James Charles

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! For today's video, I got professional transformed into a masculine man by a Special FX artist for a very special video coming next week.. Enjoy part 1 of this 2 part series as I go from Sister James to Brother Steven...
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    1. Blessing Samba

      That was very *sister* *slow* ..,

    2. Abby Larcombe

      If you speed it up to 1.25x it sounds like how he usually talks 🤣

    3. Antonio Garza is the best

      You hit 10M sister

    4. Rachel Kosha

      James talking slowly and quietly with messy hair is giving me anxiety help

    5. Elizabeth MacKinnon

      That double chin is gonna give me nightmares

    6. Emily Tyner

      4:49 bless your heart 😂❤️ and then seconds after he asks, focuses just on saying and thinking righty tighty lefty loosey 😂❤️

    7. Emily Tyner

      James your sister stylin with your bare face ayee that’s my boo😘👏🏻

    8. Whitlee Waters

      Is it just me or does he sound like Ian

    9. Erin Coyle

      For a second thought they were going to change him into a woman

    10. Audrey M

      why is James really hot in the intro? Tea ☕️

    11. Mateu

      She speaks sooo slow

    12. Hallehay64 Gribskov

      Wow Sister you look Good right out of bed. If only I was as Good looking as you.

    13. Alexia’s toys and more Channel

      Y does James look like Joun wick??

    14. My profile photo is pure beauty don’t judge

      Sisters we have James original brows back

    15. Emily Vick

      omg i love this you got this james!!!!

    16. Nicole Hernandez

      you look... heterosexual in the intro

    17. NellieTube

      No sister I think you’re sister showing (beautiful) :)

    18. Hey Pumpkin

      Brother Ian is so iconic 😂

    19. Anna Wickiser

      a real beard not just a girl

    20. Anna Wickiser

      for once an actual man

    21. Anna Wickiser

      keep the green stuff on i like it better that way

    22. draganeel yeaa

      The Australian accent is cool

    23. Panda Proof

      Is this a sister sneak in?

    24. The GreenAudball

      why did he look amazing in this without any makeup or anything he’s beautiful

    25. Aiyanna Grove


    26. ClareBear

      ʝαмєѕ ℓσσкѕ ℓιкє уσυя υи¢ℓє ѕнαυи 😂😂😂

    27. Lauren Muller

      "Really good sister suck" 😂 love it!!!

    28. KEZIAJOY S

      Is he/she Who is this What is he achieved

    29. Snapchat Central

      Unswrew bitch! 😂😂

    30. amanda wiedemann

      he sounds like napoleon dynomite!!!! " eat the food tina!"

    31. amanda wiedemann

      what was the purpose of the double chin if the beard totally hides it??

    32. ᗪᗷ 1022

      15:51 “ I’m so excited I’m gonna be a man‘‘ I’m new to this channel but my sister watches it aren’t you already a man or do you just mean like a man with a big beard and a lot of facial hair but I’ve been watching you for a couple of hours and I really like your channel continue doing so well and don’t let the haters get to you

    33. nikolina valentic

      James had only 2 hours of sleep, but still he can talk faster then every person on the whole entire world. Btw we looove that intro, i was surprised. ❤️❤️❤️

    34. Scalding af

      when he said "let's go to the closet" disguised as a straight guy i died

    35. Kathleen O'Rourke

      Love the concept. Comb your hair to give your manself some class to match the suit. Attitude attitude attitude your perfect no-one will know. Most men don't know what to do with their hands so they put them in their pockets! Good luck!😃

    36. Eva K

      Ummm... James were u ill? Ur intro was like four times slower! 😱

    37. Ctrainrox

      “Sister suck”

    38. Lauren Boone

      I love your beautiful natural skin. Freckles are everything. 💋

    39. Iyiola Madamidola

      wow! you call your self-sister but you put your middle finger up

    40. diana ponce

      Where’s part 2?!

    41. Savannah

      he looks the same

    42. Chelsea Louise

      I can still see the James within him

    43. glambyhannahc

      so were gonna use a trash bag... *im wearing a trash bag?* yes. a trash bag sweetie *i love that! I am trash!* *ill feel right at home* 😂😂😂

    44. jessi smile

      Jesus him self💒

    45. MakeUpYourDay Family

      Wow love this whole idea ! ❤️

    46. Maya Gibson

      They start doing the transformation at 7:15

    47. Itty Bitty Beebo

      "Wow, it looks like I just gave a really good sister succ"-James Charles 2018

    48. Brynn Gosdin

      0:10 and yet sister James has no dark circles......

    49. Maya Luise Keste

      How are you so freakin beautiful😻 You look soo good without make-up !

    50. Beth Virgo

      You legit look like Benedict Cumberbatch