Scrapbooking Process #438 Hip Kit Club / Always an Adventure

Missy Whidden

Missy Whidden

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    2018 August Hip Kits

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    1. Stephanie Raimondi

      You are so creative, I really love watching you create, and get tons of inspiration. Thank you

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much, Stephanie!

    2. Linda Walker

      Super fantastic !!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Linda!

    3. Rosa Sylleloglou

      This was another incredible LO. New subscriber here! xo

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you so much, Rosa! So happy you're here :)

    4. Cora Schindel

      Love this so much! Those shimmerz are so awesome and you use them so well. 😍

      1. Cora Schindel

        You're so welcome Missy!

      2. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Cora!

    5. Kristen Teti

      Great job! Love everything about this layout!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Kristen!

    6. Kelly Janes

      So, so, so pretty, Missy! Love the large title and the photo strip!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much, Kelly!

    7. Shirley Mitchley

      Gorgeous - love it

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Shirley!

    8. beaker 1632

      With the discontinuation of Heidi Shine in gold... maybe we should all switch to just using Miner, Miner 49-er for gold splatters!

      1. Missy Whidden

        It's pretty close, I think!

    9. marta dinzey


      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Marta!

    10. Samantha Mann

      oh wow. as usual, i'm just BLOWN AWAY by this page! wow!! the colors - swoon!! and the stitching and layers, and that little bit of patterned paper peeking out along the top and bottom...just every detail is incredible! wow!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Aw, thanks so much, Sam! <3

    11. Stacy White

      Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to dig in to this kit!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Stacy! They are gorgeous this month!

    12. philipgilliam25

      Hi Missy! Great. Love your work. What type of tape runner do you use?

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you!! I use my ATG gun....that giant pink thing...haha. I got it at Michael's. It takes the Scotch tape, which I also get at Michael's. I've used it for years and it works great.

    13. Nena scrap

      So gorgeous !!!! Love It !!!! Kiss from France.

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Nena!! <3

    14. Hanaa Saidi

      You made a beautiful layout so stunning.

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Hanaa!

    15. Linda Cain

      Gee Missy you are amazing you always make such beautiful pages I loving your work at the moment even more than I usually do { if that's at all possible }so so pretty. I just started work after 14 years retirement so I'm a little short of time ATM but will be getting back into it soon thanks for some wonderful inspiration

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much, Linda! I've been having lots of fun lately. I hope you're able to scrap very soon!

    16. JoJo Barker

      Love all your layouts, but especially LOVE this one!!! You’re so talented! Can’t wait to get my kit!!!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much, JoJo! These kits are so beautiful!

    17. Leslie Varty

      This gorgeous with a capital G!!!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much, Leslie!

    18. Mary Ellyn Rozell

      Another home run! You looked like you were having so much fun on this layout.

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Mary Ellyn! I sure was! :)

    19. Diane Barnes

      Beautiful layout Missy. You inspired my desire to use mixed media but somehow mine never turns out as nice as yours.

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Diane :) Just keep gets better, I promise!

    20. Susanna Easdale

      Turned out great Missy, & Paige's pic's crack me up so cute. Regards Susanna ❤

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Susanna! She's so silly....haha!

    21. Meg Cooke

      You are such an inspiration, tfs!!!!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Aw, thanks, Meg!

    22. Linda Moore

      Love the larger colorful title.

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much, Linda!

    23. Elizabeth Pollard

      Oh my!!! You never disappoint and the collection is out of this world💓

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Elizabeth! I love Willow Lane a lot more than I thought I would :)

    24. Andrea Rivera

      So so pretty !!!!!!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Andrea!

    25. Sam Thomas

      Hi: I have been seeing the little glue bottle with a tiny needle to use and glue down product. What is that glue and needle? thanks in advance love watching you!!!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Sam! It's Scotch Tacky Glue from Michael's. But the bottle is sold empty from either Hobby Lobby or Amazon. It's called a Fineliner and the tip is the tiny needle.

