REAL LIFE 1vs1 CHALLENGE! - Ali vs Clare! (BF vs GF)



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    Ali + Clare go HEAD-TO-HEAD in a Nerf 1vs1 challenge. ENJOY!
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    Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

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    1. Ali-A

      Something a little different - But a LOT of fun to film! 🙌 I hope you guys enjoy it! Who do you think will win - Me or Clare? 🤔

      1. A V

        Ali-A love you

      2. Arran

        Ali-A your girl looks clapped

      3. Gg Gg

        Claire obviously

      4. CUAI IANG


    2. Kacper Ciszek

      Who is filming?

    3. Son Ova

      smol man and smol gf... perfect pair

    4. Kacper Ciszek

      #40 on trending

    5. The White Van Man

      He literally got a pot plant and 2 chairs and put them at either end of the yard and the "fight" was over in 10 seconds

    6. Jake Smithers

      Kill me now

    7. Kareema Cheese Kadur

      0:28 behind the tree

    8. La Family

      Nerf lazer blaster gonna change the world, even though it's the upgraded version of the laser gun

    9. Mitchell McKenzie

      Your my hero

    10. Joe Geard

      It's got the victory Royal logo in the thumbnail LUL!!!

    11. Murray Wilkinson

      Why no link to Claire's channel

    12. OverloadedGamingX

      *#1 victory royale* Why such a cringy thumbnail?????

    13. GoodoGotThis

      Pahahahahahahhahahhahaahhahahahahahahah this is the clingiest thing on GR-news I’m in tears

    14. Mark Smith

      Warning!!!!! High Skill Gameplay

    15. Stryfe Or Strife?

      How many of them do u have jesus christ!

    16. FryGuy S

      Do you still play Pokemon

    17. Donal mc dermott


    18. Городской Блокнот

      Нормальная игруха !!!

    19. tajmahal what ever

      There is an ad for merge planes with your pic and Clare’s to

    20. Emil Eskelinen

      Im just asking. Why Glare?

    21. Valor

      You guys are the perfect couple ❤️❤️

    22. Joshua Fernandez

      You wait 9 months to name your child... Ali-a.

    23. Super Saiyen Drippy

      What happen to call of duty ?

    24. Lachlan

      I don't like you

    25. Cerelina Collins

      So cringe

    26. Rappin Ross


    27. Aaron Hinton

      Nicr video

    28. Steven Brennan


    29. Harvey J

      Why does ur gf lowkey look like ur granddaughter

    30. SnowBag_vn

      Do you olay : Arena of valor

    31. Jonah Bartelink

      0:27 he is being stalked behind the tree

    32. Skorc

      Your gf has bigger quads than u 😂🏋️

    33. Anonymous69


    34. Claire_ Vlogs

      Couple goalsssssss😻😽

    35. lil_Low_Low07

      Are you Sure it’s Just not Ur Sister

    36. Mr Fish Bish

      Wow ali a has a girlfriend. Who would want to be with this fuckface tbh

    37. Fissi the Leviathan

      Got to have “Victory Royal” in the thumbnail

    38. Kronix Guy

      She doesn't have any idea about fighting with guns .

    39. Paddy

      Legit kys Ali A

    40. James Dunne

      Lmao a Nerf bullet could probably snap ali a's chicken legs

    41. Christopher Harris

      “This is so fun” shite acting tbh 😂😂😂

    42. OSulli 765

      This is so fake

    43. Mr. Goldentortle

      It be better if they’d add laser edit effects

    44. marc myles

      did anyone else notice clare in the background on the intro

    45. RzwK OblivionN_

      I just clicked on this video and had almost a 12 minute unskippable nerf ad

    46. DylzzGaming

      Lmao this guy always puts a Victory Royale in the title.

    47. Daniel McCluskey

      Whoever liked this has severe brain damage

    48. Evegamer 21

      That's cringe

    49. Wwz BEST X

      Pls subscribe to my channel

    50. Bush Wookie

      This was so aggravating to watch...