Rainbow Six Siege: Free Weekend with Achievement Hunter | Let’s Play Presents | Ubisoft [NA]

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Ubisoft North America

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    Watch Achievement Hunter play Rainbow Six Siege!
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    About Let’s Play Presents:
    Ubisoft and the Let’s Play Network have partnered up to bring you a new show called Let’s Play Presents here on the Ubisoft US channel! Achievement Hunter and friends from the Let’s Play Network will be playing some of their favorite Ubisoft titles as well as getting early access to some new titles!
    Rainbow Six Siege: Free Weekend with Achievement Hunter | Let’s Play Presents | Ubisoft [NA]

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    1. Ace Productions NY

      Trevor! With the clutch right out of the gate

    2. V2Blast

      Why is the video so low-def even at 1080p?

    3. Joshua Knight

      Jack's attempt at Spanish when calling out the Mira was pretty adorable

    4. Tom Lewis

      Buff Blackbeard

    5. AnOrdinaryDuck

      6:50 Jack trying to speak Spanish lol

    6. jeremy rocker

      Ryan the team player

    7. Jack Leskovac

      I miss Jeremy playing as Twitch

    8. Darth Nerdist

      29:24 Press F to plant defuser. Tries to breach into a useless room instead.....

    9. Defias Ringleader

      Alfredo's not having any of the advertisement. He's just like, "Shut up Jack, I'm concentrating"

    10. Iván Spátay

      Hi Ubisoft! I want to have hungarian operators to next season... It' s should be a good idea... You can use my name : Iván Spátay... I really want it THX

    11. Durpy Dubs

      I've played a lot of Siege, and been fairly not terrible for the most part. In the last month though I feel like I've just died and can't play anymore it's just become impossible for me to do anything

      1. Jonathan McCoy

        Honestly, everybody has hard streaks. I'm a decent enough player and I've gone weeks without getting a kill in the past. Honestly, the only thing you can do is keep at it and try to push through. You'll be back to your norm in no time :)

    12. Peter Huang

      wat... if its free WEKKEND why is it only 4 days somebody halp meh

    13. Freakk47

      This game is so hard to learn this late into the lifespan. people are so toxic and hateful to new players that they never learn how to play... so RIP new players

      1. sev 070

        i tried out this game for free weekend on pc (lvl 203, plat 3, ps4) and being a "low level" i was placed with other low levels, and people actually we'rent toxic at all, in fact everyone i played with was trying to help out the low levels, EVEN THE ENEMEY'S. it seems the toxicity only partains to the higher lvl's i guess.

      2. Jonathan McCoy

        Honestly, 75% of the toxicity comes from the lower ranks/ new people. If they can get decent and play for a while most people will be fine

    14. Methylphenidate

      Probably the worst choice to promote your game. I love Achievement Hunter I really do, but they are absolute garbage at this game. Should've gotten AnthonyPit or KingGeorge or actual siege youtubers to do this.

      1. Robert Loach

        Methylphenidate no, no, just no. Yes they’re not amazing but back off, I’m sure ur not that good, it’s also much more advantageous for AH to promote seen as they have multiple linked account with multiple people. Your idea is a very piss poor idea

    15. Adrian Hydock

      Anyone else watching this and already subscribed to AH and watches them an unhealthy amount? .... lol I love this

      1. Silverhold

        Adrian Hydock nope. You’re the only one subscribed to them.

    16. buffadonk2

      I played the last time it was free, it was me and a few friends either getting team killed or playing against people that were far higher lvl then us.

    17. Mikayla

      Its intense because i dont want to see my parents

    18. Killer Ace Gaming & Motovlogs

      Unisoft takes other people's stuff lol

      1. Robert Loach

        Killer Ace Gaming & Motovlogs what?

    19. asilva5021

      >.> man this is hard to watch.

      1. asilva5021

        +Robert Loach :^) that has nothing to do with it?

      2. Robert Loach

        asilva5021 >.> man I bet you’re gold 1

    20. Finley M

      What’s up with the quality?

    21. DrSmurffen

      They talk over when they are trying to listen lol

    22. Marie Mertens

      Basic bold singer athyke prior pro temple passenger closely parade bid visual document.

    23. Sidhe

      Trevor is the new Geoff

    24. goldwhitefedora

      33:20 Jeremy turned into the snake equivalent of the Tasmanian Devil

    25. Quazzi

      Experienced players should anchor as they can orchestrate the rest of the team from a place of relative safety.

    26. Quazzi

      The Spuds are out in force!

