Sharks That Live For 400 Years

Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet

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    1. Sanjoy Kumar Mitra

      That shark is older than America

      1. Hannah Britton

        +danieloo i live in America and I can confirm this

      2. Maxwell Westkamper

        +Tero well technically Christopher Columbus never stepped foot on america

      3. Gregoryderpwrld 1

        Last comment

      4. Blue Dragon


      5. Krazy Glue


    2. Tatsu Narumi

      No one survived the volcano in Pompeii. I learnt it at school in 2017. (Year 5).

    3. howler geno x

      0:38 Sammy Lawrence from bendy in the ink machine

    4. Shibly Rahaman

      The Shark has to wait 150 years just to get laid

    5. Donovan Reese

      That robot one is fucking horrifying

    6. GuyBronson

      le toucan has arrived

    7. Dirchtang

      0:32 the fallout 4 synth has replaced us

    8. before the internett no one got so easly offended

      where we landin bois

    9. Gaming Lul

      You’re low key the best GR-news channel because you don’t clickbait and what the photo is before click it Is always the first one

    10. Gold bluz

      Is this myyy daily dose of internet?

    11. Panda Pies

      0:45 NO what was that where did it go why the cut AAAAAAAAAAA

    12. camillia

      0:40 imagine this shit just walking around your house

    13. RE4L Miles

      I swear I heard Gucci go 2:53

    14. TBOTI Clan


    15. Lee Stone

      Is it just me but the bird cage at the end reminded me of the movie Bird Box, if you haven't seen that movie yet, GO WATCH IT

    16. Weylyn

      1:24 *Man in za Mirror intensifies*

    17. Copy Cat

      That boy casually just made a laggy version of a Nintendo.

    18. Rory Matthews

      That fire is wazting breath

    19. Rory Matthews

      Okay so robots have been invented

    20. тαкυмα, кαzυмα

      If it dose im watching so many It mean im overdose?

    21. Yui Senpaii


    22. Sunniva Jørgensen

      0:04 We have that shark in Norway as well. It’s called «Håkjerring» here.

    23. Marek Halás

      Can they turn that robot into she? That would be well just imagine XD

    24. 12,992 Views

      Is no one gong to talk about the toucan

    25. Alma Clarke

      0:33 Run. Just plain RUN

    26. LoneWolf CreativeGaming

      My metabolism is probably about as slow as that shark’s

    27. killer 1560

      00:00 me on 5hour energy

    28. Aaron Cherkas

      ive been luck enough to go to Pompeii and its actually insane

    29. xuxxi jen from Greenland

    30. Inuki Rasmussen

      Someone found a polar bear in a Greenland shark. Edit: and also greetings from Greenaland!

    31. ARandom VideoMaker

      Tocan go aAnn ananANNNN ANNANNANA ANA SS AN AANA

    32. Gustav Nilsson

      That robot is so creepy

    33. Megan Lytle

      2:52 hold up, do they sell these for ukeleles

    34. Emerson Shields

      0:41 I'm having fallout 4 flashbacks...

    35. Timachyia Jennings

      What if the sharks are only slow around humans

    36. Diamond DestroyerGaming

      when one finishes another one begins (meaning when i finish one of DDOI videos i watch another one)

    37. PresentTalk

      0:33 *Excuse me?* -I need to get off this planet now.-

    38. Soft.solbs

      0:43 oh hell nah-

    39. A person

      The shark that live for 400 years

    40. VaultBit Gaming

      Detroit become human is gonna be real

    41. Bwekfes Is crazy

      1748 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    42. Nicky MR

      0:32 yeah ummm i dont like that...this thing is fucking creepy

    43. Lucy Betancourt

      0:33 Omg! For a moment I thought it was a person in a costume but NOOOO! IT’S A FUCKING AI!

    44. Rosie Gamer

      That robot looks like rthro

    45. RoGamingBros - SN Animator

      The Greenland Shark: The Shark that is older than the History of America

    46. MisoSoda

      Imagine that robot following you while you walk through the woods during the dark, cold night.

    47. vhazard

      ive has 100 doses of internet in 1 day

    48. Floppy Gaming

      The robot at the start was vr.

    49. JustAnotherInsectNerd

      Imagine the things that that shark experienced throughout its life...(minus darkness, water, food, etc.)

    50. Jayson Schneider

      5 mil face reveal 🤔🧐