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    Real Madrid C. F. inform that, as per Cristiano Ronaldo's wishes and at his request, the club has allowed the player to complete his move to Juventus F. C.
    Real Madrid would today like to place on record its thanks to a player who has shown himself to be the best in the world and made his mark on one of the greatest periods in our club's history and on the world game.
    Apart from the titles he has lifted, the honours secured and the on-field achievements during these nine years, Cristiano Ronaldo has been a role model in terms of commitment, hard work, responsibility, talent and self-improvement.

    He became Real Madrid's leading all-time goalscorer, having scored 451 goals in his 438 appearances. In total, he won 16 pieces of silverware, including four European Cup crowns, three of which came in successive years, with these four continental triumphs coming in the past five seasons. In terms of individual honours, as a Real Madrid player, he won the Ballon d'Or on four occasions, The Best award twice and claimed the Golden Shoe three times, amongst many other accolades.

    Cristiano Ronaldo will forever be one of Real Madrid's biggest icons and will represent a unique figure for future generations.
    Real Madrid will always be his home.

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    1. Força Barça


    2. Força Barça

      donde esta CR777777

    3. Refaat Akil

      Thank you CR7

    4. answ3r

      Did Ronaldo like it?

    5. iMario Ro

      Cristiano your goals,your passes,your driblings I’m not Words for you!!!!!Why go to Juventus

    6. Nova

      Real Madrid will never win another trophy. The club should shut down now.

    7. Marcos Maldini

      Obrigado a todos pelos comentários

    8. pradeep naragund

      Real Madrid Career ends now onwards😔

    9. DragonKing Hun

      Ronaldo the best😭😭😭❤❤❤❤💕

    10. pradeep naragund

      RONALDO,here am also start support the Juventus,Wherever you are I will be there,Ronaldo😘😘😘😍

    11. edan oO

      Florentino Perez 😡

    12. Moisés Cristian

      É de chorar o Real Madrid perdeu uma grande estrela, vai fazer muita falta no time.CR7 O MELHOR DO MUNDO!

    13. Dayo / دايو

      الدون اقسم انني سأشجعك لو كنت لوحدك في فريق 💔😢

    14. abisha randianta

      You know CR7?? LEGEND OF JUVENTUS

    15. Rustam Hazratqulov

      You succes in Juventus...

    16. Rustam Hazratqulov

      I and we love cr7. You succes.👄👄👄👄💜💜💜💜💜. My dream footballer. Thank you...

    17. leonelwiskas alvarez

      Viva mexico

    18. Mannuska H.

      Ronaldo,s back!

    19. Michael M

      Real Madrid Needs a new striker like him.

    20. ADZIC™

      Welcome to Juve!

    21. Gabriel Irby

      When juve wins the next champions league and real is knocked out in the round of 16, this man is the reason why.

    22. Mr. Everson

      Ronaldo will be back- I mean his son.

    23. Gabriel

      Aqui é Neymar poha, brasileiro na pele do pelé

    24. Wiktor Kowalski

      Thank you CR7

    25. Lime Lights

      Why did he leave ? Ah Real Madrid will be incomplete without him 💔

    26. Igor Braz


    27. Mix Day

      The Best player in football History

    28. Satzu Is real

      I stanned real madrid so hard cause of him.


      Ronaldo:real one man team I accept no apologies this is me RONALDO!!!!!

    30. Ślimak Janusz

      co to robią polscy komentatorzy w tym filmie xD?

    31. Sukriti Mandal

      It's a sad news for Real Madrid fan best of luck Real Madrid

    32. Jakub Drywa

      Tam wstawili skrót z polskim komentarzem :D

    33. debarghya pramanick

      he will reeally miss madrids reals

    34. Muhammed Enes Cesur


    35. Vi Per

      Ronaldo love u ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥🔥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    36. Pablo Henrique

      Não sabem fazer despedidas para seus ídolos, nunca souberam

    37. I am Prox


    38. I am Prox


    39. ely babe

      Real Madrid can go to hell and so perez ur dumb people this is how u treat legends SMFH

    40. Efqan Memmedzade

      Thank you Cr7

    41. Tiến Đàm

      end vid soundtrack?

    42. Yusuf Cihan Çetiner

      Ronaldo juventusa giderse sonu kaká gibi olur hacı

    43. Aa Riski

      Ronaldo 😭😭

    44. Enzo Gonzalez

      Vamos Barcelona :v

    45. Luke Potter

      I will always remember this absolute legend

    46. Secretive Personality


    47. Thais  Dreams

      THANK YOU❤️

    48. Karim Idrissov

      Why did u leave

    49. Chlora Satya Wardani

      Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world. Now and forever !!

    50. Eduardo

      Br BR Br