Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018



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    The Baddest Woman on the Planet competes on Raw for the very first time.

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    1. humpling

      That microphone bounce though

    2. D 416

      Will Ronda actually win? She should have won vs NiaJax. WWE clearly loves their Harley Quinn version of a wrestler in Bliss.

    3. Jason Starkx

      Ronda Rousey: The female version Brock Lesnar; The strength, the explosiveness, the on-ring dominant attitude and everything else. She's at a whole different level. She is a fighter, the other girls are performers.

    4. Lukas Hahn

      Pls Rousey go back to ufc

    5. rabiya begum

      your my one of the most favorte wwe

    6. rabiya begum

      i am waiting for your beating alexa

    7. rabiya begum

      wowww super ronda rusev

    8. Aida Berdibek kyzy

      I love you Ronda Rousey

    9. Antisepticeye

      RIP mic 2018-2018 2:54

    10. Brosybro Donald

      Rondas cringy af

    11. Brosybro Donald

      Alicia got manhandled

    12. anosferatus

      oh how the mighty have fallen...swallowing their pride and all.

    13. PairedBow 2882

      2:53 just imagine if the mic hit her face XD

    14. Chucky/Mikal Simmons

      I was there but me and my mom left after the segment

    15. Lan Tuyet

      Brock and ALlax are a shamful couper

    16. Elli Lou

      I feel bad for Alicia....I’m sure Alexa made her do this. And at one point Fox was shielding Alexa from Rousey while she had a broken arm......💔

    17. Nois e chato

      bliss 💩😓

    18. Tobey Starburst

      Pure garbage.

    19. The Watty Bros

      i just cant wait for when Ronda gets the title and Natalya turns heel on her. also anyone else think it looked like she was actually hurting Alicia rather than wrestling? its like ronda doesnt belong in wwe because she is too brutal and still hasnt learned how to safely wrestle

    20. Terry Bruce

      The real part is RR's strength and athleticism....very impressive...cant fake that.

    21. liam symes

      This may be a belt she could hold...

    22. liam symes


    23. TruthSword

      In the 1980's mid I wanted to be a woman wrestler some of it is fake some real,i grew up going to the roller derby 's and it 's similar .

    24. Carl Sidney Ignacio Mundia

      Does someone notice that natalya is a loser just having friend with stronger wrestler like the glamazon beth phoenix now that beth is not anymore on wwe switch to rowdy ronda rousey

    25. Rabid wolverine

      It's scary watching Ronda be aggressive WWE because of her inexperienced but it's entertaining, ALEXA is must watch her promos are awesome and poor mic almost hit rounda

    26. Shukri Hirsi


    27. Ja' Crizzbo

      This is still trending in the uk. Well done WWE

    28. Kezia Souza

      Ronda ❤

    29. Sandy Long

      Rousey needs to learn more than the same UFC punches and arm twists in every match.

    30. James Scarborough

      Alicia Fox is lucky Ronda Rousey didn't dislocate her arm at the shoulder.

    31. Randy Tong

      Wrestling is fake. We all know Rhonda can't box. Dead giveaway.

    32. Gerrit Jahn

      Ronda is clearly too strong and dangerous haha

    33. source de vie

      Good for her career she's good in wwe , even her acting skill is on point

    34. Leticia Espinoza


    35. Tisbonus

      Ronda needs to get into shape! These other ladies are in MUCH better condition!!!

    36. Nikki Hamilton

      Wow great girl power moment....

    37. suki sandhu

      Ronda sucks

    38. Andrew Brown


    39. ScottiBoy 17

      I bet ya Ronda broke that microphone lol

    40. a person on YouTube

      2:08 Bliss taps

    41. TGF Sisters

      2:09 when Alicia Fox taps out the commentater says “bliss tapped”

    42. Leylia Francis

      Ronda rouse 4 lyfe like if you agree

    43. Silver Back

      I just don't get the adults who watch this. I loved it when I was 10 but... Come on.

    44. Leahna Elise

      Did anyone else hear one of the commentators say, "bliss taps."? Like if ya did

    45. Heart92a

      Wtf was that arm lock lol, alicia tapped when her arm was still not locked correctly.

    46. Heart92a

      Wtf is ronda doing? She just throws fox randomly and doesn't care on what side fox will fall..

    47. Maroun Hachem

      Bliss taps😂😂😂 2:07

      1. Maroun Hachem

        Dave The Great Cornholio I know really

      2. Dave The Great Cornholio

        Maroun Hachem like he didn't try to correct himself

    48. ronda rousey


    49. Eva Hernandez

      I'm pretty sure my dad is sick of hearing me say this but I think Natalya is going to turn on Ronda just like she did to Nikki and I will keep saying this to it happens. Does anyone else agree?

    50. Kurt Ford

      I'd let her dominate me