    26. abrann2

      Very pretty as always!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you!

    27. Pati Bocook

      Gorgeous.. I was not sold on the colors until you did it!!!!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Pati! The colors are way prettier than I thought they'd be.

    28. Janai Guzman

      This is gorgeous!! Love the font you used for adventure!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Janai! It's a free cut file you can get this month!

    29. Tammie Freeman

      A gorgeous layout...I love that you catch the silly moments! They make such great memories!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Tammie! Those silly moments are my favorite to scrap :)

    30. Gill Geddis

      Wow this kit is amazing, love love love your layout 🍀

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you so much, Gill!

    31. Jo Moore

      Oh my gosh!!!!! This is gorgeoouussss

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Jo!

    32. SuperStinkerbelle

      i always adore your layouts but you’ve outdone yourself with this one! it’s so gorgeous i don’t even have the words to describe it. hip kit probably owes half its subscribers to you

      1. Hanaa Saidi

        Here here !

      2. Missy Whidden

        Aw, thank you so much! I really do love creating with the kits...they are always so beautiful.

    33. Laura Alberts

      You’re right! I’m loving the exclusives because they always perfectly coordinate with the rest of the kit. That stamp is gorgeous!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much, Laura! They sure do...I love that!

    34. Debra Moorer

      What is the difference between shimmerz inkling and shimmerz dazzle?

      1. Missy Whidden

        Inklingz are shimmery watercolors. Dazzlers are a smooth texture paste.

    35. Cara Duchnowski

      Love this layout! One of my favorites!!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you, Cara!

    36. Mari Clarke

      This is just so pretty! I can’t wait to get some of the Willow Lane collection! I love how you used the Shimmerz! The Hip Kits are always awesome!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much, Mari! I love it way more than I thought I would.

    37. Debra Moorer

      Another question: I never used fonts in my Silhouette. When you download a font does it automatically go in your "text" Library?

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Debra! Ummmm I believe it automatically loads....yes. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think I've ever had to physically load it into my Silhouette software.

    38. Linda Ruschmeyer

      Another beautiful layout. She is such a cutie. TFS

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Linda!

    39. Jessica Gallegos

      Your layouts r so cool! What white Cardstock do u use? I am finding that when I use the jesso and the paint colors my paper really ripples. I use a blow dryer to dry it out, but it still does it.

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Jessica :) I mostly use the Bazzill's pretty thick and really smooth. It doesn't warp much.

    40. Laura Jane Thomson

      Absolutely love this layout - the colours work beautifully together. Love Paige's smile, she's so adorable xoxo

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you so much, Laura Jane!!

    41. Bazzilgirl

      Just gorgeous 💜💜💜

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you!


      Anazing layout. Soft colors but still looking bright for me. The go do Well together. Have the feeling we’re gone see a lot more ot those stamps. Fuzzy cutting the flowers and dies from paper etc. Alfabet is great.

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thank you so much!! The stamps are amazing.

    43. Gwen Wruck

      Oh golly, you ARE brave... your water mug to hold down an embellishment, I can barely watch! Another beautiful layout Missy xo

      1. Missy Whidden

        Haha!! Thank you! It was pretty heavy and I was trying to be very careful....haha!

      2. dhcrasher1

        My first thought as well 😄 ...I'd have knocked it over for sure 😆

      3. Andrea H

        Gwen Wruck I thought the same when I saw that!

    44. Tanya Leigh Designz

      Stunning layout Missy💕

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Tanya!

    45. Charo Ortega

      You are always inspiration, dear Missy!!!. So, so pretty layout!!!. Hugs from Spain and good week!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much, Charo! Hugs to you! :)

    46. Kate Lynch

      So pretty!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Kate!

    47. iamKomposed

      Those soft colours are so gorgeous! I really enjoyed this process video and I can't wait to see what other layouts you make with the kit!

      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks so much!

    48. Nathalie Yvon


      1. Missy Whidden

        Thanks, Nathalie!