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    Music video by Selena Gomez performing Back To You. © 2018 Interscope Records

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    1. amaara A

      Selena will always remain a queen.💕📌

    2. Lee taemin Shinee forever

      I absolutely love this song and selena's look wow super cute♥

    3. Crystal Paulino

      "You know you kind of look like Selena Gomez." I'm DEAD😂😂😃😕

    4. Crystal Paulino

      OMG I love Selena Gomez she inspired me to sing, I've been her biggest fan ever since Wizards of Waverly Place! I screamed when I saw this, I thought, wait she never made a song like this. Omg is this a new song? OMG! Thank you Selena!

    5. سوسو المرزوقي


    6. Hanu Pawan Dwivedi

      Awsome love from india 🎉 😍😍

    7. khadar Barca

      Jb . Sorry one more shot Selena bck to you

    8. Anaïs The Queen

      Hell yeah ♥💣 i need to run with this guy 😂🔫

    9. Jiyoun Han

      _”I wanna hold you when i’m not supposed to_ _When i’m lying close to someone else.”_ *ahem...* this song is about justin, and that someone else is the weeknd...

    10. Hyper Gamer

      The Music Video Has 1M Like and The Lyrics Video Has Also 1M Like Wow!

    11. Laya Hollins

      Bonnie and Clyde anyone?

    12. vale 22 :3

      Alguien vino por kika?

    13. Ari Yani

      Aransement remember for avici

    14. Marray Marr

    15. Marray Marr

    16. Amina

      Reminds me of “the end of the fūcking world”

    17. firman syah

      Selena Gomez's Cousin Christina Aguilera Episodes By Mary, Mary from Goldie & Bear

    18. Eliza Hovhannisyan

      This song makes me genuinely happy

    19. TheLama

      Ждем вас в России

    20. MichaZ


    21. Illuminati Corporation

      Come pls •Illuminati Corporation•

    22. Exotic Ishitaβίντεο-vJQkNhKh7Zs.html Watch my Exclusive Dance on Back to you by Selena Gomez.

    23. Lois

      fuck this sing got to me

      1. Lois


    24. Eris

      -Do you want to steal a car? -Sure WTF?

      1. Michael Richard


    25. Shawntae Richardson

      mm Flo in 6 free u go hide the


      Nice but not the music video is not the one I want

    27. Lost Boys Life

      U r looking like a becky g

    28. Alessandra Wiesse

      Like si vienes por él cover de Kika Nieto :v y ver si la cago tanto como dicen

    29. Carl Johnsen

      Aleyna tilki degilmi bu

    30. 소풍

      She is SO CUTE :D

    31. SELENATOR ##

      Selenatorler yüklenin 70 yapalimmm ^^^^

    32. Xeno :

      What’s the guys name

    33. Shikha Yadav

      This nice song will goto billion views this was 6th time I watched it

    34. Angel P.Ramirex

      Selena es la mejor Hermosa Tierna Dulce Encantadora Actriz Cantante Directora Ella lo es todo

    35. Angel P.Ramirex


    36. Dreyford Somhazn

      100M ??

    37. Mi Yeon Ryeo

      2:16 the male actor looks so gorgeous and adorable omgggg

      1. Michael Richard

        What about his dick?


      FANTASTIC!!❤❤❤❤❤ SALENA ROCKS!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

    39. Mi Yeon Ryeo

      love it from the first time i heard it and Selena's concept recently fitted her best, especially this.

    40. Марина Павлухина

      Love, love, love!

    41. nguyệt phạm

      she so cute

    42. Bayrem Bouzid

      My fav song atm and forever

    43. Gig_al na

      Bruh look at this dude😂😂😂😂😂

    44. Gig_al na

      Selena you have so a children face

    45. Muy Mirw

      Why isn’t she performing this, this is a smash hit, it has so much potential.

    46. maks kun

      I'm so confused

    47. Reigh Lee

      What is that guy's name?

    48. Aydiid Mohamed Adeed Aydiid Mohamed Adeed

      1:51 ( Drama) best song Selena Gomez Jun 2018 63 millions wow

    49. ZOOM NEPAL


    50. Batool Xxx

      I like the 60s 70s vibes😍