Sharks That Live For 400 Years

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Daily Dose Of Internet

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    1. Sanjoy Kumar Mitra

      That shark is older than America

      1. TheParkouringNoob Arham


      2. jIm wow

        Tero r/wooosh

      3. Its Funneh

        Sanjoy Kumar Mitra lol true! 😂😂😂

      4. momo da Kitten

        But it's younger than 500. BTW im the 500th comment

      5. Strionic

        There are more comments than years in America's history

    2. hehe gamin

      that shark got a new nickname as slothshark

    3. nut zeeb

      0:33 detroit: *become satan*

    4. Godz Gaming

      0:57 bad fps....

    5. Chris Ward

      2:07 Fortnite players be wondering how much wood they’re getting

    6. Oscar Argyle

      0:39 We're all gonna die

    7. Cyber Lemon The Channel of Lonely

      2:35 me whenever I socialize

    8. Angela Rapisarda

      imagine that robot looking at you through your window...

    9. cool guy


    10. Nicholas Tsai

      0:32 if I see that roaming around I'm gone.

    11. The RGB Gamer 071

      That toucan sounds like my xbox hard drive.

    12. mystictruth


    13. Тодор Трендафилов

      The shark its not 400 years old :O its 312 xD

    14. Trinity

      Woah Worlds first magical lizard It disapeared 😂👍

    15. Toaster Burns

      0:35 as soon as I saw it was a robot I said it needs to be killed lol

    16. Toxik Tea

      Why does no one pay attention to how cool it was to make a cardboard video game. Most people in that country are dying because of maduro (not correct grammar but ya).


      I like how most of comments are about Detroit become human

    18. Jeremiah s

      Goddamn synths

    19. carl linz


    20. RampantArtist

      greenland sharks have a bizarre mandible that basically strips seals like you'd peel an orange... they are slow but are capable of incredible sudden bursts of speed. They have to be to catch healthy seals. There is a doc somewhere on youtube about how in places like sable island the researchers had no ida what was causing these bizarre seal carcasses... go look it up. After I watched that I would never take the rick of diving so close to one of these guys.

    21. paamaxows

      The shark lives on carcasses at the bottom of the ocean. They are like zombie sharks

    22. Fngrlcd

      0:47 can we talk about it?

    23. LPSDestiny Tv

      0:48 bird asmr

    24. nael.mp4

      I buy from underground reptiles

    25. Yurimae Dasco

      0:33 Oh! That’s just Mark. He just forgot to put on his human skin!

    26. Ultimate Angel

      2018 - 2019 bird on crack

    27. TheKnightYa546 546

      you know where the drone went up the street in pompeii well i walked up that exact street and if you guys where curious why there is huge rocks going accros the roas well thats because it flooded wjit something in humans ewww

    28. Captain _Carl30

      Where is that lizard think link

    29. Subsident [GD]

      2:01 I wonder how much wood we would get.

    30. T1LT GT

      Why am i addicted to watching ur videos? did u put nicotine in them?

    31. Julinda Ikonomi

      0:39 Detroit: become human

    32. WhooZ

      0:31, imagine that just walking down your street...

    33. Eduardo Branco

      They live for 400 years ? That sound like a choise

    34. Fuck My ass bitch Hehe

      0:33 The Future is coming.....

    35. spar fanpage

      Lik hvis du er fra norge🇧🇻

    36. Mr.FlameGames hh

      Dude I overdosed

    37. lps Hazelnut meh

      I live in Norway but i havent heard of any of 'dose' things

    38. Tony Stank


    39. Joe Swanson

      A moving fossil.

    40. Rose potet

      Hei er det noen fra Norge her som er stolt pågrunn av den videoen? That was Norwegian for you who don't know

    41. Rose potet

      I live in Norway since not everyone can get there they make some small ones around the country!

    42. chimchim_jimin

      Grandpa Shark du du du du du du Grandpa Shark du du du du du Grandpa Shark du du du du du du du du du Grandpa shark

    43. Wade Parker

      That robot 0_o

    44. Lakitu

      0:57 Labo 4 looks good.

    45. I’m such a weeb.

      That toucan is so cute 0/////0

    46. REDROBLOX Gaming

      That’s one creepy robot

    47. Derrick McAdoo

      Source for the walking robot one? Pls and thx

    48. King Doge

      0:32 rA9, the first Android to awaken

    49. Suzanne Melbourne

      0:58 that bump is way too distracting for me to focus on the game

    50. King Chris

      This was before my birthday 🍰