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    Real Madrid C. F. inform that, as per Cristiano Ronaldo's wishes and at his request, the club has allowed the player to complete his move to Juventus F. C.
    Real Madrid would today like to place on record its thanks to a player who has shown himself to be the best in the world and made his mark on one of the greatest periods in our club's history and on the world game.
    Apart from the titles he has lifted, the honours secured and the on-field achievements during these nine years, Cristiano Ronaldo has been a role model in terms of commitment, hard work, responsibility, talent and self-improvement.

    He became Real Madrid's leading all-time goalscorer, having scored 451 goals in his 438 appearances. In total, he won 16 pieces of silverware, including four European Cup crowns, three of which came in successive years, with these four continental triumphs coming in the past five seasons. In terms of individual honours, as a Real Madrid player, he won the Ballon d'Or on four occasions, The Best award twice and claimed the Golden Shoe three times, amongst many other accolades.

    Cristiano Ronaldo will forever be one of Real Madrid's biggest icons and will represent a unique figure for future generations.
    Real Madrid will always be his home.

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    1. Pradugna Subedi

      Every time I watch this video, I really have to take control of that tear.

    2. Racerton 4566

      0:57 cristiano goal!🇵🇹

    3. kam ditha

      Ronaldo is best of the best 👍👍👍👍👍👍 and he is very handsome too 💖💕💖

    4. Hamza Limore

      King 👑

    5. Israel Viera

      jas habra otro como el



    7. alvine allarcon

      semua sejarah mu akan ku kenang selalu CR-7

    8. Jerry Kirit

      Ronaldo will always the King of madrid.. no one can replace

    9. Josinilde Dantas


    10. Bence Medegyesi

      legend cristiano ronaldo the best

    11. Jesper Sørensen

      Cant count how many times he has saved us! We will miss him!

    12. Shakib Hassan

      I don't watch Real Madrid matches anymore and I don't watch Cristiano play for Juventus too. Coz I can't accept Real Madrid without Ron & can't accept Ron playing for a team other than Real Madrid. Never knew I would love any individual player this much. So, after almost 20yrs, club football feels irrelevant to me now. Thank you Cristiano. Thank you for everything you gave us. 🙂

    13. La Footballeuse


    14. Hrishikesh P

      Some facts about Ronaldo : Jump more powerful than the jump by a Cheetah Jumps higher than the average basketball player Runs faster than the average sprinter Lifts more weight than wrestlers Social media Fan following greater than the population of U. S.A This is probably the first sports video to get 1M likes

    15. Viswesvar Pk

      Ithu sarithiram🗽

    16. Master Slime TV

      best player ever seen 😣😞😭😭❤💪💞

    17. a

      Yes...I'm plastic supporter (real madrid)...but pure CR7 fan 💪🙌

    18. Kabtan Fiqqi

      Fact = Ronaldistas is more than Madristas.. best player on the planet..

    19. Marco Vallesi

      NAME SONGS??

    20. Aaron Rafael

      I don't need

    21. Azmi Syahar

      Even tough he left madrid he still legend, respect from milanisti

    22. cristian lopez

      Me dio mucha tristeza 😣😣

    23. Jonathan Huerta

      The last song?

    24. Shivam Verma

      It will never be the same

    25. Gadget Boy

      Iam cryiiiiing al the time !!! What a player what a man ! Heart of a little boy and skills of a titan !!!! CRISTIANOOOOO RONALDOOOOOOO !!!!!!!! CR7 !!!!

    26. Vicvan AG


    27. Antoni Bialy

      I miss him in RM

    28. Tajamal Ali

      This Video Legit Made Me Cry And Smile At The Same Time What A Great Man

    29. Compaore Landry

      Tu resteras toujours gravé dans nos coeur 🇧🇫🇫🇷

    30. Yash Patil

      Ronaldo is a beast

    31. Michele Gentile

      Go Ronaldo!!! Song at min 5.03??

    32. Youtube Zebra

      I WAS a barca fan but he made me love Madrid, 3 words WHAT A LEGEND,Good luck Cristiano💪🏽

    33. Mertej 002

      Ronaldo is not good player but still

    34. KeyRo

      A big respect .. barca fan

    35. Sebastian Margian

      Gracias Ronaldo

    36. Gulna7_ SH

      My heart is broken...

    37. Falajava tube


    38. Fisher Tiger

      MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Damian Rodriguez Figueroa


    40. Idrees Khan

      When you like real mardid its bigger than fcb like cr7

    41. ZXPRO KINGZz

      We lost Raul and now Ronaldo who is next 😢😢😢

    42. wespy

      These were the best times in the History of football, you will be missed badly especially at the time of El Classico which surely will never be the same as before without you sir..... In my eyes you are a true legend Sir....repect!

    43. Tarek Nakkar

      Good bye

    44. Razvan GG

      Goodbye ;-;

    45. Daniele Tempo

      Respect from a AC Milan fan

    46. safii Hashmii


    47. safii Hashmii

      Come back why why who will win the ballondor ronaldo,modric,salah

    48. T. Z. E AIDIL

      It is very sad for real madrid

    49. Sufiyan Sufi

      without cr7 real is zero.financially and everything

    50. اریا Gamer

      Respect for you legend