Smokepurpp - Nephew ft. Lil Pump (Official Music Video)



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    Directed by Millicent Hailes
    Commissioned by Lucas Prevost
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    1. smokepurpp


      1. KoolKrisGaming HD

        ayyyy I’m 500 comment

      2. LuckyzYT

        Gang gang

      3. Greg H Smokes Dank

        nigerian sex slaves

      4. Никита Умелец


      5. GUCCI TIGER

        smokepurpp where u been

    2. Dęãth

      when you’re high 2:02

    3. Osckar gonzalez

      tf i was watching something else and this video plays

    4. R3LiSZ

      1.50 speed is sick

    5. L JR

      Stealing valee’s flow

    6. ngun lian

      0:27 when you momma beat yo ass so hard u got a seizure

    7. Elijah dat kidd

      I seen this instrumental

    8. Tybeatsmode 318

      Ice nacho?

    9. John lapham

      Who stole whose flow I been seeing previews for this song for mad long but comethazine dropped something 7 months ago called piped up same flow who the snake

    10. Queen Darya Rashid 11

      0:28 wtf 😂🙈🙈🙊💯🔥. Nice !!! Like it

    11. faze Harris

      any rapper or singer that you think or know is using autotune then play any music video at x1.25 and if they have a rumbling voice then your hypothesis is right (i think lol)

    12. Queen Darya Rashid 11

      Love it 🙈🙉🙊💯🔥🔥🔥

    13. I N H A L E E X H A L E


    14. I N H A L E E X H A L E


    15. Landis


    16. Lil pump

      Ah bitch

    17. Simela Niko

      Bullshit haha

    18. Jonny Chadwick

      I hate seeing dudes straight steal others style.... wow... shame on them for this.

    19. Uglahh Boi

      This song is ass

    20. Prince C

      Mannn if 2pac saw this he would pop both of these clowns

    21. Jay is saucy


    22. Riley Tompson

      They biting comethazines style like they molding a mouth guard

    23. The bannana fishing Martin Martin

      2:02 tho

    24. MrScooterboy1359

      Uber took me to the trap, in a Toyota

    25. isaiah the kid

      Purp and pump

    26. Gabriel Rodrigo

      SmokePurpp - Six Grams Lil Pump-✌✌ 😂😂

    27. tbdm13

      maybe smokepurpp should did this song alone

    28. allen davis

      the bitch with the fucked up teeth gotta go my g!

    29. Color- Killer

      0:28 when you nut and she keeps sucking

    30. L' Espagnol


    31. Lil Flyer

      There are some ugly ass niggas in this video

    32. Trenton Harris

      Put this shit on replay

    33. gamer pro Miguel

      28 when you get more vbuks

    34. Lil Flyer

      This one kid Derek is prolly listening here

    35. marik

      purpp “ 6 grams “ * pump puts up 4 fingers *

    36. davebaxxxter

      hahahhaha man this is NOT hip hop, fkn drugged out bs music

    37. the cringey wale

      Worst song ive ever heard

    38. Scoffing Badge23

      Why they censor the middle finger

    39. CrasyMexican11 5

      Wack ass shit

    40. Asshley Mendez vill

      I like some of y’all music but this is stupid. Fr

    41. YSO

      This melody make me rob my own house

    42. Dave Lo

      When you buy call of duty ghost masks for the video

    43. MOL

      ehhhh Lil pump what happened to you :( I actually like them both but this music isn't that cool like their previous songs

    44. John McGann

      said 6 grams and pump held up 4 fingers. perfect representation of his intelligence

    45. Randomized Gaming

      0:27 When you get the season 5 battle pass😂😂

    46. A K

      WOMP WOMP LIKE IM DOODLEBOB, wait hol up

    47. Keagan Gehring


    48. CardinalRule

      Why are there Vampires in the background and what happened to Lil Pump's face?

    49. UNCLE B

      bit valee hard ..

    50. Ace The God

      Valeee flow....