Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!
    Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.
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    1. Willy cast

      What more you can put in a phone? To me is not a phone is a laptop

    2. Kaveman Saltsman

      This phone is totally worth it in the end

    3. AHMED SM

      Amazing specs but that phone is just too big

    4. Ketul

      Typing this with my note 9


      Watching from india in tamilnadu in coimbatore especially your big fan

    6. Stefan Spangenberg

      What wallpaper is that, i want it please

    7. picsordidnthappen

      Gifted the phone to my dad for christmas based on this video's review. I've never met a happier person in my life. Cheers Marques!

    8. Coco El quatro

      Im having note 8

    9. Shekhar Raj

      Who only see mkbhd in 1080p

    10. Bewar Aziz

      Dear Marques, can you please make a comparison between S9+ and Note 9? Which one do you think is better in regards of everything..? Thanks in advance! 😊

    11. Samr Khan

      Any one gft me plz i have No money

    12. Elechain

      Makes iOS look like shit.......

    13. Lee Sandanamary

      Number one fake company donot buy

    14. Ramon Zimmermann

      Completely overhyped phone!

    15. Tahir Mujahid

      I'm planning on getting one soon.. Just waiting for that price drop.

    16. Mohammad Shariq Abideen

      ... and stereo speakers ! Hard to beat this phone... yet.

    17. 2-BiG

      I want Note 9! Badly

    18. Ramon Zimmermann

      Between 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM are no differents😂😂😂😂😂😂

    19. Nico Nico Ni

      I’m just gonna pretend i know what he’s talking about 😂

    20. Vatsal Patel

      Is it worth to buy galaxy note 9 now or wait for galaxy s10+?

    21. Ayman Hassan

      i just bought one

    22. Diiogo

      wallpaper link download pls? :(

    23. Umi Vasquez

      I bоught yеstеrdaу іn а verу gооd рrісе hеrе: *vdіgіtal. infо*

    24. Orpheonix

      "Assuming it doesn't explode, that's big." Bruh, too soon.

    25. Liam Chappell

      What wallpaper is he using?

    26. Funny Songs


    27. Funny Songs


    28. Kok Her Tan

      Just ordered mine and will receive it in a week time

    29. U dont wanna Know

      Watching this from my iPhone 6s, might have to switch to team android

    30. Adam Sharief

      Watching on the Note9 !

    31. dannyboi

      I'm watching this from a note8, xd

    32. HarvzOfficial

      The phone is top *notch* ........but dont have a notch

    33. Patrick Lyons

      watching from my 512gb note 9

    34. edburg francis

      You got me this phone Marquees. Cheers to you mate. Its because of your review i got this beast.

    35. lone Wolf AB

      Wow bro perfect phone dude!!!!👌

    36. Kenneth Trahan

      I got the note 9 last night :)

    37. Cik Azlan Lan

      Note 9 is the best smartphone in 2018😍😍😍

    38. Garfield

      I hate to say this but Im preganter

    39. chelsea boy

      The best phone in the World ❤

    40. Aston Bright

      I am getting this phone for Christmas. Haven't had a new phone for coming up to 4 years.

    41. Marga Esperanza

      I draw on mine a lot and DAMN my friends thought my drawings were from my wacom tablet. Imagine their surprise when I tell them its made with my Note 9 phone!

    42. Mario Wario

      I switched from a S8+ and I'm still catching myself putting my finger on the flash sensor to unlock it.

    43. RJ

      Picked up today coming from a note 8.Glad I did.Only other option at the Telco was Huawei (haha)and iPhone.Easy decision.

    44. Hong An

      I sometimes cant wake up Bixby. I literally have to shout. but sometimes i just want to wisper asking for time in the middle of the night... anyone having the same issue. Suggestions?

    45. Hong An

      If the screen goes larger ,e.g. 6.8 ,i would love it more. Now its small. The suprise for me is how it sounds.

    46. Ashray Baral

      If you(yes you reading this) don't appreciate this phone then go die you ungrateful bitch

    47. Edi Wijanarko

      watching dis video on samsung galaxy young

    48. Jake Parker

      What if while your pen is in the phone, the phone would charge it?

    49. Banjoe, Traveler

      Notes have always been my phones, even had to use them as back up for footage.

    50. Reviewer Discounts

      i like your review man thanks a lot