Rita Ora - Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX (Official Lyric Video)

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

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    Rita Ora 'Girls' ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX is out now: atlanti.cr/girls
    Video by Everyone's Favourite: everyonesfavourite.net
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    1. Jen Lei

      The thing is people have to remember that love is very fluid. I think this song represents more of lust and not love. (My opinion)

    2. yza dominguez


    3. Blake C

      Bebe is rolling!!! Yeaah

    4. Kirsha-Ay

      Anyone else wanna kiss girls?

    5. jmegt ™

      Say my name‼️ Say my name‼️ Say my name‼️

    6. jmegt ™

      CARDI ❤️

    7. Amie Moo

      Finally i song that matches me

    8. Tomas Dano

      This song is so shit. Cardi B is too good for this song.

    9. Diccmeuppapi

      Sometimes I just wanna kiss gorls gorls gorls

    10. Hakuna Matata

      It's really messed up the way they made her come out as a damn apology

    11. Thwin Han Shin

      This song just proved that im gay

    12. Bela :p


    13. MrBigbrownies

      what is this pussy ass garbage. Cunts really asking to get dicked

    14. Poppin Pom Poms


    15. MRR


    16. jojopretty24 Curley

      this is the best fucking cardi

    17. Colette Adams

      don't understand what's wrong with this song? they're are just encouraging girls to experiment and explore their sexualities. for everyone saying that this implies that girls can only be gay when they're drunk they need to stop looking for things to complain about bc this obviously is not what the song's about

    18. srta.pattinson stylinson

      Think about it, they just wanted to be in every notices. I'm not saying that is a bad song because it has a good rithm but people from the lgtb community doesn't have to drink anything to kiss someone. I'm bisexual 😍🌈

    19. Magda Baez


    20. Vina Fateh

      This song is okay. #allright song?

    21. Meg Batstone

      Straight girls can u not

    22. Mario Proctor

      controversy aside, this song was trash anyways

    23. Paulina Zamojska


    24. Movie trailers

      tonight i don't need a dog, i need a kitten

    25. RandomCommentGirl

      Not my fav but not bad.

    26. Shashank Prakash

      Cardi's *errrrrr* lol

    27. phone J36

      finally 2 albanian girls together bebe and rita.who is from albania?👋

    28. Alex López World

      When the worst of the industry come together and make this shit

    29. Katie Kat

      I ♡ this

    30. MilkNoSugar

      fucking hell this is absolute shite

    31. Georgiana Ciceu


    32. Georgiana Ciceu

      I love this song

    33. Logan Butcher


    34. Rowi Aquino

      This is cute but yall should also listen to Kiss the Boy by Keiynan Lonsdale too 👬

    35. Keira James


    36. J.A. Jazaha

      4some!! can`t wait for the video

    37. Lisa

      OMG perfect Mix 😍😍😍❤🙏

    38. amy hart

      this is amazing omg

    39. Aina Levin


    40. Freya Brown

      I was so not expecting that

    41. Maita Garcia

      Yeah it's kinda saying our feelings are only for fun

    42. kth jjk

      rise for the lesbian anthem!

    43. CalvinA Suwindra

      Lesbian song

    44. Lola O

      This song is literally me! Love it so much x

    45. Lara Hoffmann

      My name is Lara 😂😂

    46. Heather Watson

      Sometimes I just wanna kiss gorls gorls gorls

    47. Aaron Thompson

      Sexist sexist sexist?

    48. Luuh memória

      Sou girl

    49. dyolf sss

      Charlie xcx - boys Rita Ora -girls