Selfie With A Whale

Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet

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    1. Vincent de smedt

      *Secret cow police department*

      1. Random Person


      2. AnnaBeth McCain

        omg i have your profile pic as my screen saver!!!

      3. Alert Zoom

        Vincent de smedt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      4. MARZY48

        Vincent de smedt Hahah lol

      5. A c h i

        ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE!

    2. gaming time

      That's a load of barnicals

    3. Mira Efron

      *Living in your own bubble*

    4. Hunnan Hussain

      Wait, You are telling me fishes sleeps? Woah, didn't knew that.

    5. Hunnan Hussain

      Why the heck the graph is moving!?


      1:40 when your hungry

    7. Dark Angel

      Them cows are snitches...jk jk

    8. libertystang

      Selfie with a _whale_

    9. Lucky the Floofy Cat

      *Those cows smell the criminal on her* lol

    10. Echo Bregania

      Can I carry it?

    11. Isaiah Garcia

      1:37 how my dog eats

    12. Trinity

      *Goats are the best at tap dancing*

    13. SOLGALEO 4 LIFE :3

      H e l p I m u s t f I n d t h a t p o s s u m v i d e o

    14. ・ω・Jay

      C R I M E C O W S

    15. Th3 Gam3r

      I didn’t know cows could flank Well you learn something new every day

    16. • Avigator •

      1:38 ASMR

    17. Sly Stitched

      1:35 when i bring gum to class

    18. GavTheCat10

      Wait how does the fertility rates thing work?

    19. Kunji 8p99

      Cow takes thot patrol

    20. TELETUBBIES v69.69

      1:31 2018 ASMR

    21. the introverted yooper

      1:31 trigger warning: loud chewing by a multitude of possums

    22. youwannaseesomemagic

      lmao dogs in the end

    23. Dark Cave Spider

      Me at emergency room. Doctor, so sir, what did you overdose on? Me: internet

    24. tim moore

      Who here’s WiFi sucks

    25. Billy Benkins

      possom asmr

    26. Scarlett’s Adventures

      Pause at 1:42 the guy in the back

    27. Kiwi Dew

      Wow that selfie was a whale of a capture I mean it’s not often you sea such an amazing sand taken photo. You may not like my puns but I know you can’t fish such awesomeness from your back pocket. Heh at reef I’m eel making puns...... But really people would dive for my puns. Man I should come up with some good pun tidals. Well I’ll finn out later. I liked my own comment cuz no one else would doesn’t that deserve a wave.

    28. C9 SnD Fan


    29. EL JC

      1:32 6 tlacuaches doo doo doo doodoo

    30. LiL pUmPy

      selfie with ur mom

    31. Mineninjaextreme

      1:31 Bring me da queen She is butaful Do you know da wae I know da wae Show me da wae Don frez I neva frez

    32. Ay Jay

      *Eating at McDonalds be like: **1:32*

    33. Chris Toler

      That cow thing happened right by my old house

    34. Randomfrozonpotato

      What are facility rates

    35. Reed Daniel Cuevas

      *group of cows* *YOUR STUPED*

    36. Liam Godl


    37. Mr. Bird

      spam the 0 button on your keyboard

    38. Bin Kein Wal

      Geil Walis

    39. Kieran Churchill

      1:31 my family at the dinner table.

    40. twirly whirly


    41. GM Videos

      Wales are literally amazing like theres nothing wrong or bad about them. They love everything theyre so cute. Ive decided. Tgeyre my spirit animal

    42. Cupof TAE

      1:36 asmr taken to the next level

    43. Zoe Hal

      1: 40 Asmr 😂😂😂

    44. Tocix dude

      He looks so proud of himself

    45. angwa _

      The ultimate defence against mosquitoes

    46. YummierHook385

      1:33 when u go to kindergarten birthday

    47. That One Hippie Moose

      0:18 What if that parachute didn’t work and no one told the guy. R.I.P.

    48. avert

      fun fact: it takes 12 hours to watch all of his videos