REAL LIFE 1vs1 CHALLENGE! - Ali vs Clare! (BF vs GF)



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    Ali + Clare go HEAD-TO-HEAD in a Nerf 1vs1 challenge. ENJOY!
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    Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

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    1. Ali-A

      Something a little different - But a LOT of fun to film! 🙌 I hope you guys enjoy it! Who do you think will win - Me or Clare? 🤔

      1. Diane Sail

        You pee

      2. Kai Tucker

        Ali A

      3. Sharyn Pearson


      4. CELINA KOIS

        Ali-A you are all god

    2. Michael Garza

      Is this sponserd by neef

    3. Manahil Asim

      bought it

    4. jennifer bearden

      get married please


      clare is older dafuq

    6. Me and Love

      Love you guys

    7. Aaez Hamid

      0:25 Clare behind the tree

    8. wenda Fitzgerald


    9. Roan_Bologna


    10. DeStRoYeR_winjets29 YT

      i really want one of those for christmas

    11. Luke Coons

      Nice its about time you get off the counsel

    12. uncletalon

      Anyone surprised it wasn’t bf vs bf?

    13. Arigato Echo

      Can you see your reflection off her forehead?

    14. Niesha Forever

      I've come from clares channel i love both of you!

    15. Osh's world

      You should get loads of people and do fortnite IRL

    16. Felix Cassidy


    17. Burger 500

      Clare at 0:27

    18. Burger 500

      Clare at 0.27

    19. Nicholas Mayeux

      Cringe alert

    20. Gray Mitchell


    21. Luke Spencer

      That looks so cool

    22. Brian Vandergulik

      Epic You're the best ever

    23. Warrick Burk

      Ail a

    24. Joyce Reid


    25. Charlie Pryor


    26. Charlie Pryor

      Hi I a fan blower

    27. Freddie Mills

      Ali a can you be my friend on fortnite my username is freddster1009 I am a pro

    28. Ty deninget

      Bang bang shot pow pow

    29. Minecrafted

      anyone else got this video as an ad on a website?

    30. U2bros 04

      Now I know what im gona get for christmas😜😜😜

    31. Ingimar Einarsson

      Jonathan dont want to sub your cannel

    32. Harvey Foster

      Rifle is better

    33. Ifunny 2

      They are surprisingly a cute couple

    34. Kashan Sanford


    35. Kashan Sanford

      hi Ali a

    36. tejas varma pericherla

      Play more nerf wars

    37. Tennille Mckelvie

      roses are red violots are blue i like my own coments becauseno one else will

    38. George Pugh


    39. Savannah Koster


    40. nana quaidoo

      00:27 clare behind the tree like heellloooo

    41. Ryan Smith

      see person start backround looks simalar

    42. adam chipangura

      your the best ali

    43. Maria Solares

      Please ad me 746332Alexander

    44. Miya Harris


    45. superguy X

      She is butters bruv

    46. Amin El yandouzi

      F**k you

    47. DrCosmic

      C Cr Cri Crin Cring Cringe Cring Crin Cri Cr C Btw this is my first comment like this Lmao

    48. Louis Grunspan


    49. subzero power

      Ali a is pro snipe shot master


      CRINGE LEVEL 1B ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )