused did he really have a heart attack????

    48. Ic3Qw33n

      Lol dramatic ffx intro music 6:58

    49. MrDenk Memes

      Oh I remember Ryan Reynolds he is that one awesome actor who is known for being a merc with a mouth in 2 movies ,wait he was in xmen orgins wolverine twice? Oh so like 4 times

    50. animewhore notrly

      Can't move through it....... Yeah the security guards at the cinema they won't let me in Deadpool 2