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    Music video by Selena Gomez performing Back To You. © 2018 Interscope Records

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    2. Itsmiclle

      Why hasn’t she posted on Instagram after she got out of the hospital

    3. Jessica Murrieta

      This is exactly like a french new wave movie, like the story line from Breathless and the style of A Woman is a Woman.

    4. R HUBBARD

      HOLY COW !--This video, it's ..... Read more

    5. RHB Studıo

      Selena gomez daily 💜❤️βίντεο-mnXREWXHrOc.html

    6. Camila M

      Wow 🎶❤️

    7. Mickey D

      Could have used a little more cowbell...

    8. Robert Truman Romero

    9. juan carlos romero

      HOli selena gomez

    10. Elizabeth Jolene

      I’m confused what the song really means.!!

    11. Elizabeth Jolene


    12. Urszula Szwch

      She looks like a little girl 😄 Cute 💙

    13. Tee H

      Jail = death (Jelena is death)

    14. Kethlyn Viana

      Dezembro 2018?

    15. Abdulrahim Jalloh

      Selena, r u and the boy going to fall in love, steal a car that isn't ur's or the mans car, and actually go on a vacation to Paris, Russia etc and I really think u guyz would go to jail for doing that but u guyz actually didn't at the end of the song/video

    16. leeoh moon

      she shows her ars.e sings about boom boom with her boyfriend, brainwashes young kids and ends up in a psychiatric hospital, ppl wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! change the channel ASAP

    17. Treshawna Vickers

      Selena your such a role model to me and i cant believe were both born on the 22 of July. I love u so much when I figured out we were born on the same day, I burst into tears because your 1 of my FAVORITE person

    18. Spezial Kandas


    19. im out

      Love this song...feel the hurts

    20. Ramngaihawmi Sailo

      You could break my heart in two,but when it heals it's beat for you..CJ 💗

    21. Hanabi Sama

      1:30 ok now im confused loooool XDD!!

    22. Celia Rocchia

      luving the music video. But wtf that made me laugh so bad at the beginning :"wanna steal a car?". "sure" like wtf how do you say that so casually lmao

    23. Maria kondo

      Excuse me? Who is ariana grande? SELENA OUR QUEEN😍😍😍😍💍

    24. NhanDeepGaiVEVO

      Selena: I am so sick of that same old love! Taylor: Shake it off then. Selena: But the heart wants what it wants. Taylor: Then are you ready for it? Selena: Yeah, I know how to kill em with kindness. Taylor: Then it's all to well.

    25. Larissa Veloso

      this music video has so many metaphors, Selena is amazing.

    26. Nanao __

      She looks like Dora

    27. ARB MUSIC

      If I could reach 50 likes I will do a cover of this songs

    28. Shallom Gratia

      bruhh i so like this song so much

    29. The BBM

      This song just screams Justin Bieber

    30. shmuli9

      My goodness - she looks like France Gall in this video.

    31. Ela Dinçer

      I think Let JB go to hailey and start a New life. A strongrer, a happier life. I love you and you deserve the best❤️

    32. Halima Abdi

      I love the music video.

    33. Jeanette Cisneros

      JELENA I think she is talking about Justin Bieber right

    34. Michelle Bieber

      Selena slays Ariana Grande in every possible way.

    35. srishti arya

      At 3:19 she's reading a book something called "... Infidelity" and then says" we have to burn the car" aaahhhhh!! whydid I notice this now onlyy...don't go berserk on me like "duh!! we know that already" hehe just saying..

    36. srishti arya

      If only stealing car was that easy....

    37. Xian Toykam


    38. wolf awa

      Mi cerebro dice: Thank u, next Pero mi corazón dice: Back to you :(

    39. Nicole Jouvence

      Ahegao at 1:48

    40. maribel Perez

      Selen♡ Gómez i love

    41. Stung Hav

      Wow nice voice's

    42. CimouL


    43. ride on

      @Selina..stay strong, and do not loose your self..easy to say, but hard to so. ✌

      1. ride on

        So means do



    45. Jesus Tovar

      1:35 😍😍

    46. Abiha Shahid

      Did anyone else get Dora vibes from her

    47. LIZA ALIZ

      This is her relationship with JB.. Yes, even though they have someone else, still they want each other. They tried to escape from the public's eye. But when they were found out, Selena can't risk her career.. Her reputation is at stake, but with JB,he doesn't give a damn, he used to having his reputation at risk . But Selena, decided to go back to the limelight (party in the MV) despite JB's resistance because he loved her so much. But Selena burned the car (end their relationship), Justin didn't want it. Despite this, they went back to the party as if nothing happened . Selena thought that this relationship is a cycle, that they are still going to end up with each other. Unexpectedly, Justin was tired of this game, he wants to settle down with a girl who can publicly acknowledge him, and that's Hailey. After finding this out , Selena can't accept that this is happening , her fantasy shattered. That's why she's depressed RN.

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