RAVEN'S NEW GIRLFRIEND! | A Fortnite Film (Raven and Ravage Love Story)

LJ Studios - Fortnite

LJ Studios - Fortnite

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    Here at LJ Studios we create Fortnite short films and movies that everyone can enjoy, regardless of what language you speak! We are determined to continue pushing the limits of the Fortnite replay system to bring you the highest quality Fortnite films on GR-news. We love building detailed stories around fan favourite skins and always have a twist or two in store for you. Be sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications to stay in the loop and join an incredible community of Fortnite fans all around the world!

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    1. LJ Studios - Fortnite

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      Aww I wish they were married

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      Rose's are red violets are blue mess with raven he'll game end u

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      Ravage does not know anything in the outside world since she was trapped

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      The video was awesome bro I seen all your videos

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