Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!



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    I can't believe I got to meet Ryan Reynolds and play Deadpool with him!! This was a dream come true
    Deadpool 2 is out in theaters on May 15th
    Black Panther Premiere ►βίντεο-dhkyX3G320s.html
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    1. waifu San

      this is the reason why I respect Sean so much. My fave YTer of all time.

    2. My J-Hopes And Dreams

      First things first...CAMERA AND LIGHTING amazing!

    3. Galaxy Girl

      It's awkward for Ryan playing that game

    4. Galaxy Girl

      Jack is having a new shit celebrity friend

    5. Viral ButNotReally

      I'm fangirling over Jack fanboying over Ryan

    6. Jade Smith

      my fave actor, my fave villan/hero and my fave youtuber... wtf?!

    7. Jade Smith

      deadpool seption.

    8. Loki Of Asgard

      That’s so cute

    9. Jaxa Taxa


    10. Jamie O'Connell

      This is a fantastic video. I really love the chemistry between you both! You guys are amazingly sincere and I have infinite respect for you both.

    11. Fallen Maiden

      One of my favorite GR-newsrs plus one of my favorite actors = D R E A M C O M E T R U E💞❤️

    12. awesome guy

      In a PewDiePie's video called "I Won my First game!" You can see a text from Jack saying here for some Deadpool stuff

    13. Man in Tidy Whities

      Nolan North and Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool in the same room would be next level inception

    14. zink ink

      Dude you should of done your send of with him

    15. Jack Mayhew

      Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest guy on earth along with Chris Evans Chris pratt and Tom Holland

    16. Mara Rima Hennessy

      This is everything I needed in my life and more

    17. Wes Le Potato

      Oh my god this makes me so happy

    18. Cailin Dawn

      *This was more magical than any vine I’ve ever watched*

    19. Jayden Alonso

      Jack dream jackrenolds

    20. Mr.meeseeks98

      Awkward yet adorable

    21. animaloversammy

      I can't stop watching this video, it's just so cute! Jack's like a little puppy, getting to meet one of his favorite actors and Ryan is just a sweetheart with the same Deadpool humour we all know and love!

    22. Mr.sharkyface 1

      Jack you got to meet my hero, you're so lucky

    23. Mark Trujillo

      Dope vid

    24. Matt Lacdao

      Well he can teleport now in the new one tho *technically*

    25. How to make it not scary!


    26. Balistic One

      Lol my mom said her dream is to see the movie with Ryan Reynolds. Like her biggest dream.

    27. NzmAnh Dee

      Sucks that GR-news would censor the video otherwise the conversation would’ve been so much funnier.

    28. Joe Le

      I... am... so... JELLYYYYY! 😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

    29. theCRAZYwolfgirl Jacksepticeye fan

      Jack you so awesome And a BOSS


      Nice shit Jack

    31. Fabian FlashGames

      Where was his humor? :/

    32. Mairuzu

      Jack coaches Ryan to play video games huh? Imagine Jack goes to acting and Ryan coaches him. That would be cool! 😂😂❤

    33. karla lamar

      OMFG OMFG WHAT IS THIS!! SEAN!!!! Omfg! I can’t believe this one of my fav youtubers with ONE OF MY FAV ACTORS

    34. Izaak Veloz

      Playing ps4 Spider-Man with Tom Holland

    35. Kiara Ramos

      They seem like they have been best friends for ever. I want more videos of them

    36. Lindsey Mullins

      I just love how Ryan says Sean

    37. carl0s_v23

      Dam jack isn't awkard at all

    38. C.S Sturmer


    39. Mickey Athanasiou

      I Like Ryan Reynolds, but truly how do we know, as he under the mask, it's truly HIM !!

    40. Braincube 013

      Is that an Xbox controller😑

    41. BrickNinja 1128

      So cool !

    42. Arcenas 090

      I love video when Jack plays with other people! It even looks much more amazing! 😀

    43. Pegasus Wings

      I saw the tittle and I was like, BITCH WHAT!!!

    44. Stardust Sam

      I am almost 30 seconds into the video and i forgot that i'm fasting......

    45. Dakota Kinsey

      my mom and dad are divorced just today i spranged arm at school.

    46. Dakota Kinsey

      my mom and dad are divorced just today i spranged arm at school.

    47. Sev games 2

      No offense

    48. Sev games 2

      My favorite GR-newsr with my favorite actor and they're both psychotically insane, this is the best day of my life.

    49. Yoli Moscoso

      Ask Ryan Reynolds if he aculy had to fuck the women in the movie Deadpool

    50. Tony McCool

      im probably the only person who is like this, but when i feel like im the only person in the world with a certain problem, i think to myself "no one else can help me through this. well, that just means i need to try to get through it that much harder." and i work 2x as hard to solve my problems.