Smokepurpp - Nephew ft. Lil Pump (Official Music Video)



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    Directed by Millicent Hailes
    Commissioned by Lucas Prevost
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    1. smokepurpp


      1. Carguy 43

        Like ur doodlebob

      2. Remis el Bro

        I am the 500 coment...

      3. Althebeast12

        smokepurpp I swear to god that I read this as soon as I heard it

      4. Bossbrianbj 064


      5. Moumen Djambaz


    2. Hydro_Elem3nt

      Chippinchippi and nephew

    3. tiffany zavala

      i cant find any comments about those fucking teeth so i need to write one

    4. nablows


    5. Sniper Elite1221

      1:32 when its dripping

    6. Sniper Elite1221

      1:32 pause

    7. Sniper Elite1221

      shit slaps harder than my moms chancla

    8. Harley Quinn

      Hell ya shit getting lit bitch 🔥

    9. can I get 50 subs with no videos

      Doodlebob has left the chat--------

    10. Kiana Montoya

      2:20 oovoo javer 🤣

      1. Sniper Elite1221

        ive never been to oovoo javer

    11. Drama

      00:28 when you got new shoes. 02:01 but someone at your school steps on them.

    12. jess no silit

      0:33 when your nut but she still sucking

    13. Camryn Kane

      Womp womp...........?



    15. Aurore Baldeck

      my name is leanna ice bin 13 ans y love you

    16. Sou Ha

      Just here for the meme lol

    17. Leandro Pinto

      2:31 When bae texts: My parents aren't home

    18. 1,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos?

      January 2019?

    19. Rod Del

      I don’t like this rap😐

    20. Lupita Martinez

      Lil pump eres el mejor

    21. Jisha Tomy


    22. Levi Ackerman


    23. Khalid Hassan

      Is it just me or does Lil Pump sound like his balls didn't drop yet?

    24. Duketo Demoledor

      No se que dijo pero mienteeee

    25. Nick H

      0:10 what are wrong with her teeth

    26. Iris Zavala

      My 2 fav rappers finally made a song together❤️❤️

    27. Guillaume Barrière

      Wath the fuck is this ???🤔🤔🤔what is that shit clip and lyrics too. That’s scary 😓🤔

    28. Matthew Garza

      lil pump

    29. 쁘락딴

      아 시발 이게 뭐지 진짜

    30. Anorexic Meme

      What has my Nephew ever done to you?

    31. Kilen Kilen

      Fuck song...

    32. Kalee Giant

      Lil purrp

    33. Maddazouk

      When she said she a freak and she comes from bathroom looking like this 2:10

    34. TheLakeShow323

      :28 wen u bust after no nut November over

    35. Odoo Draa

      2019 anyone?

    36. Hunter Ansell

      2:02 new Sharknado movie intro

    37. B.A.N. GAMING

      The thumbnail is when lil pump pulls out a pistol on a gangster but the gangster pulls out a shotgun

    38. M3M3 90D


    39. Alonzo Bates

      Valee flo all the way

    40. No Homo

      0:40 selling my only replay

    41. 1TD MADE IT

      Purp stole VALEE whoooole sauce lmao smh

    42. Aaron Luna


    43. The Gambler

      Cant wait till these maggots are .......u know187

    44. Gucci Jayy

      1:31 lil pump only put up 4 fingers

    45. Big Chungus

      When you watch that banned pokemon episode that gave people seizures 0:28

    46. Isaac Ford

      You can tell Lil Pump has intelligence when he puts 4 fingers up to the number 6.

    47. Austin Davis

      Them girls ugly AF

    48. Christiaan Pretorius

      0:33 when you have water in your ear.

    49. Santy Niño

      Lil pump like :^ ;^ ----

    50. Mopsik 555