Ronaldinho: 14 Ridiculous Tricks That No One Expected

Real Madrid Albania

Real Madrid Albania

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    In this video:
    14. Dancing Before Scoring goal vs Chelsea
    13. Ronaldinho No Look Assists ( passes )
    12. Ronaldinho goal that would have been vs bilbao
    11. Ronaldinho Back Assist vs Osasuna
    10. Ronaldinho Juggling With Closed Eyes
    9. Ronaldinho Free Kick vs England
    8. Ronaldinho Triple Sombrero vs Bilbao
    7. Ronaldinho Debut Goal vs Sevilla
    6. Ronaldinho Playing With The Crossbar
    5. Ronaldinho Bicycle Kick Goal vs Villareal
    4. Ronaldinho Controlling The Ball With His Back
    3. Ronaldinho Under The Wall Free Kicks
    2. Ronaldinho Smart Water Bottle Trick
    1. Ronaldinho Stealing The Ball From Goalkeepers
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    1. Real Madrid Albania

      Simply, the Best Player of All Times!

      1. Matteo Ferraro

        1. Pelè 2. Maradona 3. Ronaldo.....(Garrincha, Cruijff, Puskas, di Stefano, Best, Platini, Zidane, Romario, Rivaldo, Baggio, Zico etc...)... 20. Ronaldinho 21.Cr7 22. Messi...

      2. EddieCatman

        simplye the best ever.

      3. Flavio Capasso


      4. Arsene Wenger

        What's the song since the start of the video ?? Thanks

      5. JOn Aguirre2

        +Elvis Lici Eres tonto ser del madrid,

    2. fat cat

      yeah just type in him talking about Maradona i looked at it a few days ago. busy atm at work. but i can find it tomorrow.

    3. Daniel Capone

      2 is Not fair 👎👎👎

    4. Alva Importale

      Playing with crossbar is fake. You can see it by the shoot. That video is a commercial for nike

    5. hindustan indian

      These kind of legends may God send more like these people in all kind of fields

    6. vijay pawar creations

      He is legendary player😊 Love to legend

    7. Abhi Raj Singh

      He is the God of football game

    8. James McIntyre

      Was never a big fan of football, but this has been truly a pleasure to watch. Thank You.

    9. Sonakshi Sharma

      *Robin Hood Army' Collaborates With Restaurants To Feed The Hungry In Delhi*

    10. Won

      ronaldinho é foda de mais

    11. Fuk Mai Life

      So that's why I keep hitting the bar in FIFA with him...

    12. Ayaz Haider

      One of the greats

    13. Get It

      I love you forever Ronaldinho

    14. tao homchit

      no. 1 - 2 นิสัยไม่ดี


      ¿Ridículos? ojala hiciera yo esos trucos ridículos.

    16. Wolf Pack

      *L E N D A VIVA*

    17. Anatolij A

      5:30 офигеть.. Кто так еще может?

    18. Greg J

      Un génie Le meilleur de tous les temps

    19. Sasuke Uchiwa

      Never the word "genius" will fit someone else in football because of this guy

    20. γουεικαπ φιλθιπαπετ

      Such a pitty seeing this guy supporting bolsonaro

    21. Glenmore Lawson

      #6 was fake and a part of Nike ad campaign, and the final "unfair referee decision" is not unfair, although he didn't touch the ball he is still interfering with the Goalkeeper's play, it's just like the offsides rule, "involved in play" which includes performing a "dumbie" on the ball, which is not involving touching it. He was the greatest ever at his peak, but he didn't sustain it thanks to drugs and celebrity lifestyle. anyway, he was the greatest at his peak and no one will ever be able to touch it. and a badass video

    22. BrianOConnor22

      Playing with The crossbar is Fake

    23. Milad Vaziri

      he was a real Super Star , only Love and Respect for him

    24. Abdelhak Abdelli

      Just the best Monster

    25. Thomas Pham


    26. Sgj7 Google

      Ridículo? O muy inteligente ?

    27. Sarang Naik

      this world was privileged to have seen a footballer like him

    28. palo ma

      Meilleur joueur de tout les temps un point c'est tout !!!

    29. Tj Charter

      wait how was #2 not offsides? did i miss something?


      po o que ele chuta na trave e a bola volta e montagem , que vacilo coloca essa na compilacao...

    31. ibrar akhtar

      How the fukkk he can do these kind of shittt..

    32. DisturbeDx

      best football player in the world and in future years..

    33. Burcol Clone

      My favorite Ronaldinho tricks are his Elasticos and no look assists

    34. DAVID Baez

      Solo le doy las gracias a dios de haber podido ver a jugar a ronaldinho y a messi gracias

    35. Nick José

      Como se llama la primera canción:v

    36. Srecko Radosavljevic

      The greatest! Ronaldinho ultra instinct! 😊👍🏽👏🏽

    37. Carlos Nunes

      El mejor de todos los tiempos,son brasileños y por algo son pentampeones

    38. CANNIBoy

      He was peaking with the kick-ups, surely?! Forty-fucking-four!

    39. Swagat Patra

      sombrero, juggle and crossbar!!! that's what you see once in a century

    40. Ozzy M

      Fucking genius...pure talent

    41. macaurn Macau


    42. Mantas Giedraitis

      this is real ball master from Brasil !

    43. mrsteve26


    44. Cirus Gorjestani

      Remember kids, with Ronaldinho nothing is a fluke.

    45. AMTJ S

      It was a Brazil Golden Era ..

    46. M R

      I don't get the water bottle trick. Is he not offside bc it's a throw in?

    47. abdifitah abdullahi

      Playing with crossbar and junglling with closed eyes !!!are amazing absolutely.😂😃

    48. LMS2


    49. LMS2

      God of fubal

    50. J m driveways

      Gifted player