Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1

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    "That's three balls to you my friend, it's called a tri-sticle!" - Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER in the Playground Insults game on Scott Mills' radio show on BBC Radio 1.
    Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?
    Contains strong language and adult humour.
    Listen to Scott Mills and Chris Stark on BBC Radio 1, weekdays 1-4pm.
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    1. Evil One

      I loved goonies🤣

    2. Tariq McMaster

      They should’ve ended with “ur mom gey”

    3. Mukuro Ikusaba

      This is how Cable and Wade hung out after the movie

    4. Nick Razo

      I saw Ryan and instantly clicked😂😂

    5. Gamer Guy

      When I hear Brolin's voice, all I hear is Thanos in the most funniest way ever 😂😂

    6. Tv Phantom

      Damn did Josh you really sound like Thanos

    7. lil’ stryderous

      fucking Ryan Reynolds he’s like an incarnation of Deadpool himself

    8. Captnrex

      holy shit i didnt realize he was brand from goonies and I love that movie lol

    9. Caleb Kim

      I died when he said tristicle

    10. Auntie Pea Sea

      Scott Mills looking like a scruffy Sheldon

    11. little miss sunshine

      Josh will always be Brandon from The Goonies!!! 😃😃😃😃

    12. Gopher San

      Hahahaha. Perfect entertainment.

    13. William West

      They look so much alike

    14. Eduardo Cezar

      Holy shit, Brolin is the older brother in Goonies!?

    15. Michelle Reyes

      When josh start talking all i can hear was thanos OMG😂

    16. Polkadottedpanda225

      Ryan Reynolds is so charismatic. I think he turned me gay

    17. Perfect I said Perfect.

      I thought Ryan would be better.

    18. Naomi Mcshane

      i want sebastian stan and anthony mackie to do this, that would be a laugh

    19. Luis Rivera

      I see Jonah Hex vs. Green Lantern

    20. Ariana p

      thanos shouldn’t you be resting ?

    21. Alex Hawley

      The tristicle killed me

    22. A. Armiento

      He has the same sex appeal like Ben Affleck 💖💖😍😍😍

    23. Anna H.

      whats with this drinking thing josh brolin said.. was he an alcoholic?

    24. Andrew Foster

      Surprisingly I think Brolin did win.

    25. Joe W

      Josh Snaps his fingers and said - "And you are gone ...to dust" ;) that will be massive ;)

    26. 420 blaze That

      I thought every British person having Crooked teeth was a stereotype, the hosts proved me wrong

    27. Joe W

      Raynolds is a fucking zero - problem was not in the movie (The Green Lantern ) but in him :) he all life totally bulshit people that he actually can acct - but hes only a medicor version of dumb and flat Vanvilder - he's best played role was - psychopathic father in Amity Vile .... all after that its one big mistake and really really BAD bad joke ! He can kneel and kiss Josh Brolin's golden gauntlet ;)

    28. Michael White

      I love Ryan Reynolds....Josh Brolin ain't so bad either :)

    29. itspd0t

      THAT'S THANOS !!

    30. zigzack54

      All i could picture was deadpool and thanos roasting each other LOL

    31. Quintin Garvin

      Jonah hex! I would have said it!

    32. Andrew Dinse

      The true loser of this insult battle is Green Lantern.

    33. John Lumapas


    34. Ju Bean

      I don't get it.. they're just tooting there own horns.

    35. NakkiPeruna

      The best part is that ryan is a canadian trying to insult people

    36. Newb The Novice Gamer

      I would NEVER want to play this game with Ryan Reynolds. It's like putting out a diss track on Eminem. Youre not safe.

    37. 1298 Tomcat

      You got a testicle on your chin

    38. Diamond Apple

      I have one for Ryan, you look like a ugly version of Tom Cruise

    39. Luis Alberto

      WHAT?!? Josh Brolin is not purple?

    40. Charlie Rudden

      *Ryan and Josh laughing at a joke that Ryan just said* Josh: *clicks fingers* Ryan: Oh shi... *fades into dust*

    41. genkijin

      Could've talked about those tight ass pants he got on.

    42. Matt Barnacles

      What was up with the whole drinking thing?

    43. Benjamin Coolguy

      Just imagine Deadpool actually meet Thanos. Thanos will be beaten by roasting.

    44. Filipkémon Renčko


    45. Blizzard Blaze

      "Playground Insults"

    46. ShizStarZ ShizStarZ

      Josh: That was funny

    47. Booper Boops


    48. hottyloxie

      Goonies ... Was one of the best movies if the 80s I love it.

    49. Sleeper Agent

      That some bbc right there

    50. Klayden004

      This who,e video was straight comedy!