Swapping Lives with a Subscriber for 24 Hours!!

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    Ammar swapped lives with one of our awesome subscribers, Kali, for 24 hours and ended up in Atlanta...check it out :)
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    Who are we?
    We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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    Camera used: Sony A7S Mark ii - amzn.to/2HWzGBk
    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Brad Lancaster

    Here's some of our gear that we've gotten through B&H.
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    1. Elin Lapeque

      Wow I was in ibiza at thesame time as you😂😂

    2. cobby 737

      10:40 mmmmmm nice

    3. Sophie Cheung

      This channel really is beautiful

    4. GijsTubeNL

      She’s really cute

    5. Techboi 3504

      3:51 At this moment he knew...he fucked up

    6. Carlota Carretero

      I'm from Mallorca, an island near Ibiza hahaha

    7. Jack Coleman


    8. Tasty_Taetae

      My lactose intolerant ass can relate

    9. cpthookna na

      Don't you boys ever seperate. What you stand for and why you do things is amazing and something the world should be working towards, great work

    10. Kathy Pearl Genobis

      I'm just so happy watching this. 😍😍 I love you guys from the buttom of my hypothalamus ♥️ 😘😘😘

    11. Don Future

      What are those guys are doing for a living ?!

    12. Joloo Penus

      Ammar’s girlfriend is damn good is there a vid they meeting up?

    13. Ugyen Chophel

      You guys are fucking cool.

    14. BLOODYGIANT6802

      Idk why but I started tearing up when the helecopter took off 6:30

    15. 69 Greatest fan

      Is this the Carly off of the mumble date across the world or am I just mental

    16. Adam Jin

      lmao lowkey would have picked the asian guy with a lambo

    17. twix plays

      U could have picked the guy with a dog and Lambo I really liked his dog Or HER There both good choices

    18. Fellipe Muniz

      Any socials media? I need to know her

    19. Legenda

      0:13 "Puts phone to face"

    20. adrian lopez

      Yoooo I really need to make a bucket list and take it seriously

    21. InkPaws

      why are almost all the applications men?

    22. jdionet shop

      swap undies??? it should literally all ahahha!

    23. GE LO

      Invite her to the team💪

    24. TheFancyMan

      How much does it cost to run the monitor per hour, dis triggers me

    25. Z N

      Dude I wanted to start crying omg

    26. Eve Peeters

      why the hell did I only discovered this guys today and not in may...

    27. Fuck if I care


      1. Quý 2 bánh

        Chief Red Hawk i am Vietnamese. and I have subscribe to you. Hope you subscribe to the channel for me. thank you

    28. MythicalJr

      I look around the room and I say yeah I’m alone

      1. MythicalJr

        Quý 2 bánh thanks I will

      2. Quý 2 bánh

        MythicalJr i am Vietnamese. and I have subscribe to you. Hope you subscribe to the channel for me. thank you

    29. AriHD

      oh. you see the phone number. I hope he wasn't spamed.

      1. Quý 2 bánh

        AriHD i am Vietnamese. and I have subscribe to you. Hope you subscribe to the channel for me. thank you

    30. Ino145

      Amar's girlfriend is so sexy, that lovely face..

      1. Quý 2 bánh

        i am Vietnamese. and I have subscribe to you. Hope you subscribe to the channel for me. thank you

      2. Quý 2 bánh

        Ino145 i am Vietnamese. and I have subscribe to you. Hope you subscribe to the channel for me. thank you

    31. stephanie daigle

      Omg! Amar is now dating Gracie!? Noo Way!!!! Sooo cool!!! ;)

    32. stephanie daigle

      Sooo Cool that her parents are sooo cool w all of this!

    33. Nathaniel the Animal

      Dude this channel makes me smile the whole time

    34. Bad_ Luck

      I was walking out the stadium around the time you were going in 😭

    35. Jose Arias

      No one noticed the number on the screen ?

    36. Christian H

      The girls dad makes me so happy :)

    37. Ali heyavi

      0go for labo

    38. SpecZz


    39. Xothiliang

      You guys should totally hire her! She's got a lovely personality and she loves all of you guys. I feel she would be extremely happy joining you guys in that life style and the rest of the audience would love it.

    40. Renee W

      I was crying throughout so much of this video! She is so inspiring and just such a cool person!

    41. ObviouslyAme


    42. TBNR BLT

      The Atlanta stadium where I could stand up there

    43. L_Shx 04

      They need 2 permanently have her on the "team" that would be brilliant

    44. James

      That map in the background at 10:44 is from Ikea. Well at least that's where I got it from That's right. I'm bothered to post this.

    45. samuel caines

      #doge is not dead

    46. Amber Johnson

      I think they need to help her with more of her bucket list.

    47. niklas fink

      Keep her! 1 person more? :)

    48. Martez

      *drops phone and camera out of helicopter*

    49. LookAtMe

      Choose me and you'll be playing video games all day long

    50. AlumniArmy

      Amar talks about a stadium not any stadium! He’s in Atlanta by the Falcons living my biggest life dream #jealousatall #IlovetheNFLsomuch