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    This week on Basics I’m teaching you how to Sous Vide. Sous Vide has become a home kitchen essential over the past few years providing restaurant quality results at an affordable price point. It can help make the perfect steak medium rare, the perfect tender pork chop or even safe to eat cookie dough.
    NOTE: Raw flour can still contain pathogens - pasteurize your flour by baking separately for 10 minutes at 350F!
    Ingredients & Grocery List:
    Peeled Ginger
    Green onion
    Soy Sauce
    Fish Sauce
    Plain white sugar
    Pork Belly
    Porterhouse steak
    Olive oil
    Bacon fat
    Special Equipment:
    Sous Vide
    Butcher Twine
    Vacuum Sealer
    Vacuum Sealer Bags
    Watch the livestream rebroadcast here:βίντεο-iF2yGGfGv18.html
    "Apples and Butterflies" by Blue Wednesday'
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    1. Nick Clegg

      I'm so poor 😴 looks so good 🤤

    2. Vali Zeth

      Cant you eat raw eggs in america?

    3. Matthew Ray

      You didn't even dry the surface of the meat before searing. which is why your crust wasn't very good. Always pat down the surface of the meat and allow it to air dry for a few min before searing otherwise you will steam the surface and end up with grey spots.

    4. Hanserfratz

      1:14 smacc

    5. Deku

      There is a blood dripping out of the steak

    6. Lynellf

      Can we get you and Brad on another video? Thanks.

    7. _Your Worst Nightmare_

      Oh dear llamas I would eat that steak so quick 😋😋 slightly drooling bahaha I love my steak medium rare if it goes past medium rare i cant eat it haha

    8. Oneira xD

      Why don't babish's videos have ads?

    9. jack_ attacks99

      I miss the old intro :”)

    10. frilink

      It's RAW

    11. Rohan Royal

      This is also called steak Florentine right?

    12. Inspector Dabbit

      "Big Ol' Fuck-Off Steak" got my like.

    13. silentj624

      since when is there not a safe to eat cookie dough? silly youtuber. lol

    14. dinein1970

      Salt is the only thing that will benefit the steak, especially for just a short 2hr cook. There are a myriad of problems that arise when you get too fancy in the bag and none of it makes your meat taste better.

    15. Abdullah Khurram

      1:14 : This comment is in memory of the suffering headphone users after enduring the wrath of Andrew slamming down a '' big ol' piece of pork belly''

    16. Sexy Me

      Amatuer, no salt and pepper? Always do BEFORE souvit

    17. Tom S. Tea

      Just for those who might not know, "tonkatsu" is a dish of breaded and deep fried pork cutlets, and is different from "tonkotsu" ramen. ETA: it occurs to me that Andrew may have just pronounced "tonkotsu" like "tonkatsu"

    18. Daniel Pérez

      For someone like me who doesn't like steak at all, that porterhouse just looks completely raw still. Happy you like it though. Enjoy.

    19. Abel Sumanas

      2:11 - so this is what I saw in the background of the ice cream episode...

    20. iOnsteins Engineering Group BMW BENZ AMP REBUILDERS

      Disgusting. How people eat rare meat is beyond me.

      1. iOnsteins Engineering Group BMW BENZ AMP REBUILDERS

        +Liam T.W doesnt taste right.

      2. Liam T.W

        How is it disgusting?

    21. CBN

      Please make a video about sauce for beef

    22. Hanable13

      a big ol' f*ck off steak... OMFG

    23. Matt R


    24. trav v

      5:20 tbone, not porterhouse.

    25. Levi Rubin

      Do you have a compost heap?

    26. Sam Tulupman

      Just use the adventure time strategy and throw a plastic bag into relatively hot water

    27. SamuelD1

      Too raw

    28. Web M

      Who is Sue Vide and why does she want me to boil my meat?

    29. wankydoodle

      I got a feeling that Im going to miss the intro theme song, I dont know why but I just feel like it wont be in the future. Calling it. your_casual_gay_Avenger 12/12/18.

    30. Edward Cameron

      I’ve never subscribed to a channel so fast omg.

    31. Brandon Davis

      Love your videos but The Ziploc method only works at temps below 155 degrees. Above that and the seal will fail. That’s also assuming you’re using high quality bags. The name brand bags won’t include known carcinogens, while the budget brands may. Also, 170 degrees seems crazy high. 145-150 for say 20 to 24 hours seems like it would give you better results.

    32. asilva5021

      Big ol fuck off steak. Classic

    33. Stuart Highman

      I have to say when it comes to sous vide Chashu pork its worth the time to go 30+ hours at 155 degrees, I have tried the shorter method and it doesn't even come close. Of all the methods I have used to cook this, long slow sous vide is by far the best. Thank you for the idea :)

    34. Titanfall Tv

      Big ol fuck of steak

    35. BAM5

      Sous vide temperature is really low. In my experience with my anova 125 will be rare. 130 medium rare 135 medium.

    36. wlawson70


    37. JAMP0T1

      'A kitchen essential' if youre telling yourself this to justify the money you spent on this its not true this just seems to add extra complexity, cost and time to simple meals

    38. BTYTWWTS

      1:08 yes u have

    39. Pupster Pops

      I’m guessing Naruto ramen!!

    40. some guy on the internet

      You make good cooking content

    41. Nicholas

      I am like really interested in his cherry blossom looking tattoo in his left bicep..

    42. Joseph Montgomery

      rosemary, thyme....wonder where that's from :T

    43. Leo Chavez

      Is the meat B O N E L E S S

    44. Cian Mc sweeney

      Am I the only one who's eaten cookie dough raw for years already? 😂

      1. Liam T.W

        No, you're not special.

    45. legofan370

      Ok is it me, or does that steak look rare? It looks fucking blue!

      1. legofan370

        +Liam T.W Even with that, I don't feel safe eating that.

      2. Liam T.W

        That happens with sous vide. See how the eggs were safe but runny? its the same effect

    46. Ad Dee

      Any chance you can post a copy cat recipe of Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites? I see recipes all the time but all WITHOUT a Sous Vide machine. So I would like to know how to cook them with this machine

    47. jino1113


    48. toe sucker

      What the Fuck is soo veed

      1. toe sucker

        It was a joke dumbass

      2. Liam T.W

        it explains in the video . . . also how did you misspell it? it's in the title.

    49. Beverly Lee

      How long can bacon fat keep in the fridge?

    50. Jackson Bakes

      Me slamming my monster cock in a school girls desk

      1. Liam T.W