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    Derin is finally back for an episode where we made him say yes to everything for 24 hours... He will come back occasionally in episodes but has to stay in Canada for now (full explanation in the video). Hope you enjoyed seeing him again as much as we did!
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    We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
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    1. Yes Theory

      What should Thomas do when he says yes to everything for 24 hours in Europe?? Also make sure you follow Derin @BobbyDerin on Instagram to keep up with everything he's up to :) He's working on short films and tons of random fun projects. Much love to you all!

      1. flying Banana55

        Something with glitter.

      2. Dave Lucero

        he should get a mohawk

      3. carl dussault

        hey Yes Theory, have Thomas seize control of an intercom in a public place and say fun things using the language of that country!

      4. Owen Kane

        He should shave his head and eyebrows

      5. JustSomeGinger

        Yes Theory say “do you want to clim to the top if the tallest building in this country” haha rip his legs

    2. popcorn param

      Is it only me or dose the thumbnail look like the guy from farcry 3

    3. Lyndsie M

      should have dyed the beard!

    4. Sreenath Prasadh

      This looks like impractical jokers

    5. A Channel Name

      8:52 what he's saying "I love you too buddy." What he's thinking "please don't mug me strange man."

    6. TooBi Go

      he said no at 5:58

    7. Mlkiller 930609

      We Canadians r nice Usually

    8. Jamonsometoast

      Sadly... as a Canadian -3 isn’t even that cold... I’ve been swimming in -10 degrees weather before

    9. Timmy Hutt

      When is Derin leaving?

    10. 1k subs With no vids


    11. temmie fwesh

      Derin 10/10

    12. Oscar Read

      3 brosss chillin in the hot tub 5 feet appart cuz they're not gay 😂😂

    13. Alp Erdem

      Derin yürü eline kafana sağlık

    14. Mermaid Lei Lani

      Saying yes to everything is way to start living your life. GoodJob!!

    15. shane games

      Derin is a weird as nigger

    16. sky imal

      Two bros chilling in a hot tub

    17. Smellslikecatpoo

      *Blindfolds him* "Can you see anything?" he said "No". I think he forgot the challenge

    18. Ariel

      Am I the only one who thinks that darin is boyfriend material

      1. Ariel

        Probably tbh

    19. Onur Saatcioglu

      when he said “where are yout wigs” I really felt that.

    20. potatoes008

      Derin"ive never had (a) hair this thick.😂😂🤣🤣

    21. Erkin Khazratkulov

      Yo is he Armenian? Cuz he looks like Daron from band System of a Down 🤔😃

    22. MegaGadlo

      "Do you see anything?" "No"

    23. Javier Romero

      The Asian guy from the stand up he looks familiar

    24. lina othman

      i had a prettny moment

    25. Pale Lotus

      Canadians are respectful as shit.

    26. OhLeahLRae

      Derin is my spirit animal.

    27. Jayvon Hall

      John Seed Propaganda

    28. E.e E.e

      Derin is Sugondese, right?

    29. Carlie Hannola

      Derin looks like a monk

    30. Mellow D. Maestro

      Great idea! Really great concept, fun and revealing! Really feel this! Shoutout from Zagreb, Croatia! 😎💪

    31. Richard Hernandez

      We love u Derin! :-)

    32. Sofe durban

      Aw i love derin. He seems so down to earth.

    33. Amrit Chandhok

      If the world is flat, then how is it curved in that video outside of the tower?

    34. Charis Speight

      He didnt say yes to the extra chicken wings....

    35. L.K. Skywalker

      I miss Derin sooooooo much

    36. I am Anxiety

      Hey where is Amar in this video?

    37. tannduricic

      i subbed after few videos... 50 videos in, im asking my self why did I not discover this earlier!!!

    38. Elmo TV

      10:44 he said no

    39. Amit Dhanokar

      Am I the only one who noted that.... He answered NO when blindfolded and asked can you see...

    40. Drewski

      10:45 I wonder how the video would have went if he said yes like he was supposed to

    41. N L D C

      Derin bombed the comedy night!!!

    42. Ant1

      We have literally so much in common no joke. I do the craziest things when im in the mood.

    43. Ant1

      You should had removed the blindfold the moment he stepped on the edge

    44. The Monkeyy of Gaming

      Wait 2.1 million fans wtf. I followed since 200k and I thought you were so good and this is mad.



    46. El Mundo De Vanessa

      I’ve been smiling throughout the entire video. I love you guys

    47. unbreakable

      can you see anything? "no" haha

    48. T Law

      Derin looks hot with his new look 💞💞💞

    49. Marta Catela

      Yesn't 😉