Smokepurpp - Nephew ft. Lil Pump (Official Music Video)



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    Directed by Millicent Hailes
    Commissioned by Lucas Prevost
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    1. smokepurpp


      1. Troady

        smokepurpp almost the last comment

      2. Troady

        smokepurpp yooo wtf

      3. Quinaya Chulung

        smokepurpp aaaàaaaaaawwwwwwwweeeeeeeesssssssooooommmmmeeeeee

      4. Jose 69


      5. Saucy Tomatoes

        Last reply

    2. The Donald Funk

      2 of the lamest people on earth

    3. Beefy Tingle

      Lil pump gained weight

    4. This Comment is On Steriods

      How is this popular? It's garbage

    5. Connor Mac

      0:28 when you're the only one who bullied the weird kid and he shoots up the school while you're on vacation

    6. The Rave

      0:38 Smokepurp sniped *LIL PUMP* ( 250 meters)

    7. emmanuel rivera

      That riced out accord tho 😂😂

    8. RoyalLion 56

      No talents just garbage please stop

    9. Devialyz Menendez Cesareo

      why did lil pump copy xxxtetacion hair and eyebrows thing rip x

    10. User Not found

      Ugly ass brits

    11. Hussle Crowe

      “Hit you, in the face with a doo doo ball”

    12. Andrea Davis

      When u try to do the building glitch in fortnite but don't work now 2:02

    13. Champsy 2004

      Like I'm DoOdLeBoB

    14. Jawaun Clark

      Chase the money chase the money!

    15. Christopher Cadwallader

      47 million views Smh

    16. Arthur Gonzalez

      that bitch looks like tyga lmao

    17. FatBastard

      why this nigga wearin plastic

    18. llama hyped

      0:37 what is he shooting at?

    19. Lorena Torres


    20. NeonFilmsTV

      you guys rob and vandalize a store and talk about guns, drugs and other shit but blur out a middle finger???

    21. Am I DOMZ ?

      1:36 When 6ix9ine show up at your birthday

    22. A Universe Fallen

      I though I was watching quality music like kilo but Its just 2018 itsy bitsy spider

    23. Andy Limon

      this is by far the stupidest shit ive ever seen or listened to.

    24. Kaden Edgington

      All I here lil pump Sha sha

    25. Kaden Edgington

      Tay-k+youngboy=saquon barkley

    26. timysan pro

      By for

    27. Марат Гарееа

      womp womp bite

    28. JAbeats

      yo would appreciate if you would check my Ronny J X smokepurrp type beat!βίντεο-2urSRgauON8.html

    29. Ionut Starceanu


    30. Christian Holmegaard

      GOD SONG

    31. redd ei ole

      What lil pump 0.27

    32. Cryptonic Creep

      I'm selling replays 0:28 0:28 0:28 0:28 0:28 0:28


      When you try to be like lil pump... Lil pump: 2:02

    34. Reed

      What the fuck is this shit

    35. Tim & Hugo

      00:21 that "ooh" sounds like Comethazine

    36. pedro alex

      I like how lilpump looks and his chains

    37. bohemian grunge


    38. REKT R.a.R

      womp womp is better

    39. LilDoggo 1337

      I will hit your nephew !!!!! 😆😆😆😆

    40. florence district

      Wtf is this garbage

      1. EDR MoneyzYT

        Your mom

    41. Earl jones


    42. Raj Bihari


    43. That Meme Dealer

      anyone in this vid ever heard about oral Hygiene?

    44. IRA _684

      This shit is garbage what happened to rap

    45. Playbøy

      these niggas really out here wearing techwear

    46. CizreK

      Idk how people like this trash.

    47. 1233arceus

      We’re doomed nice knowing y’all

    48. Shell Brownlow

      lil pump sounds lighter then usually

    49. The Patriot of Course

      Sounds like a chief keef song

    50. blaklightning_03

      0:28 when mom got McDonalds