Sharks That Live For 400 Years

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Daily Dose Of Internet

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    1. Sanjoy Kumar Mitra

      That shark is older than America

      1. Gregoryderpwrld 1

        Last comment

      2. Blue Dragon


      3. Krazy Glue


      4. TheParkouringNoob Arham


      5. jIm wow

        Tero r/wooosh

    2. Peter Spirk

      2:02 that’s an easy 999 wood

    3. Qurex

      Greenland sharks, *basically living fossils*

    4. Claire Jane

      The bird is so cute skskks

    5. Don't pokémon and drive

      2:17 burzum

    6. Mathew Rodriguez

      1:00 weird flex but okay

    7. Recluse

      That device is a great way to f up your guitar btw

    8. Phet Pham

      *BURN BABY, BURN.*

    9. Марта Стойкова

      1:43 my grandma has been in Pompeii .,.

    10. allyiah simon

      Wow norwegia really is a sad place.

    11. Braydean James Estillore


    12. AwesomeBros132 YT

      I like how this guy shows what he put on the thumbnail of the vid at the start

    13. Oh Lawd

      LOL, things are going really bad in Venezuela...

    14. Paulina Diaz

      0:33 It's An ABOMINATION

      1. Oh Lawd

        That's what the delivery guy will look like in the future, lol. It's happening, bro. 😨

    15. Joseph W

      1.6 miles per hour is still faster than some people can walk.(at least seems like it)

    16. predatorxxx 173

      0:40 they're evolving

    17. Andrew 0621

      Summer solstice is my birthday

    18. Sindy Chou

      I could break all this wooden pallets for 999wood

    19. jokubas steikunas

      I hawe been in Pompea

    20. Mikalah Mayya Pounds

      me walking home knowing imma get my ass beat for coming home late 0:39

    21. lawyer morty

      0:32 Thats the most scary thing i have seen in my whole life

    22. _ YourNormalBrony07

      That shark are so sad that have to wait so long till they can mate

    23. potato gaming

      I'm doing a project on Pompeii and me and my friends made a sculpture of it and they have really smart architecture

    24. Cédrik Coutu

      0:33 ƿʟȗɢ ẇѧʟҡ

    25. ThatGeoHacker


    26. Neman Nikfarjam

      now he deserves the 80 million subs

    27. Sam Kingston

      #autotune for the guatar

    28. suck a toe

      yeah um do they sell those pegs for violins

    29. Some One

      2:42 *Is there one for violin? Cuz I can’t tune to save life*

    30. nathan anthony

      "because of how slow they are, scientist aren't exactly sure how they hunt their food"

    31. Jason Shang

      So, I was researching Atlantic Goliath Groupers a few years ago, and in my research I found the Greenland Shark.

    32. Fauwaaz Yusuf

      How do u not have 4M subs yet

    33. Guidaツ

      The robot at 0:43 is so creepy... what if it was disguised as a person and was walking like that.... and they have bombs in them so they can explode or something.

    34. rack sack Xperf

      1748 YEET

    35. henlochɪllɪpepper _

      That robot one really freaked the fuck outta me I-

    36. Atomic Shark

      2:04 that's allot of mats

    37. Oscar Thorpe

      0:41 no whey is that a real humanoid robot

    38. teh old sprot

      showing me fish drink oil doesnt make my day better

    39. LunerEclipseMC Vlogs

      0:32 YOU BETTER STOP

    40. Toxic Gaming

      That shark eats nightmares that’s how it eats

    41. Ya Boi Savage_JuiceBox

      0:32 FUCK THAT I’d fucking kill that thing if I saw it roaming my neighborhood hell no

    42. Lazie Nation[PuppyPocorn]

      That wood tower is a good way to pollute air (not a good thing 👌) but it looks cool at least

    43. Ihave kripplingdepression

      Fuck that robot.

    44. 10,000 subscribers without a video challenge

      Pack up guys that walking robot is proof they will replace us

    45. ArM0r3D

      I'm disturbed with that second clip

    46. Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren

      0:32 ......this robot is so strange to look at. It´s very fascinating. But kind of creepy at the same time :-)

    47. ChaosBacon

      Why is there a click sound at almost all of his videos in the beginning? 0:00

    48. Genna Genna Vandella

      The greenland shark is the bigger version to the cookie cutter shark with similar teeth located on the lower jaw. Both species latch on to prey and and spin in circular motion, biting off chunks of meat leaving a circular wound on the victim. The greenland shark mostly feeds on big animals like Whales.

    49. ryyn711 mmm

      0:33 Is that real? Because I'm pretty sure it's from a game or a animation

    50. LionN00b

      ive been to pompeii... the most interesting thing was the random fat cats just lying on the rock getting stroked by tourists xd