Shawn Mendes - Youth (Lyric Video) ft. Khalid



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    Music video by Shawn Mendes performing Youth. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Anna Helene

      Shawn I love you and all what you have. I'm your biggest fan. You are so good looking! All your songs are awesome. Aou are awewsome!😍❤

    2. Hannah


    3. brittany lee

      This song gives me vibes when I was in Vietnam

    4. lazuncho fenove


    5. lazuncho fenove

      You are sexy

    6. no tears Left to cry

      5 months and im still crying.

    7. JJ&NATE Playzz

      Omg first I am his sister on just on his phone so ya and you Incurage me because I get bullied so much and you incurage and make my day!

    8. Ms7deadlysins

      I felt like committing suicide this morning but this song made me rethink my thoughts

      1. Fernanda Moreno Santana

        +Ms7deadlysins OBVIOUSLY! ;)

      2. Ms7deadlysins

        +Fernanda Moreno Santana aww, thanks. ❤

      3. Fernanda Moreno Santana

        +Ms7deadlysins but you are important...please don't think that you are not,because EVERY person in this world are important

      4. Ms7deadlysins

        +Fernanda Moreno Santana shawn Mendes is my inspiration and his music always hits me real hard to the heart.

      5. Ms7deadlysins

        +Rafael Fontez I felt really disgusted with myself. Like I wasn't important enough. I hated my life. I suffer from major depression and I get panic attacks every day.

    9. michalko Bucek

      You can't take my youtumbe

    10. Potsi

      Voices fit so well together.

    11. Potsi

      Voices fit so well together.

    12. Hazel Damar


    13. Hao Hao

      pain but I wont let it turn into hate no I wont let it change me

    14. María Soledad Mascaró

      i'm in tears for the lyrics! this is so emotional! i feel identified with this♡ thank you guys for make a beautiful song!💖💖

    15. Rebecca Luvs ღ

      My big sis played this in the car, I loved it so I asked her what it was called, she told me and now I'm here, I'M OBSESSED, MY NEW FAVE SONG!!

    16. Sofi Martinez

      Ajjajaja amooo esta canción me encanta, y aveces es como si escuchara: " You can't take mi youtube wey "😅😂😂💖💖💖💖 I LOVE YOU SHAWN 💖💖💖💖💗

    17. Abul Hasnat

      WHO IS THE FRICKIN 13K THAT DISLIKED DIS? (I just wanna know tbh nbr k?)

    18. Laura Emily

      Amuh mt mt mt mt. Mtmtm ♥️💗❤️💗❤️💗♥️❤️💗💗❤️♥️💗❤️💗♥️💗♥️💗❤️💗❤️💗♥️💗♥️💗❤️💗♥️💗💕❤️💗

    19. Cindia Carolina Soto Fernandez

      2 0 1 9??

      1. Fernanda Moreno Santana

        I will be here

    20. ItsElviObi1

      I fell in love with this song when Shawn Mendes begien to sing

    21. i love pizza

      I am in love

    22. Raverzoz CN

      S Sh sha Shaw Shawn Shawn m Shawn Me Shawn Men Shawn Mend Shawn Mende Shawn Mendes Shawn Mende Shawn Mend Shawn Men Shawn Me Shawn M Shawn Shaw Sha Sh S

    23. Marie Bourgeois

      They kinda have the same type of voice but not the same sound😍

    24. Sandranathalia Gutierrez Hernandez

      Octubre 2018 ❤❤❤❤

    25. crazy pro

      zd alll

    26. Roxana Insaurralde

      Creo que por fin conseguí el fandom dónde quiero quedarme y alentar,saludos Argentina🇦🇷

    27. Niyati Kar

      shawn you are an inspiration to everyone. I LOVE THIS SONG

    28. Mira

      I didn't know I needed this😍

    29. Laura Wesson

      y yo you you c you ca you can you cant you cant t you cant ta you cant tak you cant take you cant take m you cant take my you cant take my y you cant take my yo you cant take my you you cant take my yout you cant take my youth you cant take my youth a you cant take my youth aw you cant take my youth awa you cant take my youth away you cant take my youth awa you cant take my youth aw you cant take my youth a you cant take my youth you cant take my yout you cant take my you you cant take my yo you cant take my y you cant take my you cant take m you cant take you cant tak you cant ta you cant t you cant you can you ca you c you yo y wow that took a while

    30. sugma bitch

      Khalid’s voice 👌🏻

    31. El Seidy Imeme

      Chanson très émouvante, pour moi !

    32. Mimas Melati

      you can take my youth the way👍

    33. 쿠마크 9!독!

      I've listened to this song over 300 times = I love this song so much! [갓띵곡!]

    34. Joly Ayad

      Best duo out there 😍

    35. Anette Gonzalez

      why am i crying in my sleep...IDK

    36. Alexandra Matthews

      you cant take my youth away as long as I wake up today you cant take my youth away

    37. Normal Stickman

      u cant take MY Youth away unless i die thats true

    38. FATZANA Last

      Shawn Mendez : my celebrity crush / he is mine so back off

      1. Fernanda Moreno Santana


    39. Nick World


    40. Alejandro Garcia

      viva bogota

    41. Jennifer Faircloth

      I love this song

    42. Verci Freitas

      alguem ai é brasileiro ???

    43. GravPlays LoL

      This song explains my life...

    44. Johanna Rhy

      This song is so much better than the songs that promotes sex.. finally a good music to listen to

    45. abdul rafey shahid

      The lyrics are just so powerful

    46. Wiktoria Koszuta

      18th October? Love your voices 💋❤️❣️💕💖🇵🇱💗💞

    47. erlina dwi


    48. Liza Noni Pramanik

      Good bless the souls of the kids that died in the school shooting

    49. Poging Pogi

      Jesser collabing with khalid wow :) 2hype anyone?