RAVEN'S NEW GIRLFRIEND! | A Fortnite Film (Raven and Ravage Love Story)

LJ Studios - Fortnite

LJ Studios - Fortnite

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    Here at LJ Studios we create Fortnite short films and movies that everyone can enjoy, regardless of what language you speak! We are determined to continue pushing the limits of the Fortnite replay system to bring you the highest quality Fortnite films on GR-news. We love building detailed stories around fan favourite skins and always have a twist or two in store for you. Be sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications to stay in the loop and join an incredible community of Fortnite fans all around the world!

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    1. LJ Studios - Fortnite

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      1. Alexis

        LJ Studios - Fortnite your miniature is take it for the sondage for MAESTRO LRH

      2. Bautista González

        Plis part #2 Raven,Ravage is cool bro

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        me justo hello

      4. Raven


      5. bebe pro xd


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      Lol nice

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      Bravo c'est incroyable

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      ride on

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      Que triste

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      zicocunaye pro

    9. Валентин Иванов

      Good job Raven

    10. Alpha Rugzy

      0:53 that looks so fuckin wrong WFT

    11. dia fabela

      Love your vid

    12. Rona Macalino

      Raven love ravane

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    14. Carito Berrocal Mauricio

      Quiero los pavos lptmr

    15. Hope Font dreemurr

      Wtf kkkk

    16. Greaser

      What’s the name of the music at 1:50?

    17. kübra türki girl

      I love fotnite

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      Soy nuevo .. Pero Que buenos videoSs.

    20. Mimin Herawati

      Rave orange justice

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      Hola amigo 😚😚😚😚😚

    23. Venom Is hungry

      You are the best and I subscribed

    24. mary weber

      Raven,just try to impress the girl

    25. Ponethagr8

      So that’s his girl because there’s another girl version of him tf

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    27. James Jones

      Cool 😎

    28. Yasmine K

      Damn, she was not impressed by his moves at all lol i loved it!

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      me gustó gg

    31. Angel River

      ho que hermoso😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

    32. Darkn3ss LGND

      Youre narrating my love story? That is soooooo cuteeeee!

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      Que bonito

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      Aljien quiere ser mi novia

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      quiero que hagas una tercera parte de derva girlfriends

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    39. Jasmin Castellani

      1:02 what he was doing...?

    40. ماجد الحارثي

      الغراب أحبك الي معي لا يك

    41. Janeth Avalos

      Lol wow cool 😍😍😆

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    43. dustin the great

      No no no no they are brother and sister so this is insert Raven best get with drift

    44. Skylar Da King

      Hey could you do another Raven one the Raven is my favorite and i only saw one film of him so I was just wondering if you could do another one

    45. Annesa Bolanos

      I play fornite

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      8:01 the butt

    49. WiserDoughnut 59

      There’s other fish in the sea but only one looks like you raven

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      is it 1000 or 2000