Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Everyone is Here Trailer (E3 2018)



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    Every fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series' entire history is coming together at last in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! Ice Climbers, Wolf, Snake, Mega Man, Cloud, and more -- everyone is here! Check out the first-ever footage from Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct!
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    1. Daniel Gould

      I held out this long on getting a Switch but... yep. That'll do it.

    2. malaprincesa


    3. malaprincesa

      i love the music please tell me name if there is one

    4. Jonathan 247 Williams

      Bomberman is supposed to be playable but now he's a assist trophy. Really.

    5. SuperMike8990 YT

      *But.... Wheres Bert and Ernie or Tony The Tiger?*

    6. Pamela Moye

      Lol Wario and King Dedede were funny at the end

    7. Allan Caesar

      Okay, I just cummed in my pants and I can't even stand the Smash Community. Holy fuck you guys better drop Melee and make Ultimate your game now FFS. Even I want to play this. Holy mother of god.

    8. megatron killer

      Press F for waluigi

    9. Malcolm Merlyn

      Where the fuck is tracer?

    10. Phd Dango

      Idc if the game gets delayed as long as there's a story mode in it

    11. Luciole

      *E V E R Y O N E I S H E R E*

    12. KyuJuXZ099

      Now this is the most ambitious crossover. Avengers... you don't feel so good...

    13. Anton Koen

      Live realtime dashcam footage of the South African Anti-Carjacking Unit / Anti-Hijacking Unit in action. Real pursuits and real high risk situations recorde. Visit the following GR-news Channel. Fasten your safetybelts and hold on tight.

    14. Tyler Lang

      Wait a fucking minute, is Mr. Saturn playable? At the end, he appears next to Olimar...

    15. Cyber-Bully

      What about Garfeild?

    16. Samuel Gomez

      Ryu and ganondorf look badass if they teamed up thanos would probably shit his pants

    17. Darius Long

      I wish this would come on Xbox 1

    18. Jason Smith

      Nintendo: Damn it fans! When we said "Everyone is here" we didn't mean that literally!

    19. Moon Emoji

      is that it? wow worse graphics than mortal kombat x! come on guys!

    20. Yustin J.

      1:10 so we're just all gonna ignore that huh

    21. Marc Browning

      That's cool and all but WHERE IS WALWEGE (spelt wrong on purpouse)

    22. Aerigby

      Will there be a story mode?

    23. adr b

      everyone is here.. not Waluigi

    24. dany manchster

      super smash sounds like a porn movie name more than a game

    25. Sebastian Barzee


    26. ZaXh Gaming


    27. Druddagon

      Still no sceptile eh

    28. AOK


    29. turtleswert08 Clips

      *smashes beer bottle* /where’s waluigi?/

    30. Johilimi Jokishichi

      So much fire emblem charaters

    31. I need a Life

      yet no waluigi

    32. Chococat BeanieBoo

      I meant to misspell it

    33. Chococat BeanieBoo

      O mah gawd Pokemon trainer is back

    34. SpawnerMaster

      This trailer was amazing. The direct fucking sucked, but this...

    35. Brozboy

      wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH... LUIGI

    36. Tudor-Paul Balan-Tribus

      when ike came the footage looks like a cutscene...perhaps story mode?

    37. MrButtsavage17

      I'll buy if Waluigi is playable.

    38. Mc Musters

      Everyone’s here except waluigi

    39. Kimberly Gore

      Poor luigi and yoshi

    40. Game Guy

      We did it, boys! No new anime sword fighters! Clap it up for yourselves!

    41. Jeremy Castro

      I was surprised Bayonetta was in the game.

    42. Jeremy Castro

      This game just made my day.

    43. Luno Sol

      Where is waluigi

    44. GuyReacts

      I'm so happy. High expectations.

    45. zoie mckeel

      This is going to be insane xD. There better be a adventure mode

    46. Gust


    47. Silent _Ninja

      This is a lie where is Waluigi the title is extremely misleading


      I want this

    49. PJMRK

      Now in super smash bros ultimate: No items Fox only Final Destination

    50. JoPiJuKa

      I wait for gengar and sans