REAL LIFE 1vs1 CHALLENGE! - Ali vs Clare! (BF vs GF)



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    Ali + Clare go HEAD-TO-HEAD in a Nerf 1vs1 challenge. ENJOY!
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    Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

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    1. Ali-A

      Something a little different - But a LOT of fun to film! 🙌 I hope you guys enjoy it! Who do you think will win - Me or Clare? 🤔

      1. Sharyn Pearson


      2. CELINA KOIS

        Ali-A you are all god

      3. michele castillo

        Oh and please reply to my comment

    2. Louis Grunspan


    3. subzero power

      Ali a is pro snipe shot master


      CRINGE LEVEL 1B ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

    5. Edith G

      #team clare

    6. Ultimate Phoenix

      00:45 is the best time to drop the ali a cringe intro

    7. mrburns75

      You and awesome videos keep it up

    8. Megan Elliott

      Liking this comment increases your A.R damage


      His Gf is older than him? (5:15)

    10. -ZenoX-

      i love u DADDy

    11. Adam Towski

      Did he photoshop his eyebrows or what

    12. Ben Vincent Ehlert

      look at 0:27

      1. Ben Vincent Ehlert

        it's carrer

    13. IIwhiskers Yt

      Where is tekkerz kid

    14. kitty cat

      Is Clare acshly older

    15. YouShouldEatSomeBabies

      Is nobody going to mention his legs

    16. JC Cardoso


    17. JC Cardoso

      I love your videos can you do more heart gun vidios?

    18. ZackPlayzSoilder 76

      Lol suck me off

    19. Craig Chamberlain

      Your the best youtuber in the world

    20. Coke Jellybeans

      Someone buy ali a some chicken nuggets from mcdonalds, he is super scrawny for an adult

    21. Alfie Holland Harrington

      The single player version for that single player mode SHOUT OUT TO MOBILE GAMING😂😂😂😂😂

    22. Nova Eternal

      Yeet For every like I will add one e

    23. Binoy Kapadia

      she deserves someone with meat on their bones


      Song 4:22.

    25. Angrymailboxman200 Boi

      Love your video

    26. Hortencia Najera

      7:49 puppy in corner

    27. Xigeon

      He have a girlfriend? No

    28. Pauline Best

      9:38 bye eevee

    29. Callum North

      Waiiiiit Ali a

    30. Callum North

      Water no Claire

    31. Callum North

      ali a

    32. Cristobal Bryce

      You look related to your girlfriend

    33. Kristian Morrison

      That's amazing

    34. Degz

      *man child you are*

    35. shekhar joshi

      Clare`s Soo hottt

    36. Alec Spoja

      ur so sad mate

    37. Leo Lucan


    38. Marie Stokes

      hi ali

    39. Funtime.

      Dun dana dun duna duna duna dun


      Nice video Ali

    41. Memes are my city

      Nice intro.

    42. michele castillo

      You deserve all this hate

    43. Dawson Cholette

      Your a meme

    44. Ashton Martino

      Did anybody else see Clare poke her head out from behind the tree

    45. Joseph Castianlls


    46. Bhin-Bhin Games


    47. Dbzfangoku


    48. Jose Martinez

      you know he was paid alot for this

    49. William Van

      You forgot to say sponsered by Nerf

    50. Jamie Tweed