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    Derin is finally back for an episode where we made him say yes to everything for 24 hours... He will come back occasionally in episodes but has to stay in Canada for now (full explanation in the video). Hope you enjoyed seeing him again as much as we did!
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    We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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    1. Yes Theory

      What should Thomas do when he says yes to everything for 24 hours in Europe?? Also make sure you follow Derin @BobbyDerin on Instagram to keep up with everything he's up to :) He's working on short films and tons of random fun projects. Much love to you all!

      1. Courtney Brydon

        Yes Theory when is he going to do it

      2. NoONE

        All Thomas if he wants to "skip to his lou" everywhere he goes that day.

      3. Aa Sher

        Join back yes theory

      4. Yamacalama

        Yes Theory uhhhff

      5. Pandy Smile 2

        It's been another 5 months

    2. Chelsea Hall

      What a great sport 🤣👍 Awesome form man 👍

    3. Andrea Hernandez

      where's ep. 1 i'm confused

    4. TeddyB

      5:57 Birdbox 2.0

    5. KinxWiwi

      5:57 failed the challenge

    6. Matheus Rodrigues

      Derin looks more happy and lovely after the passport thing

    7. Alexis Phillips

      3 guys in a hot tub 5 feet apart cause they’re not gay. I love watching y’all. So awesome!

    8. Zhilvan Dawody

      so boring idiots like this exagerate the yes man theory and makes something stupid out of it. this is one example of it. IDIOTS

    9. Oscar Parent

      This is a dream life for me

    10. MrJb713

      He looks so much happier! Good for him 👍🏼👍🏼

    11. ArtOfBlades

      that's really funny because my name is darren and i've never heard any one else get nicknamed Dar-bear except for me!

    12. amanda donahue

      my heart Nutted

    13. bryoninny

      Canada Goose :/

    14. J. W. GAMING

      3 guys sitting in a hot tub 5 feet apart cuz they’re not gay

    15. Omer Solomon

      I love derin..

    16. Shark Ninja

      3 guys sittin in a hot tub 2 feet apart cause they’re not gay

    17. ytsas49748

      Winner winner hot chicken wing dinner.

    18. Mei Lin Chen

      Derin is in Toronto?!?!

    19. shyann

      13:20 “two bros chilling in a hot tub five feet apart cuz they’re not gay “

    20. Today on the Farm

      did derin shave his head then buy a harley davidson , think he may be having a midlife crisis

    21. C Rampage ™

      Yo that’s legit kinda made me tear up we finna miss the bear 🐻 🥺 I only ask that when he has his things sorted out to plz plz bring him home to the house of YES

    22. Daniel Knutson

      it would have been awesome if they had taken the blindfold off when he was looking of the tower, looking straight down

    23. SugarRushedPanda

      13:02 - couple of dudes in a jacuzzi five feet apart because they are not gay

    24. Peng Wing

      Miss you der bear

    25. VoltageShots Yap

      Derin ur a beast

    26. SilentSniper

      he said no to the women for more wings....

    27. Flying bacon37Ayeee

      No Derin in rewind so I had to come back for my man

    28. Emily Finley

      I'm Canadian 😊🇨🇦

    29. Krazy Baker51

      5:58 he said no

    30. Ugli Kid

      YEY he is back again >:3

    31. Sharin Ahmed

      Man,I freaking love Derbear.

    32. Sara Money

      Derin honestly looks super happy and great, it's really great to see him in a video, I missed him. Der bear 🍂

    33. konner haas

      is Derin gay? serious question not that I am hating. lol

    34. absoaa

      is it Doumbfounded hosting the standup ? :P

    35. Malak Abukoush

      I missed you Derin! Can't wait to see you in future videos!

    36. THANOS


    37. LamboKang

      Hopefully he comes back after he got his citizenship.

    38. NOUF

      Derin’s laugh

    39. Das vegane Saola

      somebody is farting at 4:28

    40. melody o

      It's been 5 months think its time for another video with Der-Bear!

    41. Sumana Liew

      two dudes chillin in the hot tub, five feet apart cus theyre not gay

    42. KC Estopace

      0:00 Asmr

    43. Radio Pengin


    44. Asher Brandt

      Come to meet me in Saskatoon, SK we can then travel to Banff and snowboard in the mountains.

    45. Gencay Turan

      Patrick Star: 8:34

    46. Kevin Lopez

      I want to cry come back pls

    47. rdoliva verano

      Thomas asked derin " Can you see anything ?" and derin says No . He supposed to say yes right ?

    48. Rushen perera

      Why wasn’t ammar here?

    49. Quicktrigger Gaming

      U guys just hit 3 mil good job

    50. MattyPlays

      Derin is a nice guy :)