My Bedroom = My Fashion: DIY Clothes Ideas and Fashion Hacks By Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda

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    Make these simple but genius fashion hacks in your bedroom with Crafty Panda. Learn how to tie a head scarf and reuse old bed sheets, plus more awesome fashion hacks and DIY ideas.
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    1. Queen Shugaa

      ma'am how big do I need for a plus size version of this?

    2. جنى محمود شهرايار

      والله روعه بس ما فهمت ولا اشي

    3. Teresita Miranda L.


    4. Катаріна Дмитрієва

      Ужас. Нужно на машинке шить, а не руками.

    5. Lilly Goq

      at least she cuda gotten the thread same color as the fabric to blend in better.

    6. Lotte

      This is not something I want, this is something I NEED

    7. Sss Hhh

      Это наверно круто ходить в под одеяльниках

    8. Olesya Adamovih

      Темнокожая девушка такая красивая!!!

    9. Priscilla Mendez

      Thank 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Bless.i love them allllllllllllll.

    10. Galaxy Girl

      Everyone in here is wearing a bedsheet :D

    11. Софина Софина

      Класс 👏

    12. Martha Torres C

      Muy bien

    13. Sandra Soeli Santos


    14. Honelyn Alarcon


    15. Fareena Musafir

      Ur coppy

    16. gracia luindi

      Unbelievable !!! Wow

    17. Susan Mwaura

      Best video I've seen in a long time

    18. Dorothy Harris

      WAY better then 5-minute crafts 😆😆👍👍👍

    19. MissShack1

      what material are your sheets made of?

    20. Meu Gato

      You are very nice!!! 👏👏👏

    21. Jelliana Nicole Montero

      ang ganda. ng kulay pula

    22. Mc Marcelly

      Assiste esse vídeo

    23. Basma Boukhemis

      الفيديو كلو حلو❤

    24. Everlyn Mijuanda


    25. Aisha Sabir

      very nice...

    26. Nyi Iteunk

      Teu nyambung pola na geeeee Teu sarua jeng nu di pake

    27. Myna Innovative Crafts

      Nice video frnd...

    28. Esther Nabulya


    29. Garry Williams

      Love your channel, looking forward to seeing more

    30. عمر مزيكا

      البنطلون مفهوشفتحة ما شاء الله

    31. عمر عمر

      Nice work much you are so excited about my life is good 💚💚💚💗💗💗💜💜💓💓💛💜💜💘✨

    32. Xhavit Bytyqi


    33. D RuleBreaker Goswami

      That boy made me ROFL😁🤣😂

    34. D RuleBreaker Goswami

      How cutie pie that Black T-shirt wearing turban girl is😍😍😍😘

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    36. Poonam smart kitchen

      Excellent 👌👌👌👌👌👌

    37. vibranic sounds

      very faltu

    38. غزولة غزوله

      والله جميل

    39. Maria Helena Mari

      I Love this vídeo

    40. Alexandra Wimmer

      made in your bedroom! Thats how it looks!!

    41. عاشقت الانمي

      الفيديو كلش حلو

    42. Ramraja  Goswami

      which fabric is used in this dress...plz tell me

    43. Kenan Ahmedov

      Ayyyyyy sizin hayraninizim😇😊

    44. Emma Arif

      So cool to watch 👍🏻

    45. Cooking with Siddhi

      Amazing fashion hacks. Loved each and every hacks very much.

    46. Rayaneب Choucou


    47. Kikiope Adenika

      What about a child, can the child wear it to

    48. Keyry Boom


    49. Sangita Sahu

      very boring

    50. Ishika Singh

      ये शिये है मुझे अच्छे से वताइये plz घर मे ये बनाई नही बना