Swapping Lives with a Subscriber for 24 Hours!!

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    Ammar swapped lives with one of our awesome subscribers, Kali, for 24 hours and ended up in Atlanta...check it out :)
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    Who are we?
    We believe in challenging what society considers normal. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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    Camera used: Sony A7S Mark ii - amzn.to/2HWzGBk
    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Brad Lancaster

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    1. gomezandres28

      Love this video as all the others!!! Can someone help me with the name of the song played at 6:35 during the helicopter ride please?

    2. Gio Flores

      Try to finish her bucket list in 24hrs!

    3. Crazy K

      At 10:06 you didn't blur out phone number just to let u know

    4. unerklärlich waffle

      Besides I live in Germany

    5. unerklärlich waffle

      You would hate my schoolmates, ad my life

    6. Eclypse

      Nooo way... I used to go to school with her younger sister Small world

    7. Mayorita Angel

      It’s like you guys are growing a little sister HAHAHAH! This is greaaaat

    8. Max Greenberg-Ekklisiarxis

      i love that they call him habibi XD

    9. Johnny Lawrence

      this brought tears to my eyes... i love Kali

    10. Sophie

      pleaSE make another video where you try to finish her bucket list in 24 hours

    11. Mrmusikman 82

      i could only imagine swapping lives with one of the great men from Yes Theory. My partner of 8 years just passed away and i have become so isolated and down, thats one of the reasons why i watch this channel; to bring me up when feeling so down. in my 35 years, nothing good has ever happened to me, i always say "if there were luck in life, i got stuck with bad." ever moment in my life is such a struggle; smelling a certain perfume/cologne, seeing a movie, eating a certain food, just day-to-day things that most people take for granted is such a downside and i want a change so desperately but don't know how to unbuckle my seat belt. i had to move to a small mining town after my partner passed and all it has done is left me more secluded. i need some adventure and excitement in my life to get my mind off of the down side of life. i love what you all do and could use a little break, even if it's to meet you guys. you have been my little ray of hope to better my well-being. just to even hug you guys would mean the world to me. Thanks for all that you do. i hope you know that you give people hope.

    12. Rach31

      She's goals

    13. thuraya tariq

      Why am I tearing up

    14. Mina Mason

      E- BE -SAA

    15. guanto gaming

      You are one of the strongest, most reciliest people that i ever knew ... great english ammar 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    16. Curt Coz

      Should have a Love button...

    17. Tully Jocumsen

      This is my favourite video you guys have done LOVED IT

    18. Andrew Wright

      You watched Atlanta United 2 not Atlanta United that is the real team you have to see if you come to Atlanta

    19. Fair Dinkum Lego

      **falls out

    20. ItsSilo

      Yo kelly is stunning

    21. oneand0ne

      man this was so good.

    22. BrIcKmAsTeR 21

      Wait, are you saying that Ammar went to coolray field which is 10 minutes away from where i live?

    23. Cormac Farrell

      You pronounce it Ibiza

    24. Dusti Bradford

      Send her to Brazil!!

    25. Blair Potter

      Actually, every way you just said Ibiza (Eivissa) is correct lol. I miss The Island!

    26. Marlatt Motos

      Haca the brother of the girl in the video, his number is 414 334 6897

    27. emilyjoy -DIY Maniac-

      I can imagine you swapping with me...I go to an all girls school, I cycle to school and I live in South Africa with a water crisis.....that would've been freaking amazing

    28. chicken legs TV

      anybody noticed here 0:06 they wrote "the best content" in the search bar tell you what....they ain't wrong about that

    29. Izzy Athena

      Kali lowkey reminds me of Alesia cara

    30. chase womack

      Ive been going through some rough times with Depression and I discovered you guys at midnight and I havent stopped watching all night Thank you!

    31. Lil nugget

      I was at that soccer game I’m soooo mad wait nvm

    32. Roastt U

      My bucket list 1-Graduating Uni 2-Getting a pet owel 2-having a daughter This girl has literally 50 on her bucket list 11:15 I'm dying.

    33. Vipul Rahate

      can I ever b der ? can you ever surprise me?

    34. Teddy P. Gray

      Aww, you guys!

    35. Gio Ten

      You guys should meet with her again and finished her bucket list.

    36. Joel Deakin

      Didnt realise Gracie was Ammars girlfriend

    37. fazma ahmed

      I live in Kenya,Africa hope one day you guys will come one day 😊

    38. ApolloFolf

      These videos never fail to make me smile

    39. Agape Sangma

      Aww This is beautiful :)

    40. Ashley Newman

      Does anybody know her Instagram?

    41. harry scott


    42. jude abudayeh

      his phone number was showing *9:56*

    43. Octavio

      You would have to fly to Dubai to swap lives with me

    44. Sam Harper

      Switching lives with me would've created a huge contrast. While I was living it up with your friends, making cookies, you'd be sitting in a small room reading books and watching GR-news videos.

    45. JDVLOGS

      It’s so cool seeing your own hometown on such a big channel @yestheroy😍

    46. Y M

      I cry in every episode my gawwwd 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️😢

    47. Hayden 12121212

      You guys need to fly her out again so Amar can hang with Her

    48. Super- mat88

      Sooooo for choosing someone to switch you don't need a good personality and a good video you just need to survive cancer. I just feel like the survivors are more important and they glow more than people that didn't have cancer or very bad injuries etc. Don't hate me this is just my opinion just looking at a different perspective. Everybody has their own story but the injury ones are more interesting

      1. Super- mat88

        But hey her mom is awesome and it was a nice video

    49. Master Kush

      they couldn't handle a day in my life

    50. Charlie B

      I live right next to KENASAW MOUNATIN