    27. tramS madA

      33:20 subtitle please

    28. derpiegamer 14

      Please dont do free weekend anymore i hate it

      1. Robert Loach

        derpiegamer xbox one why? It gives those who don’t have the game a chance to try it out, bring more to the community and increasing the overall player base, keeping the game alive. And it’s a smart marketing technique

    29. Dragonhart

      ive been playing R6S for the free weekend. maybe 10 games in? watching AH has helped me a lot with the mechanics and characters i feel im best suited to. my first game (first ever round even) i got 3 kills. my 6th, somebody tried to call me a smurf. now i need to buy the full version because it feels SO rewarding to actually be GOOD at a game xD

      1. Dragonhart

        buddy of mine got me the Standard Edition on PC. heres hoping i dont run into that bullshit too often

      2. Katsudon96 Gaming

        Dragonhart i have been playing since 2016 and its a fun game, i am at Level 54... I got banned on PSN last month and decided to play Siege on my Japanese Account, played it much that the time i was unbanned i was level 22 already... In that time some one asked if i was a smurf account i said no by nodding my head... But i think it was because i ran out of time and didnt pick an operator... Anyway they all left and was 2v5... So much for fair playing. The more you play the more you will encouter idiots that like to kick people for fun... And if they kick you, you cant report them...

    30. micah lamarche

      Every time I see Alfredo dump a clip into a wooden barricade, I wish they would make an attacker that could silently remove wooden doors and windows

    31. bloodmonk125

      Damn that flick by jack around 27 minutes was actually pretty sweet

    32. WTFMinecraft00

      they should put the game in french and try to read the subtitles

    33. Jacob Pourchot

      Ryan to Trevor "To your left" when it was clearly his right side.

    34. Gwen Riggio

      Love how salty people get about this game and the way OTHER PEOPLE choose to play it 😂😂

    35. Kyle Bricky

      Rage quits are so much more in free weekend

    36. Adam Watland

      WHAT IS GAME NIGHT??!?!?

    37. Yeison Rodriguez

      Jack has honestly gotten so much better at this game

    38. David Smith

      it isnt working for me. everytime i go on it doesnt let me play online

      1. David Smith

        +Robert Loach yeah, im sorry man its because it wasnt fully downloaded.. but i've played it and feel in love with it. and i bought the full version..

      2. Robert Loach

        David Smith do you have an online subscription?

    39. TeaForce

      You guys know you gotta be quiet when it's a 1vX?

    40. Budget Hitman

      I hate the free weekends and always skip them. Theyre a nightmare for anyone solo queuing and hoping to at least maintain their rank.

      1. Robert Loach

        Budget Hitman ?? Playing ranked and ending up playing with f2ps, what?

    41. generic lets play watcher

      2:00 wtf was with those voices whoa

      1. generic lets play watcher

        15:10 i love Ryan for turning that slipup into a motivational mantra

      2. generic lets play watcher

        15:15 English?

      3. generic lets play watcher

        7:00 something about the drone turning around to talk got me

    42. Archive 405

      Good luck to that fan that is going for 999 Alpha packs.

    43. MrMoustacheNinja

      Yessss I love when you play siege 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    44. Stormtrooper

      Im gonna make columbine look like a fucking joke

    45. Carlos Quezada

      Give it up for Ryan at 3:05 for staring directly at a clipping glitch during a sponsored video lol

    46. Tacticaldifficulties

      Am I bad if I only play siege on free weekends because I have no money to actually buy the game

    47. June A

      Someone tell Jack that ACOG scopes are a thing.

    48. AgeofAeon

      Don't buy this game or spend any money in game. Every update makes the game run like garbage especially on consoles. You can barely play a full match without the game killing you instead of the enemies with bad coding, time dilations, etc. Its practically a criminal act for them to sell this when it barely functions and them saying there fixing it a total lie just to gain your confidence in a predatory act to sell you trash. There should be no pro league either because they get the same issues. Ubisofts direct response to its player base is go f yourself give me money. They need to be leaned on and pressured to be accountable for there incessant lying and bad business decisions. They need to take responsibility for the state of the game and fix it ,otherwise they do not deserve peoples business. Stop watching people who are endorsed, paid, incentivized to talk or play the game so they can get a quick buck well these people tell you blatant lies because they have no dignity or shame.

      1. Robert Loach

        AgeofAeon don’t know what Siege you’re playing but it runs fine, don’t know what world you’re living in.

      2. Robert Loach

        AgeofAeon don’t know what Siege you’re playing but it runs fine, don’t know what world you’re living in.

      3. Gwen Riggio

        Doesn’t seem to have much to say now huh

      4. Torian Flack

        ... so that was a “bit,” right? Can’t really see someone insisting so hard that they’re in the right about a game being functionally bad; when clearly every other person that _can_ play it has enough of a positive experience that it’s still relevant after more than two years running.

      5. Justin Humphrey

        How many of those words did you get off of thesaurus.com?

    49. Dark Monster

      Yo did they ever play against wildcat

    50. D4RKNESS

      ubisoft, if i download that Rainbow six siege via UPLAY that game can i play 4ever? or until 19 august?

      1. TACOCHEEZE _

        D4RKNESS until the 19th