The 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse

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Daily Dose Of Internet

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    1. Anthony Rauda

      My heart stopped at that last clip

      1. Foxygamer1218


      2. Dark Legend

        Anthony Rauda lol

      3. The Boy Benji


      4. A-10 Warthog


      5. Cain Moss


    2. SuperSainSanic 18

      Do you think god stays in heaven out of fear of what he’s created?

    3. Wunter Slaush

      I just had a heart attack tHE DOG

    4. Ayden McClintock

      the fuck was the end

    5. look a critic

      0:04 The horse is me

    6. Autumn Roberts

      The first clip is not good for the horse

    7. Bubbles Plot

      The last clip tho I was just like what da fukkkkkk * thinks *oh wait also the balloon is just like don't stab me I beg u knife don't stab me😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Petropavlovsk Gulag

      *PETA wants to know your location*

    9. Petropavlovsk Gulag

      Last clip is thicc af

    10. Petropavlovsk Gulag

      The top comment has 24k likes and you cant comment on it.

    11. Adhvaith Karthikeyan

      Stop overdosing us with cute animals JK I love them

    12. Lucky the Floofy Cat

      1:24 Now we know we Nemo lives in real life

    13. HumbleBean 123

      That last clip killed me.

    14. Ryan Ramos

      What was the beginning....

    15. Lizzie

      1:11 HAVE U SEEN MY SON?!

    16. Drake Elwartowski


    17. David Razo

      It was funny to me...dont know why

    18. cat dragon

      Idk why the balloon thing at 2:36 was so funny to me

    19. Bass ?

      I'm subscribed to the puppet guy

    20. Sachin mae

      Last clip was not cool

    21. Bob

      2:36 Fan:come here Balloon:no Fan:come Balloon:no

    22. Skremble

      1:10 I can feel the water on my ears

    23. Fatima Praja

      *and only one biker survived..*

    24. James Griffin

      Imagine being high and seeing a giant minion riding a horse pull up

    25. Thomas Horne

      2:00 wall kicks worked after all

    26. Drawn

      I knew what was going to happen with the BMXs, but I was still cringing as I waited...

    27. I'm Swedish

      is that normal for horses

    28. amidointhisright

      The horse is trotting hella fast because he wants the video over as fast as possible

    29. shaving cream

      0:08 Satan riding a horse 🤮🐎

    30. LANDO2187 GAMING

      1:57 SPIDERMAN

    31. PerfectParadox

      I wish I could do that to every single dog.

    32. Cocoa Is God

      Not hating the owner of the channel I'm hating on the stupid rider that is wearing the minion suit and making that poor horse do that disgusting step. Stupid rider thinks it's funny.

    33. DelaneyRose

      NO! MY BABY--- oh wait...that’s cake?

    34. AlexTheBamboozler

      Guess read dead undead nightmare is real

    35. Phat Peet

      The 5th horseman of the Apocalypse?? Yes, a minion makes sense

    36. The.spooky. bird

      Poor horse

    37. The devil Himself

      00:3 is this good himsel

    38. Trinity

      *What the fluff???!!* I lost it all on that last clip

    39. Trinity

      *I FOUND NEMO!*

    40. Trinity


    41. JianKu06邱玮健

      The last scene sent the full scene as there was another scene showing the expression of a black colored dog,I don't need to explain the face of the dog but it isn't a expression I've seen before

    42. Cheesycake

      0:06 10 things that can defeat Thanos

    43. Chow

      Yes the apocalypse is definitely coming now And the clock has struck midnight

    44. BNRL _

      Pour nemo

    45. Juliaana Lyyski

      I love the title

    46. Meme Land

      This one though 1:59

    47. Jazz Queen

      Whats wrong with that horses legs Wtf

    48. ・ω・Jay


    49. Ashton R

      2:43 gangster fan

    50. Joseph Stalin

      Last clip is blessed