SEE YOU AGAIN featuring Kali Uchis

Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator

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    From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* --------
    DIR: Wolf Haley
    DP: Luis Panch Perez
    PRO:Happy Place

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    1. OnlyJokess

      Im thinking if i should dedicate this song to my girl lol

    2. Gissell Vasquez

      Am I the only one that thinks Kali & Tyler should go on tour together or make a whole ass album?

    3. boi thunda

      What was that extra verse?

    4. Emma York

      I want to marry u 👌🏻👌🏻😂

    5. TheOneAndOnlyLordUglyFlorist


    6. Katzi Draws

      Kalis verse gives me tingles

    7. Garry Wishdie


    8. gc1543 xd

      This shit is fire


      estamos esperando você no Brasil... mother fuck... kisses

    10. Lauryn

      genius. 🐐.

    11. And Rewww

      Can u guys suggest other tyler song?

    12. I H A V E N O N A M E

      Wait am i the only one who read wiz khalifa in the title

    13. billy from hell

      Good song

    14. Leo

      I don’t understand the video tho but it’s soooo good

    15. 97060949034034934983


      1. Igot1penn y

        97060949034034934983 yee

    16. Benny Miranda

      That phone is only able to make calls to and from different parts of the ship

    17. Dejuan Williams

      Bro keep doing your damn thang !!!

    18. Pual

      catchy asf

    19. evan gundlach

      Once you fall in love come back and listen to this, you’ll relate so much too it. Ik this cuz it’s happening for me right nowwww 🌳🌻🐝🐞🌸

    20. Porky Pug

      This is pretty much like the Renaissance period but for Tyler The Creator

    21. Jegura08 Plays

      The girls squad looks like bananas

    22. mo bamba

      who else bought some golf t-shirts the other day

    23. mo bamba

      can we get a odwgkta reunion plz

    24. Froggit _

      0:09 A$AP Rocky is that you i see in there??

    25. Кирилл Ларкин

      tyler has seen karlson

    26. sonny lee

      ASAP rocky just there chillin

    27. Skodm

      didnt expect it to turn into where this flower blooms

    28. Big


    29. Rozes

      20 20 20 20 vision, cupid hit me with precision

    30. Me 101

      This was published on the day after my birthday. Great present.

    31. Flex Piper

      Tyler reppin the Dennis Rodman hair color in this 👍

    32. Gabriela Diaz

      fr can someone sing this song to me so I feel loved 😔

    33. La Tuque

      Been depress for a year and a half now.. Your music is special my guy you re-learnt me life and what really matters. Thats what I call art in the soul. Love u tyler💪🙏

    34. bouncyshield

      1:41 when he says "I" his eye lights up and it got me so hard

    35. Jennifer Kamweny

      T The Goat!

    36. fruitycup of evie

      “Can I get a kiss, and can you make it last forever, I said I’m about to go to war, and I don’t know if imma see you again.” I’m a junior and my crush is a senior joining the military 😭😭

    37. Strayven

      0:06 Does he say relocate, we’re lowkey, or you look in?

    38. Beep Bob Burrick

      I showed this to a fat kid He’s still fat but he liked the song

      1. Aaron Flowers


      2. Exavion Johnson

        imagine one day you get famous off of your stolen comment

      3. psycho bratt


    39. reiilnyckyj

      20/20 20/20 VISION sick of sick of sick of chasing okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay *lmao i can't stop saying these every fucking day do i need help¿?¿*

    40. TURDY_ WATER

      No one gonna mention the fact that his cut looks like a soccer ball

    41. scientificpeople02

      Anyone else triggered by the planes on aircraft carrier?

    42. Kunzang Bhutia

      Tyler low-key tryna save bees.

    43. o X

      Guardian Angels wear red beretss. Gear Up

    44. infinite zero

      im gonna blast this song in 2020

    45. the lord is good

      EYE swear this is poetry

    46. TrossBossinIt

      Only Tyler the Creator can put 3 songs in 1 and make it all blend together

    47. Pickle Wart

      Translation: "Yo niggas, I be gay up in dis biatch! Suk EEET!"

    48. Htx_Cameron

      I understand the bees, but the "run it" kills me 💀

    49. Haley Taylor

      it's an ugly video

    50. Spicy

      0:50 this part always hits me man