The 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse

Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily Dose Of Internet

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    1. Anthony Rauda

      My heart stopped at that last clip

      1. Ardil Bahaudeen


      2. I am Russian man

        Omg 24k like right now for me 😐

      3. AmberSpider197


      4. This Is A Good Username

        500th comment lmao

      5. Johanna Molina

        Anthony Rauda ikr!

    2. Adam Jr Auerbach

      1:10 Can we get a F in the chat for Nemo over here

    3. KumPupp

      I wonder how that dog tasted.

    4. TheGmodMagician

      I found nemo

    5. It’schickenpuppy

      I should be doing homework but instead I’m watching a minion ride a horse

    6. FaZe_Liambos


    7. candy da cat

      top 10 cursed furry images.

    8. Galactic Fox

      [:] Dad walks in room. [:] "Why the hell is a minion of a horse....?"

    9. StraightFacedDino !

      So no ones gonna talk about that bike thing?

    10. minty//angel

      2:36 story of my life

    11. Rordog Dendog

      Found Nemo

    12. Caleb Houchin

      2:26 I thought he was gonna jump him

    13. Given Family

      For the firefighter one, what if they cut straight through someone


      1:13 have you seen my son?

    15. TheRocco's 7u7

      1:11 now, imagine that the fish was trying to escape from that thing xD

    16. Ema Mesnjak

      A dog looking cake scared people more than the past of that horse in the first video. Im shocked.

    17. kristin semblante

      1:11 so thats were nemo was hiding

    18. CFE KOS-MOS

      Darksiders 5 looks good

    19. is noah noah

      The new Nemo movie

    20. Md. Faisal Mahmud

      1:11 finding N I N O O O

    21. Hatake Kakashi

      0:30 that one lucky guy that gets away

    22. Dexter the Animator

      1:27 where is my fucking son

    23. SirStickMan

      0:17 is no one gonna talk about the dog that's trying to join the rebellion?

    24. Blackberry cupcake Is Sweet :3

      The puppet is so cute And the fat whatever that chubby cute thing is

    25. Traumkatzen

      2:18 That made me laugh so hard

    26. caleb diehl

      Each clip in a nutshell 1. Best one, am i right? 2. Everyone falls over. 3. How to summon the devil's minions. 4. H A V E Y O U S E E N M Y S O N ? 5. How do I... uhh 6. That person was probably bored 7. RealLife.EXE is not responding 8. But my mommy said not to hug strangers D: 9. Who will win? Fan or Balloon? 10. Takes 5 hours to eat food 11. water and stuff who cares 12. "Rate my dog. He's pure bread" (dog sees) "! ... SO they are showing me my demise??? So every time they asked me to sit down... and i didn't sit down... AHHHH" wait wrong youtube video

    27. owen fouty

      0:30 Only one made it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    28. cyber wolf

      The puppet youtuber is called barnabydixon

    29. Northumbria Bushcraft

      Hoersman of da poxyclipz

    30. Alpha Wolf

      3:10 officially scarred for life

    31. ttracs 149

      So nobody’s talking about this? 1:59

    32. ttracs 149

      That one dude that actually made it is just seizing his chance 0:31

    33. Uncle Jarate

      i was terrified by the pug that had his face scooped off.

    34. Some Link Shit

      3:09 aww look at this puppy... 2 sec later Oh my, *AHHHHHH* (die from heart attack)

    35. dat doggo

      3:09 Suicide rate rises to 99%!

    36. Moises Cornejo

      1:12 have you seen my son ?!? First thing I thought

    37. mad man Joey

      The end is near

    38. Rainier Diolaso

      0:25 one guy has patience

    39. I love BTS

      0:04 *i want this man to serve my country*

    40. Jarrod Morris

      Ballon no like fan


      1:10 it’s marvin

    42. Pink Grapes

      People think furries are bad...the minion doesn’t help

    43. I am a Toaster

      1:12 *hello dear stranger. Do you like my home?*

    44. The mountains Number 2.

      You’re having too much fun

    45. wild ratty girl/Naia smith

      Barrrr nnaaaabeeeeeeeew theeee pppupppeeettt maaaasssttttaaaa

    46. Marcos Pastran

      I thought it was a real plane 2:56 Smh....

    47. Random Kai¿

      that was mastestic

    48. Has Anyone Seen Owen Grady?

      0:09 wow

    49. Lucas Verdin

      3:08 gave me a friggin' heart attack i re winded it like 20 times to make sure

    50. 2beadforu teh noeone

      0:38 are the bikes okay?