RAVEN'S NEW GIRLFRIEND! | A Fortnite Film (Raven and Ravage Love Story)

LJ Studios - Fortnite

LJ Studios - Fortnite

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    Here at LJ Studios we create Fortnite short films and movies that everyone can enjoy, regardless of what language you speak! We are determined to continue pushing the limits of the Fortnite replay system to bring you the highest quality Fortnite films on GR-news. We love building detailed stories around fan favourite skins and always have a twist or two in store for you. Be sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications to stay in the loop and join an incredible community of Fortnite fans all around the world!

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    1. LJ Studios - Fortnite

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      1. Omar Komar


      2. Trueterrarian 63

        Please continue this! You did amazing!

      3. Liliana Reynoso

        LJ Studios - Fortnite mm

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      5. MarCela F Fort


    2. Josvel vela salinas

      Que bonito y chévere la cancion

    3. DogGuy123

      Was he humping the llama?

    4. ALFA LOBO 3D Mondragón

      like plz

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    6. xXhamsoupxX Logy Uh

      I love this it makes me 😭 cry

    7. icedrag breath taking


    8. Loay Ezzine

      عربي لايك

    9. Luna Pacheco

      You did AMAZING 😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩😝😝😝😀😀😎😎😎

    10. MitchellGamer 27

      i subscribed and i really like your channel

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    12. monsters

      Just wow your job on this movie i just love it!

    13. darkshark 09200

      C'est trop zarbi

    14. ronni nielsen


    15. ajdbdkd aGNELia Claudio

      Fgshkbzcnhz. Ddshtsx. GX Vgbnnnn

    16. עבדאלקאדר סבאח

      * Ravens are gonna kill deh criminal * Criminal: *keeps smiling *

    17. Leah Serapio

      You aced it

    18. -3Rr0r 3G GAmiNG-

      0:55 Keep your dirty minds off that Llama

    19. Noah gee07

      Grave robbers in fortnite are basically ever single person in the game

    20. Zackaryblack’_’

      This actually popped up in my recommend, surprisingly... so fucking stupid

    21. Tomas Montaño


    22. Savage Beast poop

      This awesome

    23. ViscoZo

      Hey guys: A new GirlFriend of Ragnarok: gr-news.com/online/βίντεο-E6NcXtMld40.html

    24. ScreenSmoke 675

      6:05 ♫ all around are familiar faces ♫

    25. Liljamesswagboss56 Liljamesswagboss56

      This is dumb hw

    26. Agge Elimby

      Fortnite vs C.D

    27. Matt Teegarden

      I want everyone to subscribe to LJ Studios

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    29. ShigemoriShimanouchi

      OOF 0:56

    30. Gameplay Strikes

      Whats the Song at 8:18?

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    32. Millie Mcbride

      Make another

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    35. cheesy

      Wow just wow😰 it was so good 😆👍👍👍👍

    36. Rex

      fortnie family friendly

    37. Tung gammer

      I very like it

    38. gaming sans

      Do one with my person and fremds

      1. gaming sans


    39. Muffin cat

      dam raven you beast

    40. Tyson Glitch Boy 2.0

      HAHAHAHA your gay raven

    41. the fancy boy gamer


    42. Marvin Lopez


    43. Magenta Freak

      Let Find Find My Noose

    44. Skypha

      I love the end XD

    45. it’sDave 48

      My sis would love this skin

    46. Tamara Mcrae

      😴 xkxkxkd!👇

    47. Tamara Mcrae


    48. Hemppo _

      3:19 Who spot the lama

    49. Jonathan Bautista