SOLVED: Yanny or Laurel



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    1. bbb

      I hear lanny

    2. edgyeggz

      the yanny luraual meme is so shit it makes me wanna fukin throw up and die

    3. Forever Diamonds

      I'm trying so hard to hear Yaney .

    4. Eileen Rosas

      Idk but I heard lorel then yanny

    5. Celestar

      I hear Black and Blue

    6. Buddy The Elf

      It's Laurel. Change my mind

    7. fati


    8. soggy eggroll

      when you turn on captions it says yammy

    9. Prototane

      Guys, internet genius here, I figured it out. Both headphones say Laurel which makes it sound like Yanny, you can hear it by removing one headphone

    10. TheAwesomenessity

      Funny, I hear "kill them and molest their corpses.". Crazy.

    11. TheSourPretzel

      Huh I heard Erin

    12. pooper pants

      Fucking idiot.

    13. Diego Nuñez

      All i hear is the yodeling kid👂

    14. zombieskulls aj

      *thank you jack..... Thank you*

    15. Non Important

      I hear "just another trend no one cares after tomorrow"

    16. Ends Of The Earth

      I didn’t know this channel still existed

    17. INeverWanted2010

      This is my favorite episode of Gas Station TV.

    18. Surpeme

      Someone else hear nigger?

    19. coolcaptain pants

      I laughed so hard

    20. Its Fmv

      I heard my phone say stop using me

    21. Gabriel Samson


    22. FireBreathBunny2

      You: Laurel other You: yanny Me, an intellectual: yaMMy

    23. Guadalupe Picon

      Well, there's 39 seconds of my life wasted.

    24. SilentGamerPlayz

      *pours shot* *drinks out of bottle*

    25. TeepeeInMyBunghole

      i hear covefe

    26. Elizabeth McKee


    27. Brian Willott

      Science for the win!

    28. Captain Freedom

      I heard “bald.”

    29. pwnage 69

      I thought we agreed to not argue about this stuff after the whole dress thing.

    30. shoobadoo123

      You can tell jack hears laurel cause he said yanny wrong at the beginning. It’s not yawn-eee, it’s yanny similar to how you’d pronounce nanny

    31. Geo Geko

      Instead of yanny or laural i heard I want to die

    32. Amanda Brown

      0:03 YAWNY?!

    33. Bificalera2

      Now I hear laurel , but before I hearn yanny .


      sometimes i hear yanny sometimes i hear laurel

    35. TomTom

      *Hey Jsauce, Copied Comment Here.*

    36. Taehyung is My gucci boy

      I hear kill me kill me pls kill me

    37. Srikar Patri

      I hear all star for some reason

    38. Ealasaid MacLean

      When I hear it I hear today’s sponsor!

    39. Jessica Torres

      Sometimes i hear yanny and some other times i hear laurel

    40. Bloody Blue

      I see white and gold

    41. Taco Bell

      All I could hear was "today's sponsor is blue apron"

    42. Prod. KeeperThaReaper

      The biggest meme is you receiving this nonsense C’MON JACK GET IT TOGETHER!!!💕

    43. Golden Legacy

      I can hear both Yanny and laurel no lie

    44. gogomen101

      if you boost your volume to max you hear laural, but if you minimise your volume you hear yanny

    45. TheGamingBroz

      I just realized that Jacksfilms was putting shots in his glass and then drank the whole bottle.

    46. Prophet Brady


    47. Savage GhosT

      I heard Chris Pratt is a pussy

    48. C Williams

      Dude ain't funny at all.

    49. Terry Ford

      Lmao ok the subtitles say it’s “Yammy”